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Photo Name Designation Specialization Contact Details Bio Data
Prof. Shaon Ray Chaudhuri Professor Bioprospecting, Bioremediation, Microbial Technology for Environment and Health Phone No: 9831034236
Email: shaonraychaudhuri[at] ; shaon.raychaudhuri[at]
Dr. Bipin Kumar Sharma Assistant Professor Microbial biochemistry, Microbial nitrogen fixation, symbiosis (Actinorhizal bacteria Frankia), Cell organization and Microbial physiology, Industrial & Environmental Microbiology and Microbial Technology Phone No:
Email: bksharma[at]
Dr. Ashutosh Kumar Assistant Professor Cell and Molecular Biology, Microbial pathogenesis, Host-pathogen interactions Phone No:
Email: ashutoshkumar[at]
Dr. Ashwini Chauhan Assistant Professor Molecular microbiology, Infectious diseases, Biofilms, in vivo animal models, host-pathogen interactions Phone No: +91 (0) 9 555 128 395
Email: ashwinichauhan[at],

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