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Research Project

Sl. No Principal Investigator Co-Investigator Project Staff Funding Agency Any collaboration Title of the project Total Grant (Rs. In Lakhs) Year of Sanction and tenure
1 Dr. Pratap Chandra Acharya - Satyajeet Biswal DBT, New Delhi Dr. Clara Fernandes, Bombay College of Pharmacy Investigation of hydrophobically modified polysaccharides for nanodelivery of anticancer drugs in the treatment of multidrug resistance colon cancer 65.964 Year: 2018, Tenure: 03 years
2 Dr. Pratap Chandra Acharya - - UGC, New Delhi - Targeting colon cancer through Lipidized antioxidants: Synthesis Purification, characterization,and biological evaluations of fatty acid conjugated 10.00 Year: 2017, Tenure: 02 years
3 Dr. Pratap Chandra Acharya - Sarapynbiang Marwein, Jayanta Debnath CSIR, New Delhi - Stereoselective synthesis of Heterosteroidal spirocyclic oxindoles as antineoplatic agents 20.12 Year: 2017, Tenure: 03 years
4 Dr. Pratap Chandra Acharya - - AICTE, New Delhi - Exploring pectin based nanoconjugates of anticancer drugs for site specific drug delivery in colon cancer 23.65 Year: 2020, Tenure: 03 years
5 Dr. Pratap Chandra Acharya - - ICMR, New Delhi - Exploring G-quadruplex ligands to target colon cancer 19.71 Year: 2020, Tenure: 02 years
6 Dr. Pratap Chandra Acharya - Gangotri Debbarma, Jayanta Debnath DBT, New Delhi - Establish a Drug Metabolomics Laboratory for North Eastern States 418.26 Year: 2021, Tenure: 05 years
7 Dr. Kuntal Manna - Manik Das DST, New Delhi - Development of calixarene based drugs: Design synthesis formulation and potential pharmacological applications 26.00 Year: 2015, Tenure: 03 Years
8 Dr. Kuntal Manna - - UGC, New Delhi - Chalcones and their derivatives: Design, synthesis and evaluation of various applications 6.00 Year: 2012, Tenure: 02 years
9 Dr. Kuntal Manna - - AICTE, New Delhi - Formulations and evaluation of herbal nutraceutical solid dosage forms using indigenous edible plant parts/vegetables of North-Eastern Himalayan region as sources of nutrients and health benefitting components 15.25 Year: 2019, Tenure: 03 years
10 Rajat Ghosh - - AICTE, New Delhi - Rational design and synthesis of isatin inspired spirooxindole derivatives as antineoplastic agents 15.80 Year: 2019, Tenure: 03 years

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