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Dr. Arup Jyoti Sarma

Name: Dr. Arup Jyoti Sarma
Date of Birth : 07/01/1979
Phone number's : 0381-237-9491 +91 9612903508, +91 8638382447
E-mail's : ,
Academic Qualifications : M.A., Ph.D.
Present Designation/position : Assistant Professor (Stage-III)
Topics Taught : Dharmaraja Adhvarindra : Vedanta Paribhasa, Aristotle: Metaphysica, Immanuel Kant: GroundWork of the Metaphysic of Morals, Woodworth : Contemporary Schools of Psychology (Behaviourism).

Subjects Taught :

(P.G.) First Semester
Vedānta Paribhāṣa of Dharmarāja Adhvarindra (chapters 7 and 8), paper code: PHIL 701 (core) The Metaphysics by Aristotle, paper code: PHIL 702 (core)

Second Semester
Vedānta Paribhāṣa of Dharmarāja Adhvarindra (chapters 1 to 6), paper code: PHIL 801 (core)

Third Semester
Groundwork of the Metaphysic of Morals by Kant, paper code: PHIL 902 (core)

Fourth Semester
Symbolic Logic by I.M. Copi (chapters 2 to 4), paper code: PHIL 1002 (core).

Integrated Masters Degree Programme (IMD)
Paper IPH 501: Logic: Indian and Western
Paper IPH 601: Western Logic

Ph.D. Course work; Research Methodology
Unit III: Epistemology of Research: knowledge, belief, truth, justification, Gettier problem, infallibility, reliabilism, externalism and internalism, acquiring knowledge: empiricism, rationalism, constructivism.

Supervision/Co-supervision of Ph. D work:

Name of the Scholar Topic Status Year
Sujit Debnath A Critical Study of the Concept of Alienation [With Special Reference to G.W.F. Hegel and Karl Marx] Awarded 2018
Srirupa Datta Choudhury Appearance and Reality [With Special Reference to Kant and Hegel] Awarded 2020
Mithan Das Concept of Social Justice: A Critical Exposition of John Rawls’ Socio-Moral Philosophy Awarded 2021
Suman Das The Man-Nature Relationship: A Study of the Western Environmental Ethics Awarded 2021
Synem Hrangkhawl
Women in New Hindu Religious Movements: An Ethnographic Study of Brahma Kumaris Awarded 2022
Gobinda Bhattacharjee Post-metaphysical Critique and Theory of Knowledge: A Study on Jürgen Habermas Registered 2021

Publications Profile: Published papers in Journals (printed and electronic; Peer-reviewed or UGC listed)

  1. “Rawls’ Idea of a Liberal Self: A Communitarian Critique,” in Journal of Indian Council of Philosophical Research (published by Springer, India), 37 (3), 2020, pp. 383—402.
  2. “Hegel’s Dialectical Method,” in Keanean Journal of Arts, An Annual Arts Journal of Lady Keane College (published by IQAC), Shillong Vol.VI, 2019, pp. 67-76.
  3. “The Life Good for a Man: Aristotle’s Perspective,” in Indian Philosophical Quarterly, Vol. XLV, No 4, 2018, pp. 75-86.
  4. “Kant on Faith,” in Jijñāsā (An Annual Review of Philosophy), ed. by Shakunta Bora, published by Aalibat Publication, Guwahati, Vol. V, 2018.
  5. “Vivekananda’s View on Education,” in Keanean Journal of Arts, An Annual Arts Journal of Lady Keane College, Shillong, Vol. IV, July 2017, pp.55-62.
  6. “Self-Other Relationship, History and Interpretation: A Gadamerian Perspective,” in Culture and Dialogue, published by Brill, Netherland, Vol.5, Issue No 2, 2017, pp. 210-222.
  7. “Hegel against Kant’s Knowledge and Reality Divide,” in Gauhati University Journal of Philosophy, Vol.1, No.1, December 2016, pp. 67-81.
  8. “Limits of Cognition and Our Rational Faith: Kantian Approach,” in Indian Philosophical Quarterly, Vol.44, No1-2, January-June 2017, published in December 2017, pp. 21-40.
  9. “Secularism in Gandhian Thought,” in Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities (JSSH), Department of Philosophy, B. Borooah College, Guwahati VOL II, March 2016, pp. 34-50.
  10. “Kant on Ethical Formalism: Hegelian Charges Refuted,” in Indian Philosophical Quarterly, Vol. 37, No 1-4, January-December 2010, published in 2016, pp. 101-114.
  11. “Art as an Expression of Personality: An Approach to Tagore’s Concept of Art,” in Consciousness, Literature and the Arts, London, Vol. 15, No 2, August 2014.
  12. “Hare on Moral Language,” in International Journal of Multidisciplinary Educational Research, Vol1, Issue 2, pp. 338-345, 2012.
  13. “Hegel’s Philosophy: A Road towards the Absolute Truth,” in International Journal of Multidisciplinary Educational Research, Vol.1, Issue 1, pp. 87-98, 2012.
  14. “Humanistic Philosophy of Tagore,” in Kritique, an online peer-reviewed journal of the University of Santo Tomas, Philippines Vol.6, No1, June 2012, pp. 50-66.
  15. “Does the Snake Really Exist in the Rope? An Exposition of the Advaitavāda’s View on Error,” in Philosophy Pathways, published by the International Society for Philosophers, University of Sheffield, London, Issue 164, 29 July 2011, pp.1-7.
  16. “Is-Ought’ Relation in Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics,” in Yavanika Indo-Hellenic Studies (published by Indian Society for Greek and Roman Studies), No 12, 2009, pp. 114-122.

Books authored/Chapters in Edited Book/Editor of Books:

Book(s) authored

  1. Kant and Hegel on Is-Ought Dichotomy, Progressive Publisher, 2014 Kolkata, ISBN 978-81-8064-204-3.
  2. Chapters in Edited Books/conference proceedings

  3. “Problem and Criterion of Truth,” in Language, Meaning and Interpretation: East and West, eds. by Kanti Lal Das and Jyotish Basak, Northern Book Centre, New Delhi, 2022.
  4. “Transcendental Consciousness and Metaphysics of the Normative Self: Kantian Perspective,” in Understanding Mind, Consciousness and Person, ed. by Ramala Sarma, Rawat Prakashan, New Delhi 2021.
  5. “Caste System and Vivekananda,” in Vedānta, Science and Technology: A Multidimensional Approach, (eds. by) Girish Nath Jha, Balram Singh, and Sukalyan Sengupta, D.K. Printworld, New Delhi, 2021.
  6. “Radical Evil and the Need For An Ethical Community: Kantian Perspective”, in Issues in Philosophy East and West, (eds. by) Bhaskar Bhattacharya and Tejasha Kalita, Department of Philosophy, Krishna Kanta Handique State Open University, Mirza, Assam, 2019.
  7. “Eco-Centric Moral Views and the Vedic Tradition,” in Veda as Global Heritage: Scientific Perspectives, (eds. by) Girish Nath Jha et al., Vidyanidhi Prakashan, Delhi, 2019.
  8. “The Embodied Subject and the Goal of History”, in Perspectives on Literature and Philosophy, (eds. By) Rashmi Rekha Saikia and Shyamolima Saikia, Authors Press, New Delhi, 2018.
  9. “Dialogic Interpretation of the self-other Relationship,” in On the Nature of Consciousness, (ed. by) A. Nataraju, Bloomsbury: New Delhi, London, 2018.
  10. “The Theory of Causation n Advaitavāda,” in Vedānta Ᾱnvikṣiki, Science and Philosophy, (eds. by) Girish Nath Jha, Balram Singh, and Sukalyan Sengupta, D.K. Printworld, New Delhi, 2017.
  11. “Globalization and Our Identity as a Social Being,” in Globalization and Cultural Pluralism: Challenges and Possibilities, ed. by Saji Varghese, Akansha Publishers, New Delhi, 2016.
  12. “Kant’s Conception of Subjective Knowledge: A Hegelian Critique”, in Knowledge, Theorization and Rights: Renegotiating the Connectives, ed. by Pius V. Thomas, Siliguri, West Bengal: Salesian College Publication), 2015.
  13. “Imparting Value-oriented Education for a Better Future,” in Vethathirian Philosophy, Yoga and World Peace, (ed.) by B.P. Siddhashrama and B. Krishna, Dharwad: Siddha Prakashana, 2013.
  14. “Limits of Knowledge and Reasoned Hope: Kantian Perspective,” in The Limits of Thought and Beyond, (ed.) by A. Nataraju, New Delhi and London: Bloomsbury Publishing, 2013.
  15. “Kant’s Concept of Freedom of Will and its Moral Responsibilities,” in Freedom and Responsibility, (ed.) by D.N. Yadav, Shekhar Prakashan: Allahabad, 2012.
  16. “Fact and Value Interface in a Multi-cultural Society,” in Philosophical Perspectives on Multiculturalism and Pluralism, ed. by D.N. Yadav, (Allahabad: Shekhar Prakashan: Allahabad, 2012.
  17. “Role of Church in Removing Evil in Human Nature: Kantian Approach,” in Satyam Shivam Sundaram, (ed.) by V.T. Patil, B. KrishnamSatyam ShivamSundaram, (ed.) by V.T. Patil, B. Krishnamurthy, Dharwad: Siddhaprakashana, 2012.

Invited Talks Delivered/presentation in any Colloquium, Seminar, Workshop, Summer or Winter School, etc. ( Last year) :

  1. Presented a paper on “The Problem of Alienation and It’s Overcoming through Phenomenological Development of Consciousness in Hegel,” in the International Conference on ‘The Quest for Consciousness: Indian and Western Approaches, from 22nd to 23rd August 2022 organized by the Centre of Indian Knowledge System (IKS), Assam University Silchar.
  2. Delivered a talk on “Hume on Is-Ought Dichotomy,” in a five-day national level work on David Hume’s An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding, organized by the Department of Philosophy, Chandrakona Vidyasagar Mahavidyalaya, and Department of Philosophy, Ghatal Rabindra Satabarsiki Mahavidyalaya, Medinipur, West Bengal, through the virtual platform on 25th June 2022 and participated actively from 24th —28th June 2022.
  3. Delivered a talk on “Modern Indian Thinkers on Social Reformation: Some Reflections,” in an online mode on 25th January 2022, sponsored by the Indian Council of Philosophical Research and organized by Ramkrishna Mahavidyalaya, Kailasahar: North Tripura.
  4. Delivered a talk on “Swami Vivekananda and Social Reconstruction,” in a one-day national level webinar on Swami Vivekananda: Towards a Just Society, organized by the Department of Philosophy, Prabhu Jagatbandhu College, Andul, Howrah: Kolkata on 24th January 2022.
  5. Presented a paper on “Kant’s Critical Method,” in the national seminar on ’Philosophy and the Method: Phenomenology and Indian Philosophy,’ organized by the department of Philosophy, Assam University Silchar, from 6-8 December 2021.
  6. Presented a paper on “Self and Other Relationship: Considering Vivekananda’s Concept of Practical Vedanta,” at the 25th International Congress of Vedanta, from 23-31 October 2021 in an online mode.
  7. Presented a paper on “Secularism: Some Observations,” in a week-long online lecture series on Indian Philosophy, on the occasion of ‘Indian Philosophers Day, 2021, organized by Kumar Bhaskar Varma Sanskrit and Ancient Studies University, Nalbari: Assam from 12th —17th July 2021.

TRAINING RECEIVED: Academic Staff College or through MOOCs (SWAYAM) Orientation/ Refresher Courses/ Methodology Workshops/ Training/Teaching-Learning-Evaluation Technology Programmes/Soft-Skill Development Programmes & Faculty Improvement/Dev. Programs, including Summer and Winter Schools and Faculty Development, attended:

Name of the Course/ Programme/Training/ Summer or Winter School Place & Instt. Duration (Dates) Sponsoring Agency (UGC/ICAR/ICHR/ICSSR/ Academies/Universities etc)
1. Orientation Course Jawaharlal Nehru University Academic Staff College 6th February—02nd March 2012 UGC
2. Refresher Course North Bengal University Academic Staff College 20th August—09th September 2013 UGC
3. Refresher Course Faculty Development Centre (FDC), Tripura University 1ST—15TH March 2019 P.M.M.M.N.M.T.T, MHRD, GOI.
4. Refresher Course Savitribai Phule Pune University, (SWAYAM ARPIT online course) 21st Nov 2018-28th February 2019 SWAYAM (ARPIT), AICTE approved FDC course

Undertaking course(s) as a candidate through MOOCs (other than OP/RC/Short term courses

Sl. No. Name of the Course and organizing Institution Duration of the course Year of completion Remarks
1. NPTEL/SWAYAM MOOCS course on ‘Symbolic Logic,’ organized by I.I.T. Kharagpur August- September 2018 2018 Scored 82%, received an ‘ELITE’ certificate; and was considered one among the ‘Course Toppers.’
2. NPTEL/SWAYAM MOOCS course on ‘Literature, Culture and Media,’ organized by I.I.T. Roorkee January- April 2019 2019 Scored 63%, received an ‘ELITE’ certificate

Ongoing and Completed Research Projects and Consultancies

Title Agency (Funding, Commissioning and / or Collaborating) Period Total financial Grant(s) in Rs. (Lakhs) Whether Principal Investigator/ Co-investigator or Consultant/Quality evaluator Status
Kant’s Moral Faith Indian Council of Philosophical Research, New Delhi 30th September 2015 to 12th August 2019 Rs. 1,50,000 Principal Investigator Completed

Post held after the appointment at this institution (if applicable):

Designation Department Period of Service Grade/Pay Level
Assistant Coordinator IMD Programme, Tripura University 27/10/2014 -- continuing Not applicable



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