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 Recent Publication

1.Gautam Chakma (Co-author) (2015), “Tribal Students Movements in Tripura: The Case of Twipra Students Movement”, Journal of Humanities and Social Science Research, 1(2): 303-308. 
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6. Biplab Debnath (2016), “Choosing between 'history' and ‘geography’? Australia's Contradictions between US Alliance and Regional Engagement under John Howard”, in RavjeetAtwal (ed.) US Foreign Policy: Rise and Decline, White Falcon Publishing: Chandigarh.
7. Biplab Debnath (2016), The Concept of Middle Power in Australia’s Regional Diplomacy, Kalyani Journal of Political Science, 1(1): 15-41.
8. Anagha Ingole (2018), “Maharashtra’s Law on Social Boycott”, Economic and Political Weekly, 52(32): 15-17
9. Biplab Debnath (2018) “Sub-National Influences in India’s Foreign Policy: Assessing the Role and Relevance of Tripura”, Journal of Northeast Region, 6(2):76-85
10. Chandrika Basu Majumder (Co-author) (2018) Maharaja RadhakishoreManikya: A Clear Vision out of Choas, Research Guru, 12(1): 974-980.

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