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Ph.D. Scholars:

Photo Name Title of the Thesis & Supervisor Contact Details
Arpita Goswami Title of the Thesis:Phonetics and Phonology of Sylheti Bangla with implications for teaching English as a Second Language.
Supervisor:Dr. Shyamal Das
Phone No.:91-9436479483
Benjamina Darlong Title of the Thesis:Oration and Tradition: A study of Darlong Folktales and Folk songs.
Supervisor:Dr. Ashes Gupta
Phone No.:91-9612913160
Sheela Deb Barma Title of the Thesis:A comparative phonology of Kokborak Dialects.
Supervisor:Dr. Chaitali Gorai
Phone No.:91-9862036655
Suparna Saha Title of the Thesis:Convergences and Divergences : A Comparative study between Bengali Folktales and Reang Folktales.
Supervisor:Dr. Ashes Gupta
Phone No.:91-9089518593
Barnita Majumder Title of the Thesis:Teaching English in Govt. vernacular Medium and English medium schools in Tripura: A review of Teaching methods.
Supervisor:Dr. Shyamal Das
Phone No.:91-9774207629
Madhumita Deb Choudhury Title of the Thesis:Circumscribing of Bengali space in Amit Chaudhuri's Fiction: An analysis.
Phone No.:91-9436548741
Sukla Singha Title of the Thesis: Deconstructing the grand Canon of Indian English Poetry and restructuring it with the inclusion of English Poetry from North-East India with special reference to the writings of the poets from Manipur, Meghalaya & Nagaland.
Supervisor:Dr. Ashes Gupta
Phone No.:91-8974163450
Princila Marak Title of the Thesis:
Supervisor:Dr. Chaitali Garai
Phone No.:91-9862773924
Chitra Chakma Title of the Thesis:Analysing Chakma folk ballads: Discovering patterns of migrition, transformation and adaptation.
Supervisor:Dr. Ashes Gupta
Phone No.:91-9862469242/9863581597
Lydia Vanlalringi Kaipeng Title of the Thesis:A Narrative of Folkways: Introspection into the Kaipeng Oral Literature.
Supervisor:Dr. Somdev Banik
Phone No.:91-9862142207
Jhuma Majumder Title of the Thesis:Racist prejudice and stereotypes in childrens literature in English: A study of select text.
Supervisor:Dr. Somdev Banik
Phone No.:91-9436546466
Subhra Bhowmik Title of the Thesis: A Study of Adaptation and Assimilation: Forces at work in the Plays of Girish Karnad.
Supervisor:Dr. Somdev Banik
Phone No.:91-9862730151

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