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7.Das, Shyamal. CONTRIBUTION to e-PG Pathshala INFLIBNET PROGRAMME Shyamal Das has contributed three modules through e-Content Creation of Courses in Linguistics (Advanced Phonology) under the e-PG Pathshala INFLIBNET Programme of the UGC-MHRD, Govt. of India. Name of the UGC Project is “Production of course e-content development for post graduate subjects (e-PG-Pathshala) in Linguistics”. Principal Investigator of the project is Prof. Pramod Pandey, Centre for Linguistics, SLL & CS, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi-110067. The modules can be accessed by typing by “Linguistics EPG Pathshala INFLIBNET” on Google. The page opens directly on Linguistics. They are: 
7a. Paper number & Title: 05; Advanced Phonology. Module id Lings_P5_M23. Module title: Essentials of OT
7b. Paper number & Title: 05; Advanced Phonology. Module id Lings_P5_M25. Module title: Syllables and Syllabification in OT
7c. Paper number & Title: 05; Advanced Phonology. Module id Lings_P5_M26. Module title: Phonological Processes and OT
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