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It was recognized widely that a liberal arts education is basically intended to expand and expose the capacity of the mind to think critically and analyze information effectively. It develops and strengthens the brain to think within and across all disciplines so that it may serve the individual over a lifetime.

Art History Professor T. Kitao of Swarthmore delivered an address with a poignant summary of the value of a liberal education: “The knowledge you learn about the subject of the course is its nominal benefit. It is like the stated moral at the end of a fable. The real substance of learning is something more subtle and complex and profound, which cannot be easily summarized – like the story itself. It has to be experienced, and it is as an experience that it becomes an integral part of the person. Learning how to learn by learning how to think makes a well-educated person.” And further another great personality Steve Jobs once said, “Technology alone is not enough. Its technology married with the liberal arts, married with the humanities that yields us the results that make our hearts sing.” It’s important to remember that, while there is a demand for STEM students and specialized degrees, it is possible to pursue a liberal arts education with intent and create multiple paths to career success in the process.

Keeping in mind of the importance and values in the 21st century, Tripura University introduced a Post Graduate Course in Liberal Arts, in the year 2019 with intake capacity of 20 students. 1st batch was enrolled with 13 students during academic session 2019-20. Currently, the Department offers Post Graduate course including papers like Cultural Studies, Economics, Political Science, Psychology, Archaeology and Anthropology in the 1st & 2nd Semester.

Year of Establishment:


Head of the Department (i/c):

Dr. Lipika Roy


Department Faculties

Photo Year Name Designation Specialization Contact Details Remarks
2019 Dr. Mohmmed Viquaruddin Guest Teacher Political Science Phone No.: N/A 1st semester, 2019 for six month (Jun-Dec)
2019 Dr. Pradip Chouhan Guest Teacher Economics Phone No.: +917005638539 1st semester, 2019 for six month (Jun-Dec)
2019 Rashmi Das Guest Teacher Sociology Phone No.: +918794559613 1st semester, 2019 for six month (Jun-Dec)
2020 Dr. Anjana Bhatacharjee Associate Professor Psychology Phone No.: +91 94366797347 2nd semester, 2020 for six month (Jan-May)
2020 Rashmi Das Guest Teacher Sociology Phone No.: +918794559613 2nd semester, 2020 for six month (Jan-May)
2020 Dr. Sindhu Poudyal Assistant Professor Philosophy Phone No.: +91 9969058449 3rd semester, 2019 for six month (Nov-April)
2020 Dr. Soma Debnath Project Fellow Economics Phone No.: +918837307431 3rd semester, 2019 for six month (Nov-April)



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