Aims & Objectives

Aims & Objectives:

The main objectives of the TUAA are to maintain the association and to uplift the identity of Tripura University where we studied. After obtaining higher degrees many students are now working into various fields in India and abroad. The Alumni association would be the best and most suited arena to bring them together to exchange nostalgic feelings, ideas, thoughts, improve scientific knowledge time to time.

To support current students with scholarships, mentoring opportunities, career panels, freshman orientation, grants for student related programs, and other activities.

To provides intellectual, cultural, social networking events and honour Alumni for career accomplishments, philanthropy, and service.

Arrange meetings to discuss on how to improve the Association and help the development of the University needs if possible. As a whole to work for the interests of the Tripura University, in general.

Holding scientific meetings and conferences of national and international standard and to publish literature, books and journals for the fulfilment of the objects of the Association.

Any Alumni member visiting and wishing to give lectures can be arranged by the Association.

Public education program in various disciplines can be arranged.

To open branches of the Association.

To do all other activities for the fulfilment of the objects of the Association.


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