Department of Sanskrit


Ph.D. Scholars:

Photo Name Title of the Thesis & Supervisor Contact Details
Priyanku Chakraborty Title of the Thesis:The Saurya Purana – A Critical Study
Phone No.:9612119062
Anindita Adhikari Title of the Thesis:Lord Hayagriva in Sanskrit Literature
Phone No.:9612451838
Priyanka Saha Title of the Thesis:The sense of guilt as contained in the Rgvedic prayers for deliverance from sins
Phone No.:9436950744
Smt. Paulami Majumder Title of the Thesis:Editing and Study of Sitikantha- Vibodhana of Rajanaka Anandakavi- An Unpublished commentary on Kavyaprakasa (9th-10th Ullasa)
Phone No.:9774436080
Aparna Nath Title of the Thesis:Spy system as illustrated in the Indian scriptures and its impact on present day : A study(with special reference to Manusmrti, Yajnavalkyasmrti and Arthasastra)(registration waiting)
Phone No.:9862620610/7308945500
Susmita Debnath Title of the Thesis:The Rukmini Episode in Epic and Mahapuranas
Phone No.:9863930197

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