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Recent Publication

1. Nutankumar S Thingujam, A compassionate self is a true self? Self-compassion promotes subjective authenticity. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin (SAGE). 2019
2. Rajesh Ganesan, Brief  Behavior Technology for effective Management of PTSD with Development of “Alternate-Emotional-Response”, 2019-20
3. Rajesh Ganesan, Brief  Behavior Technology for effective Management of “Sex Stories Addiction” with Development of  Alternate-Emotional-Response, 2019-20
4. Rajesh Ganesan,Behaviour technology for enhancing adjustment among fresher female hostel students. 2018
5. Rajesh Ganesan, Anger management among the murder convicts in central prison of Tripura, 2018
6. Rajesh Ganesan,Effects of stress management training on adjustment among final year post graduate students. 2017
7. Rajesh Ganesan, Management of frustration among low academic achieving arts post graduate students. 2017
8. Rajesh Ganesan, Management of English language anxiety through behaviour modification techniques of high school students, 2016
9. Rajesh Ganesan, Efficacy of behaviour technology in the management of mathematics phobia, 2016
10. Rajesh Ganesan, Management of aggression and victimization among formative year’s school children, 2016
11. Rajesh Ganesan, Marital adjustment and depression among parents of children with special needs, 2016
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1. Kukis in Tripura : A glimpse by Dr. Anjana Bhattacharjee

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