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Seminar/Conference/Workshop/Refresher/Orientations etc. Organized

Sl. No. Date Title of Talk Speaker
1 8th May 2013 Development Induced Displacement and the Problems of Rehabilitation in India Prof. Balgovind Baboo (Visiting Fellow)
2 13th Sept. 2012 ‘Interconnectedness among the Uncongenials’ Prof. P. K. Haldar (Department of Commerce, Tripura University)
3 16th Aug. 2012 ‘Change of History Writing in North East India: With Specific Reference to Tripura’ Prof. Satyadeo Poddar (Department of History, Tripura University)
4 30th Aug. 2012. ‘Domestic Violence in Tripura’ Prof. C. B. Mazumdar (Department of Political Science, Tripura University)
5 27th July 2012 Loving the White and Living with the Black: Locating the Grey Between the Lines’ Prof. K.N. Jena, (Department of Political Science, Tripura University)
6 02nd Aug. 2012 ‘Issue of Security: A Comprehensive Analysis Prof. K.N. Jena, (Department of Political Science, Tripura University)
7 09th Aug. 2012 ‘New Economic Policy and its Social Conequences’ Arobindo Mahato (Asst. Prof. Department of Political Science, Tripura University)
8 23rd Aug. 2012 ‘Concept of Joint Forest Management and Participatory Approach’ Dr. Thiru Selvan (Department of Forestry and Bio-Diversity), Tripura University
9 13/11/2013 ‘Complementarily in Social Science Research’ Pro. Swapan Kumar Pramanick, Former Vice-Chancellor, Vidyasagar, Midnapur and Prof. of Sociology, Calcutta University (Retd)
10 17/01/2014 ‘Recent Trends in Sociological Research’ Prof. Biswajit Ghosh, Director, Academic Staff College, University of Burdwan
11 14/02/2014 ‘Studying Muslim Societies’ Prof. Vinod K. Jairath , Dept of Sociology, University of Hyderabad
12 27/09/2014 “Methodology of Social Sciences” i.Prof. B. K. Nagla, Prof of Sociology (Retd) M.D. University, Rohtak (India), & Prof. on Babu Jagjivan Ram Chair Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi.
ii.Prof. Dinesh Kumar Sharma, Prof of Sociology, NCERT, New Delhi.
13 06/04/2015, 08/04/2015, 10/04/2015 “ROLE OF RELIGION AFTER 9/11”, "EDUCATIONAL & RESEARCH COOPERATION OPPORTUNITIES IN CANADA", "INDO-CANADIAN DIASPORA AND MULTI-CULTURALISM" Prof. Braj M. Sinha Professor of Religious Studies Department of Religion and Culture University of Saskatchewan, Canada


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