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In the year 1980 in the then Calcutta University Post Graduate Centre the Department of Life Science was established. Then Calcutta University Post Graduate Centre was converted into Tripura University in 1987. At some time on 12th June 2007 the Department of Zoology was established due to trifurcation of pre-existing Department of Life Science where three basic subjects were there in the department. Those subjects were Botany, Physiology and Zoology as well.

The Department of Zoology for the first time in Tripura developed captive breeding research technology on Ompok bimaculatus and also on Chitala chitala. Further, the department identified Triploid form of Clarius batrachus for the first time in North-East. A series of aquaculture researches are going on on different varieties of Pabda species. Research works are also in progress to identify the wild resource of different endangered, rare and threatened fish species in Tripura.

At the present period the Department of Zoology is actively engaged in teaching Zoology. Simultaneously, Pre-doctoral research on various fields of Zoology are also going on. The fields of research have been development of fertilization technology in some Endangered, Threatened and Rare fish species, aquaculture biotechnology on Pabda fish etc., endocrinology, earthworm biology and ecology etc. The Department presently offers specialization in the field of aquaculture biotechnology, ecology and environmental biology, endocrinology etc. This Department has facilities to work with sophisticated trinocular microscopes, electrophoretic system, gas chromatography, PCR system, lyophilizer and fraction collector as well.

Usually the Intake capacity for the MSc students in the Department is 30 and for Ph.D. scholars the number of intake capacity varies from year to year. RET Examination is conducted by the University for admission of Pre-Doc scholars in each department.

At present, the Department is working on enhancing its area of the research activities in different fields of Zoology. To enhance researches on different advance areas of biology financial supports from various central agencies were available such as DBT, DST, CSIR, Government of India, .

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Prof. Sukanta Banik



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