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Ph.D. Scholars:

Photo Name Title of the Thesis & Supervisor Contact Details
Ms. Ishani Roy Barman Title of the Thesis:Imagining and Representing the City: An Analytic Study of Select Graphic Novels of Sarnath Banerjee
Supervisor:Prof. Ashes Gupta
Phone No.:9062683801
Ananda Dayal Jamatia Title of the Thesis:Mysticism in Jamatia Orature with special reference to Select Jamatia Folktales and Folklore
Supervisor:Prof. Ashes Gupta
Phone No.:8729862316
Merelin Darlong Title of the Thesis:Towards the formulation of Darlong identity: An analytic study of the select cultural texts and practices of the Darlong. (proposed)
Supervisor:Prof. Ashes Gupta
Phone No.:878751385
Samarpita Dey Title of the Thesis:Analysis of the issues of compatibility between the select texts of children’s literature by Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay and select western children’s literature theories.
Supervisor:Prof. Ashes Gupta
Phone No.:7086223320
Riddhi Dipan Das Gupta Title of the Thesis:An Analytical Study of the influence of Anukulchandra Chakravarty in Select Texts of Literature, Culture and Life Practices.
Supervisor:Prof. Ashes Gupta
Phone No.:7005268772
Tsering Namgyal Bhutia Title of the Thesis:Buddhist symbolism in select texts of Bhutia, Lepcha and Tibetan Cultures: A study on the evolutionary nature of symbols. (proposed)
Supervisor:Prof. Ashes Gupta
Phone No.:9609871078
Sharmistha Chakraborty Title of the Thesis:Teaching and Learning of English in the Degree Colleges of Tripura: A Survey with Suggestions for Remedy.
Supervisor:Prof. Shyamal Das
Phone No.:9862546182
Sandipa Dey Title of the Thesis:A Morphophonological Profile of Tripura Bangla in Stratal Optimality Theoretical Framework with Pedagogical Implications.
Supervisor:Prof. Shyamal Das
Phone No.:8014848145
Moumita Debnath Title of the Thesis:Prosodic Restructuring of Morphology of Tripura Bangla in Optimality Theoretical Framework.
Supervisor:Prof. Shyamal Das
Phone No.:
Nilanjana Bhattacharjee Title of the Thesis:An Optimality Theoretic Account of the Metrical Phonology of Sylheti Bangla with Implicaions for Teaching English to the Native Speakers of the Dialect.
Supervisor:Prof. Shyamal Das
Phone No.:9856571981
Alak Chakraborty Title of the Thesis:English Loanword Adaptation in Chittagonian Bangla: An Optimality Theoretic Analysis.
Supervisor:Prof. Shyamal Das
Phone No.:8837219520
Abhijit Debnath Title of the Thesis:Not finalised
Supervisor:Prof. Shyamal Das
Phone No.:8974216919
Indrani Bandyopadhyay Title of the Thesis:Bengali Women Travelers: An Analysis of Select Travel Narratives (1885-1950)”
Supervisor:Dr Chaitali Gorai
Phone No.:8918130701
Priyadarsini Ganguly Title of the Thesis:“Navigating ‘Real’ and ‘Unreal’ Spaces in Haruki Murakami’s Fiction: A Study of Select Novels”
Supervisor: Dr Chaitali Gorai
Phone No.:8837316892
Chhutan Dey Title of the Thesis:Spatiality in Postmodern Fiction: A Study of Salman Rushdie’s Novels
Supervisor:Dr Partha Sarathi Gupta
Phone No.:9774432608
Saurabh Sarmadhikari Title of the Thesis:Constructing the Reader’s Gaze in Contemporary Travel Narratives: A Study of Select Indian Travel Writings in English
Supervisor:Dr Partha Sarathi Gupta
Phone No.:9609976014
Olivia Sarkar Title of the Thesis:Representation of Modernity in Select Writings of the Members of the All India Progressive Writers’ Association
Supervisor:Dr Partha Sarathi Gupta
Phone No.:8119036450
Abhijit Bhattacharjee Title of the Thesis:Mysticism in Henry Miller’s Fiction: A Study of Select Novels
Supervisor:Dr Partha Sarathi Gupta
Phone No.:9366527611
Linthoingambi Thangjam Title of the Thesis: Perception And Expression of Violence in Select Women’s Poetry in Manipuri Literature
Supervisor:Dr. Kshetrimayum Premchandra Singh
Phone No.:9582954959
Mayanglambam Sana Title of the Thesis: Women and Trauma in the select works of Temsula Ao and Easterine Kire
Supervisor:Dr. Kshetrimayum Premchandra Singh
Phone No.:9402088870
Papiya Ghosh Title of the Thesis:Convergence of Oral and Literate Traditions in the Select Works of Mamang Dai
Supervisor:Dr. Kshetrimayum Premchandra Singh
Phone No.:7628840550
Jacquelyn Nameirakpam Title of the Thesis:Literary and Cultural Aspects of the Meitei (Manipuri) Oral Song Traditions
Supervisor: Dr. Kshetrimayum Premchandra Singh
Phone No.:7085186602
Debasish Acharjee Title of the Thesis:Pedagogy of Select Soft Skills in English Literature As a Means of Learner Empowerment
Supervisor:Dr. Somdev Banik
Phone No.:8787459751
Poumita Paul Title of the Thesis:Essentialization of ‘Past’ in select novels of Ashwin Sanghi’s Bharat Series
Supervisor:Dr. Somdev Banik
Phone No.:8787440923
Rati Mohan Tripura Title of the Thesis:Orature and Culture of the Tripura Tribes in Tripura
Supervisor:Dr. Somdev Banik
Phone No.:6009701610
Patriot Debbarma Title of the Thesis:Representation of Women in Kokborok literature and folk (Tentative)
Supervisor:Dr. Somdev Banik
Phone No.:9862651254
Mousumi Basfore Title of the Thesis:Representations of Sita and Draupadi in contemporary Indian fiction in English: a study of the novels of Pratibha Ray, Ashok K Banker, Chitra Divakaruni Banerjee, and Amish Tripathy
Supervisor:Dr. Somdev Banik
Phone No.:8837069070

Total Number of Visitors : 4967375

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