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Ph.D. Scholars:

Photo Name Title of the Thesis & Supervisor Contact Details
Mr. Stabak Roy Title of the Thesis:Traditional Tribal Weaving for Sustainable Livelihood and Empowerment of Tribal Community in Tripura: A Geographical Appraisal.
Supervisor:Dr. Saptarshi Mitra
Phone No.:8413040720
Mr. KausikPanja Title of the Thesis: Land Use Change, Cropping Pattern and food Security in West Tripura District, Tripura
Supervisor:Dr. Y.V. Krishnaiah
Phone No.:8918132360
Ms. Atoshi Chakma Title of the Thesis: Impact of Urbanisation on Water Quality of Agartala City, Tripura
Supervisor:Dr. Y.V. Krishnaiah
Phone No.:8974174494
Mr. Ajoy Barman Title of the Thesis: A Geographical Perspective on the School Dropouts among the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes in the Dooar Region of West Bengal
Supervisor:Dr. Mousami Debbarma
Phone No.:8617334110
Mr. James Dev Verma Title of the Thesis: Socio Economics Status of Cycle Rickshaw Pullers in Agartala Municipal Corporation Area: A Geographical Appraisal
Supervisor:Dr. Mousami Debbarma
Phone No.:9862123220
Mr. Debasish Kundu Title of the Thesis: Role of Metro Railway in Mass Transportation Scenario of Kolkata Metropolitan Area
Supervisor:Dr. Eshita Boral
Phone No.:9903382999/ 9748176785
Mr. Sajal Ghosh Title of the Thesis: Road Infrastructure and Traffic Characteristics of Kolkata Municipal Corporation Area: A Geospatial Analysis
Supervisor:Dr. Eshita Boral
Phone No.:9609210030/ 8250425192
Ms. Sudipta Pal Title of the Thesis: Assessment of Hydro-Morphological Parameters for the Management of Watershed: A case Study of the Haora drainage Basin, Tripura
Supervisor:Dr. Nibedita Das(Pan)
Phone No.:8794879973/ 6009355072
Ms. Sudeshna Debbarma Title of the Thesis: Spatial Dimension of Bilingualism and Language Shift among Boroks in Tripura
Supervisor:Dr. Mousami Debbarma
Phone No.:8794519980
Mr. Pradip Debnath Title of the Thesis: Impact of National Highway upon Regional Development of Tripura: A Geographical Appraisal
Supervisor:Dr. Saptarshi Mitra
Phone No.:9775805932
Manika Mallick Title of the Thesis:Development of Tea Plantation and its Impact on Land and Water in Jalpaiguri District, West Bengal
Supervisor:Dr. Y.V. Krishnaiah
Phone No.:8536857086
Deepa Rai Title of the Thesis:Impact of Tourism on Environment and Local Community in Sikkim
Supervisor:Dr. Y.V. Krishnaiah
Phone No.:9641054900
Asif Iqbal Shah Title of the Thesis:Assessment of Flood Risk and Related Mitigation Measures in the Jhelum River Basin of the Kashmir Himalaya, India
Supervisor:Dr. Nibedita Das (Pan)
Phone No.:8494044032
Moumita Hati Title of the Thesis:Yet to be finalised
Supervisor: Dr. Y.V.Krishnaiah
Phone No.:7044257744
Bulti Das Title of the Thesis:Yet to be finalized
Supervisor: Dr. Eshita Boral
Phone No.:8436412471
Mohammad Itahdur Ali Title of the Thesis:Yet to be finalized
Supervisor: Dr. Saptarshi Mitra
Phone No.:8076528475
Debasis Das Title of the Thesis:Yet to be finalized
Supervisor: Dr. Y. V. Krishnaiah
Phone No.:9064140928

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