Subject/ Description View/ Download

Subject/ Description View/ Download
333 International Conference on Role of Mathematics for the Development of Science and Society (ICRMDSS-2023)” to be held during December 21-22, 2023 organised by the Department of Mathematics View/ Download 
332 AICTE Training And Learning (ATAL) Sponsored 6-Day Workshop On “Security aspects of Internet of Things (IoT) based Eco System” from December 04 to December 09, 2023 View/ Download 
330 6th ONE-WEEK NATIONAL WORKSHOP ON EMERGING TOOLS AND TECHNOLOGIES IN RESEARCH (ETTR-2023), Department of Information Technology, 20th to 24th November, 2023 View/ Download 
329 Notification regarding cancellation of five day offline faculty development programme View/ Download 
328 Faculty Development Programme on ‘’Designing, Developing, and Delivering Online/Blended Learning Courses’’ , 3rd - 7th October, 2023 View/ Download 
327 National Conference on “Higher Education and Research Towards a Transformative and Sustainable Society” From October 10-12, 202 View/ Download 
326 National Workshop on Artificial Intelligence for Electrical Engineering organized by Department of Electrical Engineering, 5th - 6th July, 2023 View/ Download 
325 National Seminar on “Yoga, Health and Happiness” From 19th – 20th June, 2023 Organized by Department of Physical Education View/ Download 
324 National Seminar on “Yoga, Health and Happiness” From 19th – 20th June, 2023 Organized by Department of Physical Education View/ Download 
323 Fourth International Conference on Materials Science (ICMS2024) during 31st Jan. – 2nd Feb., 2024, organized by Dept. of Physics View/ Download 
322 Workshop on "Media Activism and Indigineity" on 3rd May 2023 at 10.00 am, organized by Dept. of Journalism and Mass Communication View/ Download 
321 Lecture Series on different aspects of Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics, 25th April, 2023 View/ Download 
320 Workshop on Developing Cadre of Para-Hydrogeologists for Springshed Management in Dhalai District of Tripura 18-19th April, 2023 View/ Download 
319 Hands-on Demonstration/Training program on "Samarth e-gov Suite Modules" from 27th-29th March 2023 View/ Download 
318 UGC-SAP-DRS II National seminar on “Sub-Regional Cooperation for Trade, Investment and Employment- with Reference to North Eastern States of India” on 23-24 March 2023 View/ Download 
317 Workshop on Good and Bad Communities of Bacteria: Applications and Safety Concerns, 23rd-24th March, 2023 View/ Download 
316 Awareness cum Hands-on Training Programme on ‘Vermicomposting: An Ecofriendly Approach towards Sustainable Agriculture’ on 7th March, 2023 View/ Download 
315 Two days National Seminar on Rethinking Gender: Issues of Work, Culture and Displacement to be held on 21-22 March, 2023, Organised by the Women's Studies Centre, Tripura UNiversity. View/ Download 
314 Two-Day National Webinar on New Education Policy 2020 : Graduation and Post-Graduation Syllabus for the Discipline of Bengali Language & Literature on 27th & 28th February, 2023 View/ Download 
313 Two Weeks Faculty Development Program on “Sustainable Development Goals: Transforming Society” for Faculties of Science/Arts/ Commerce from 10th March to 23rd March, 2023 in Offline (Physical) mode. View/ Download 
312 Lecture on Probiotic and Small Molecule Mediated Therapeutic Strategies to Control Cholera Infection View/ Download 
311 Lecture Session on Anxieties of Adolescence on 02.2.23 at 3.00 pm View/ Download 
310 Lecture Series on different aspects of Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics, 18th January 2023 View/ Download 
309 हिंदीतर भाषी हिंदी नवलेखक शिविर, 21-28 जनवरी, 2023 View/ Download 
308 5th Research Convention on Economic Reset: An Agenda For 2030, 17th December, 2022 View/ Download 
307 End Discrimination against Women Pakhawada 25th November to 10th December 2022 View/ Download 
306 UGC Special Lecture on "Corporate Bodies & Community Participation During Kakatiya Times" Organised by Department of History On 30-11-2022 View/ Download 
305 5th ONE-WEEK NATIONAL WORKSHOP ON EMERGING TOOLS AND TECHNOLOGIES IN RESEARCH (ETTR 2022), Department of Information Technology, 28 November to 02 December, 2022 View/ Download 
304 International Seminar on Sustainable Development Goals 2030: Role of Anthropology in Social Inclusion and Tribal Development, 22-24 November, 2022 View/ Download 
303 23rd Annual Conference of North Eastern Economic Association & National Seminar 16th – 18th November 2022 View/ Download 
302 Industrial RO & Softeners Training/ Value Added Skill course on Industrial RO & SofternersTraining, 24th-28th Nov 2022. View/ Download 
301 Domestic RO Training/ Value Added Skill course on Domestic RO Training, 18th-22nd Nov 2022 View/ Download 
300 Training Program on State of the Art in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning from 16th December to 22nd December, 2022 View/ Download 
298 Faculty Development Program [Blended Online- Offline] On “Road Transport Network Analysis using Data Science”, organized by Dept. of Commerce View/ Download 
297 Celebration of World Pharmacists Day-2022 on 23rd September, 2022 View/ Download 
296 International webinar on Suicide Prevention Strategies : Preventing Lives through Support and Action, 10th September, 2022 View/ Download 
295 Ten Day Samskṛta Sambhā , in Dept. of Sanskrit, from 5th September to 16 September, 2022 View/ Download 
293 Extension of date for submission for application of Faculty Development Program entitled “Mentoring for Institutional Social Responsibility and Facilitation for Community Engagement” from 29th August -3rd September 2022 View/ Download 
292 Faculty Development Program (FDP) on Fundamentals of Thin Film Preparation & Characterization techniques” sponsored by AICTE Training And Learning (ATAL) Academy, 19 – 30 September, 2022 View/ Download 
291 Six-Day Faculty Development Program entitled “Mentoring for Institutional Social Responsibility and Facilitation for Community Engagement” from 29th August -3rd September 2022 View/ Download 
290 Seminar on 'Partition of India 1947' on the occasion of 'Partition Horrors Remembrance Day' organized by Dept. of Bengali on 8th August 2022 View/ Download 
289 Online workshop on Awareness Program on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) on 5th August, 2022 View/ Download 
288 Lecture Series on different aspects of Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics on 21st July, 2022 View/ Download 
287 Webinar on Biotechnology Ignition Grant Writing on 19th July, 2022 View/ Download 
286 National Webinar on Wealth Creation through Personal Financial Management organized by Dept. of Commerce, 15th July, 2022 View/ Download 
285 One Day National Webinar on Yoga for Holistic Health, organized by Dept. of Physical Education, 17th June, 2022 View/ Download 
284 Summer School on Paper-I of UGC NET Examination, organized by Dept. of Commerce, 14th-22nd June, 2022 View/ Download 
283 Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) and IP management for Start-up. 19th May 2022, 2:00 PM View/ Download 
282 Special Lecture on Bharat Ka Swatanatrata Sangram: Ek Vimarsh, 11th May, 2022 View/ Download 
281 Role and Inportance of Taxes in Nation Building on 10th May 2022 at 3:00 pm View/ Download 
280 Virtual International Kathak workshop organized by Dept. of Music on 29th April - 5th May, 2022 View/ Download 
279 ISAK Level -1 Kinathropometric course organized by Dept. of Physical Education, 10-13 May, 2022 View/ Download 
278 Two days National Seminar on 'The Role of Women for the Development of Northeast' organized by Dept. of Rural Studies, 1st-2nd May, 2022 View/ Download 
277 Two Day's National Webinar organized by Dept. of Physical Education, 26-27 April, 2022 View/ Download 
276 Lecture on Nanotechnology for Next Generation Aquaculture, organized by Department of Molecular Biology & Bioinformatics, 25th April 2022 View/ Download 
275 Celebration of World Earth Day, organized by Dept. of Chemical & Polymer Engineering on 22nd April, 2022 View/ Download 
274 Online Solo Song competition" on "Bharat Ratna Dr. Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar Jayanti Celebration" 14th April 2022. View/ Download 
273 7-Days National Level Workshop on Pranayama. organized by Department of Physical Education, 6th -12th April 2022 View/ Download 
272 National Webinar on Tripura’s Groundwater Scenario: From Infinite to Finite, 21st-26th March, 2022 View/ Download 
271 Online Lecture on Sexual Harassment at Work: Evidence from Australian Workspace, 16th March, 2022 View/ Download 
270 Training on Data Collection and Analysis for Studies on Youth Issues, 25th -28th March, 2022 View/ Download 
269 Cultural Influence of Rama in South East Asia: A North East Perspective, 24th-26th March, 2022 View/ Download 
268 Microbial Ecology Study Tour, Dept. of Microbiology, 12th February, 2022 View/ Download 
267 Online Lecture series organized by Womens' Studies Centre, 8th February, 2022 View/ Download 
266 Special Lecture on "Vaccine and Vaccination" on 4th February, 2022 View/ Download 
265 ATAL FDP on Quantum Computing, Organized by Department of Information Technology during 7-11 February 2022. View/ Download 
264 Webinar on the Eve of “International Wetland Day” on 2nd February, 2022 at 12:00 Noon View/ Download 
263 International Webinar Series on The Independence of "Bharatbarsha and Bharat after Independence" View/ Download 
262 Five days International Workshop on Academic Writing and Publishing, 17th-21st January 2022 View/ Download 
261 Proposal for partnership in the field of Bio-technology applications View/ Download 

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