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Prof. Debarshi Mukherjee

Name: Prof. Debarshi Mukherjee
Phone number's : 0381-237 9220/9323 09402321567
E-mail's : debarshimukherjee[at]
Academic Qualifications : Ph.D.
Present Designation/position : Professor
Topics Taught : Digital Marketing, Web Analytics, Business E-Business Strategies, Decision Making using Excel, E-Customer Relationship Management, Management Information System, Database Management System,System Analysis & Design, Requirement Analysis & Functional Testing
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B. Ph.D. Supervision

  1. Nidhi N Natrajan, Galgotias University, UP. Topic: Impact of Social Media on Virtual Team’s performance of Information Technology Companies in India. (Awarded on 5th January 2017)
  2. Badri N Srinivasan, Galgotias University, UP. Topic: Evaluation of Framework for Agile Software Development Teams and Measurement of Work Outcomes. (Awarded on 11th June 2018)
  3. Manish Das, Tripura University, Agartala. Topic: Effect of Culture on Consumer Behaviour: A Generational Cohort Comparison of Tripura (Awarded on 15th September 2020)
  4. Soumen Mukherjee, Tripura University,Assessment of Patient Satisfaction in Tertiary Care Hospitals and Development of a Tertiary Healthcare Infrastructure Map of Tripura, Tripura University, Agartala. (Awarded on 23rd March 2021)

C. RESEARCH PROJECT (Rupees 10 lacs and above)

  1. Impact of Mahatma Gandhi NREGA on Development of Rural Livelihood in Tripura, sponsored by Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR), New Delhi under IMPRESS scheme. The sanctioned fund is Rs. 10,00,000/- for two years. The study is aimed to measure the impact of the development of social infrastructure through MGNREGA on the socio-economic conditions of rural folk in Tripura which will be influential in policy decision making at the national level. (Ongoing).
  2. Assessment of Impact of Rural Infrastructure and Services vis-a-vis Regional Disparities impairing Socio-Economic Growth: An Analytical Study over Tripura, funded by National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD). The sanctioned fund is Rs. 11, 23, 600/- for six months duration. The study is aimed to impact policy decisions at the national level. (Completed)


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