Department of Physics

Research group working in the Department:

A. Thin films & Nanoscience Research Lab:
Under the leadership of Prof. D. Bhattacharjee & Prof. Syed Arshad Hussain a large number of PhD scholars and postdoctoral researchers are working in this group.

Research in thin films & Nanoscience lab been have been going on in the following directions:

Some statistics of the lab:

For further details please visit the group home page: Click here

B. Theoretical condensed matter physics & materials science research Lab: Prof. Surya Chattopadhyaya is currently working as a Professor in the Department of Physics, Tripura University. His current research interest is the quantum mechanical solution of many-electron system under the framework of density functional theory (DFT) to explore diverse properties, e.g. structural, elastic, thermodynamic, electronic, transport, thermoelectric, magnetic and optical properties of different bulk compounds, diverse nanostructures and 2D materials including their different types of multinary alloys for finding their areas of microelectronic, optoelectronic, spintronic and mechanical applications. He is performing his calculations and computations using different state-of-the-art DFT software packages in addition to some of their in-house developed programs. Under his supervision, two students have been awarded Ph.D. In addition, six research scholars have been registered and pursuing research for their Ph.D.

C. Earth’s environment and solar-terrestrial physics lab:Dr. Anirban Guha is working in the field of Earth’s electrical environment in connection with the Global Electric Circuit (GEC) which includes the Solar-terrestrial relationship of Earth’s atmospheric electricity parameters, global warming and long-term climate change. He is also working in the field of quantifying global lightning activity with the help of Schumann resonance phenomena inside the Earth-ionosphere waveguide, using the multi-station inversion technique. Dr. Guha is working in the field of VLF atmospherics from the measurement of electromagnetic radiation from lightning discharges to study the D-region dynamics and effects of solar events on the D-region of the ionosphere. Also, he is working in the field of seismo-electromagnetics from the measurements of transmitted navigational signals in the VLF-LF range, lightning sferics and ground-based electric field measurements to study the lower ionospheric perturbations before large-scale earthquakes. Besides that, he is working in the field of estimating radiative forcing caused by aerosol loading, especially Black Carbon (BC) in the lower atmosphere and its role in global warming and climate change. Work is also going on in the field of analyzing the Total Electron Content (TEC) of the ionosphere over the Equatorial crest region of India using a dual-frequency GPS receiver and finding its physical connection with Solar –the terrestrial environment. He is actively working in the field of solar radio emission to study the radio characteristics of the Sun. Moreover, Dr. Guha is working on the development of a lightning detection network over the Indian Subcontinent using networked VLF receivers. Currently, he is working on the Martian cloud and dust storm. Also, Investigate the Martian atmosphere in relation to the space weather.

Over the last 5 years Dr. Anirban Guha have developed a strong scientific collaboration on a number of topics related to atmospheric electricity, lightning, and the links to climate change with Prof. Colin Price from the Tel Aviv University. The outcome is the Israel Science Foundation-University Grant Commission (ISF-UGC) project. The scientific collaboration has mainly involved field observations of lightning, using ground networks of lightning sensors in Israel, India and around the world to study the impact of thunderstorms and lightning on the Earth's climate.

Under his guidance, 4 students have got awarded and 4 scholars are currently working in the Earth’s environment and solar-terrestrial physics lab. He also has active collaboration with MIT, USA and other research institutes across the globe.

D. Nanophysics and Nanotechnology research Lab:Dr. RATAN DAS is currently working as an Assistant Professor (Stage III) in the Department of Physics at Tripura University, Tripura. His research interest lies in the field of Nanophysics and Nanotechnology specially in optical, elastic and magnetic properties of different synthesized nanomaterials including Raman spectral analysis, band gap study, phase transition and defects creation in materials through Ions irradiation (SHI), plasmonicsband in noble metal and nuclear magnetic resonance Study (NMR). Working actively in the applications of nanomaterials as Sensors, Antibacterial activity, LED, Biofertilizers, soft ferrite, magnetic application of nanomaterial. Specialized in X-Ray diffraction analysis.

Under his guidance, two students have got awarded and 4 scholars are currently working in the Nanophysics and Nanotechnology research Lab.



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