Department of Microbiology


Ph.D. Scholars:

Photo Name Title of the Thesis & Supervisor Contact Details
Mr. David Lalvohbika Kaipeng Title of the Thesis:Studies on Bacterial pathogens affecting Citrus crops of Tripura.
Supervisor:Dr. Bipin Kumar Sharma
Co-Supervisor:Dr. Sukhendu Mandal
Phone No.:8974921944
Ms. Ankurita Bhowmik Title of the Thesis:Developing novel Antibiotic Lock Solutions to manage the Central Venous Catheter associated biofilm infections
Supervisor:Dr. Ashwini Chauhan
Phone No.:7005115813
Ms. Sangita Jana Title of the Thesis:Devising antibacterial and antibiofilm coatings using nanomaterials to eradicate medical device-associated infections
Supervisor:Dr. Ashwini Chauhan
Phone No.:7908447070
Mr. Sambuddha Chakraborty Title of the Thesis:Evaluation of antibiofilm potency of bacteriophages isolated from local hospital sewage to develop phage treatment regime against drug resistant bacterial biofilm
Supervisor:Dr. Ashwini Chauhan
Phone No.:8087218609
DEBASHREE BORTHAKUR Title of the Thesis:Genomic and proteomic analysis of flavor producing bacteria
Supervisor:Dr. Bipin Kumar Sharma
Phone No.:9706744927
Ms. Aveepsa Sengupta Title of the Thesis:Study of protein adaptations in Halophilic Bacteria (tentative).
Supervisor:Dr. Ashutosh Kumar
Co-Supervisor:Dr. Yusuf Akhter
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