Engineering Cell

Er. Krishna Das

Executive Engineer

Contact Details:

Phone : (0381) 237-9103 (O)

Er. Niraj Datta

Assistant Engineer (Civil)

Contact Details:

Phone : 0381- 2379283 (O)

Er. Rajesh Banik

Junior Engineer (Civil)

Contact Details:

Phone : 8731075716 (M)

Er. Nakshatra Tripura

Junior Engineer (Electrical)

Contact Details:

Phone : 9774515220 (M)

Er. Amit Kr. Saha

Manager 33/11 KV Sub-Station

Contact Details:

Phone :8014292526(M)

Office Staffs & Contact Details

Photo Name Designation Contact Details
Smt. Sarbari Lodh (Bhowmik) Lower Division Clerk Ph: (0381) 2379104, 9774849182 (M)
E-mail : ---
Sri Debashis Debnath Electrician Ph: 9774116379 (M),
Sri Tapash Paul Electrician Ph: 9862731586 (M),
Sri Usha Rn Debnath Group-D Ph: 9863709943(M)
e-mail : ---
Sri Raju Paul Electrician Ph: 9856648359(M)
e-mail: rajupaul[at]
Sri Laxman Paul Pump Operator (MRW) Ph: ---(M)
e-mail: laxmanpaul[at]
Sri Sankar Deb Electrician Ph: 9612758184(M)
e-mail: sankardeb[at]

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