Central Instrumentation Centre

Tripura University has a Central Instrumentation Center. The instruments available in the center are being used by research scholars and faculty members of different departments of this University as well as researchers from different institutions of North East India. While using this center by North-East Researchers, accommodation facility may be provided to them in the Guest House of Tripura University.

Committee to look after the Central Instrumentation Center

  • Prof. S. Majumder, Department of Chemistry, T.U. - Chairman
  • Prof. D. Maiti, Department of Human Physiology, T.U. - Member
  • Dr. U.C. De, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, T.U. - Member
  • Dr. A. Guha, Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, T.U. - Member
  • Dr. B. Debnath, Assistant Professor, Department of Forestry & Biodiversity, T.U. - Member
  • Dr. S. Bhattacharjee, Assistant Professor, Department of Molecular Biology & Bioinformatics, T.U. - Member
  • Dr. S.S. Singh, Assistant Professor, Department of Zoology, T.U. - Member
  • Mr. H. Nath, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical & Polymer Engineering, T.U. - Member
  • Dr. Syed Arshad Hussain, Associate Professor, Department of Physics, T.U. - Coordinator

List of Instruments available in Central Instrumentation Centre :

  • Atomic Force Microscope (AFM), Model: INOVA, Bruker.
  • Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope with EDS & Sputter Coater, Model - Sigma 300, Carl Zeiss
  • 400 MHz NMR
  • Liquid Nitrogen Plant, Model: StirLITE, Stirling Cryogenics
  • GCMS (Gas Chromatography-Mass spectrum) instruments: model: Varian 220-MS / 450-GC, 230V (Agilent service)
  • HPLC ( High performance liquid chromatography) - Dionex U3000
  • GSV4004B GPS Ionospheric Scintillation & TEC Monitor (GISTM)
  • Lifetime Spectrofluorometer, Model: FluroLog-3, Horiba
  • Immunofluorescence Microscope
Sl. No. Name of equipments In-charge Email
1 CHEMIDOC Dr. Debasish Maiti, Dept. of Human Physiology Debumaiti[at]gmail.com
2 Immunofluorescence Microscope / Inverted Fluorescence Microscope D. Bimal Debnath, Dept of Forestry & Biodiversity Bimaldebnath[at]tripurauniv.ac.in
3 FE-SEM Dr. Syed Arshad Hussain, Dept. of Physics Cic[at]tripurauniv.ac.in
4 Lifetime Spectrophotometer Dr. Syed Arshad Hussain, Dept. of Physics
Dr. Utpal C. Dey, Dept. of Chemistry
5 Liquid Nitrogen Plant Prof. Swapan Majumdar, Dept. of Chemistry
Dr. Harjeet Nath, Dept of Chemical & Polymer Engineering
6 HPLC Dr. Utpal C. Dey, Dept. of Chemistry
Dr. Kuntal Manna, Dept. of Pharmacy
7 GCMS Dr. Harjeet Nath, Dept of Chemical & Polymer Engineering
Dr. Kuntal Manna, Dept. of Pharmacy
8 Atomic Force Microscope Dr. Syed Arshad Hussain, Dept. of Physics sa_h153[at]hotmail.com
9 GPS Dr. Anirban Guha, Dept. of Physics anirban1001[at]yahoo.com
10 NMR Prof. Swapan Mazumdar, Dept. of Chemistry swamajumdar[at]hotmail.com

To have further information and guideline about using the instrumental facility available at the center click here


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