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SL. No. E-Book Titles Author

Galaxy Collisions

Curtis Struck

Biophysics of DNA-Protein Interactions

Mark C. Williams, L. James Maher

Many-Body Boson Systems

André F. Verbeure

Global and Stochastic Analysis with Applications to Mathematical Physics

Yuri E. Gliklikh

Nonlinear Power Flow Control Design

Rush D. Robinett III, David G. Wilson

Cosmic Biology

Louis Neal Irwin, Dirk Schulze-Makuch

Aperture Synthesis

Swapan Kumar Saha

How to Photograph the Moon and Planets with Your Digital Camera

Tony Buick, Philip Pugh

Choosing and Using a Refracting Telescope

Neil English

Amateur Telescope Making in the Internet Age

Robert L. Clark

Weird Astronomy

David A.J. Seargent


K. Thyagarajan, Ajoy Ghatak

Kinetic Theory of the Inner Magnetospheric Plasma

George V. Khazanov

The Power of Stars

Bryan E. Penprase

Hunting and Imaging Comets

Martin Mobberley

Drifting on Alien Winds

Michael Carroll

Analysis of Excitation and Ionization of Atoms and Molecules by Electron Impact

Afzal Chaudhry, Hans Kleinpoppen

How Apollo Flew to the Moon

W. David Woods

Astronomical Spectroscopy for Amateurs

Ken M. Harrison

The Kaguya Lunar Atlas

Motomaro Shirao, Charles A. Wood

Interactive Quantum Mechanics

S. Brandt, T. Stroh, H.D. Dahmen

Aerogels Handbook

Michel A. Aegerter, Nicholas Leventis, Matthias M. Koebel

Apollo 12 - On the Ocean of Storms

David M. Harland

Exploring Ancient Skies

David H. Kelley, Eugene F. Milone

Relaxation and Diffusion in Complex Systems

K.L. Ngai

Digital Holographic Microscopy

Myung K. Kim

Discovery of Single Top Quark Production

Dag Gillberg

Atlas of Astronomical Discoveries

Govert Schilling

The Sky in Early Modern English Literature

David H. Levy

An Indispensable Truth

Francis F. Chen

Trailblazing Medicine

Erik Seedhouse

Ocean Ambient Noise

William M. Carey, Richard B. Evans

Biophysical Regulation of Vascular Differentiation and Assembly

Sharon Gerecht

Soviet Robots in the Solar System

Wesley T. Huntress, JR., Mikhail Ya Marov

A Search for Muon Neutrino to Electron Neutrino Oscillations in the MINOS Experiment

Juan Pedro Ochoa-Ricoux

Exotic Nuclear Excitations

S.C. Pancholi

Is There a Temperature?

Tamás Sándor Biró

Astronomical Photometry

Eugene F. Milone, C. Sterken

Physics of Baseball & Softball

Rod Cross

Heaven and Earth in Ancient Greek Cosmology

Dirk L. Couprie

Impact of Nonlinearities on Fiber Optic Communications

Shiva Kumar

Russian Space Probes

Brian Harvey, Olga Zakutnyaya

Highlighting the History of Astronomy in the Asia-Pacific Region

Wayne Orchiston, Tsuko Nakamura, Richard G. Strom

Quantum Phase Transitions in Cold Atoms and Low Temperature Solids

Kaden Richard Alan Hazzard

Characterization of Terahertz Emission from High Resistivity Fe-doped Bulk Ga0.69In0.31As Based Photoconducting Antennas

Suranjana Sengupta

Quantum Plasmas

Fernando Haas

Symmetry and the Standard Model

Matthew Robinson

Geometry of the Fundamental Interactions

M. D. Maia

Quantum Cosmology

Martin Bojowald

Relativistic Many-Body Theory

Ingvar Lindgren

Muonium-antimuonium Oscillations in an Extended Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model

Boyang Liu

Future Professional Communication in Astronomy II

Alberto Accomazzi

Selecting the Mercury Seven

Colin Burgess

Computational Ocean Acoustics

Finn B. Jensen, William A. Kuperman, Michael B. Porter, Henrik Schmidt

Choosing and Using a Dobsonian Telescope

Neil English

Coronal Mass Ejections

Timothy Howard

The Second Law of Economics

Reiner Kümmel

Quantum Dynamic Imaging

André D. Bandrauk, Misha Ivanov

Random Matrices, Random Processes and Integrable Systems

John Harnad


Huangxian Ju, Xueji Zhang, Joseph Wang

Cell and Tissue Organization in the Circulatory and Ventilatory Systems

Marc Thiriet

Medical Image Processing

Geoff Dougherty

Biomechanics of the Brain

Karol Miller

The Mythology of the Night Sky

David E. Falkner

Integrated Modeling of Telescopes

Torben Andersen, Anita Enmark

Treasures of the Southern Sky

Robert Gendler, Lars Lindberg Christensen, David Malin

Einstein's Theory

Øyvind Grøn, Arne Næss

Super-Resolved Imaging

Zeev Zalevsky

Dynamiques complexes et morphogenèse

Chaouqi Misbah

Biological Physics

Vincent Rivasseau

Bryce DeWitt's Lectures on Gravitation

Bryce DeWitt

Lectures on Ultrafast Intense Laser Science 1

Kaoru Yamanouchi

Complex and Adaptive Dynamical Systems

Claudius Gros

From Gravity to Thermal Gauge Theories: The AdS/CFT Correspondence

Eleftherios Papantonopoulos

Silicon Photonics II

David J. Lockwood, Lorenzo Pavesi

Introduction to Frustrated Magnetism

Claudine Lacroix, Philippe Mendels, Frédéric Mila

Teorie non linearizzate in elasticità, idrodinamica, aerodinamica

A. Signorini

Encyclopedia of Astrobiology

Muriel Gargaud, Ricardo Amils, José Cernicharo Quintanilla, Henderson James (Jim) Cleaves, William M. Irvine, Daniele L. Pinti, Michel Viso

Modern Thermodynamics

Jitao Wang

Biomimetics -- Materials, Structures and Processes

Petra Gruber, Dietmar Bruckner, Christian Hellmich, Heinz-Bodo Schmiedmayer, Herbert Stachelberger, Ille C. Gebeshuber

1000 Solved Problems in Classical Physics

Ahmad A. Kamal

Diffraction Radiation from Relativistic Particles

Alexander Petrovich Potylitsyn, Mikhail Ivanovich Ryazanov, Mikhail Nikolaevich Strikhanov, Alexey Alexandrovich Tishchenko

Confocal Raman Microscopy

Thomas Dieing, Olaf Hollricher, Jan Toporski

Astronomy with Radioactivities

Roland Diehl, Dieter H. Hartmann, Nikos Prantzos

New Structures for Physics

Bob Coecke

Searching for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

H. Paul Shuch

The CBM Physics Book

Bengt Friman, Claudia Höhne, Jörn Knoll, Stefan Leupold, Jorgen Randrup, Ralf Rapp, Peter Senger

Introduction to the Physics of Electrons in Solids

Henri Alloul

Induction Accelerators

Ken Takayama, Richard J. Briggs

Essential Building Blocks of Human Nature

Ulrich J. Frey, Charlotte Störmer, Kai P. Willführ

Density Functional Theory

Eberhard Engel, Reiner M. Dreizler

The Pursuit of Quantum Gravity

Cécile DeWitt-Morette

CFN Lectures on Functional Nanostructures - Volume 2

Matthias Vojta, Christian Röthig, Gerd Schön

An Introduction to the Confinement Problem

Jeff Greensite

Topology and Geometry for Physics

Helmut Eschrig

The Physics of the Manhattan Project

B. Cameron Reed

Stellar Physics

Gennady S. Bisnovatyi-Kogan

The Moon in Close-up

John Wilkinson

Dynamics of Nonlinear Time-Delay Systems

Muthusamy Lakshmanan, Dharmapuri Vijayan Senthilkumar

Electron-Phonon Interaction in Conventional and Unconventional Superconductors

Pegor Aynajian

Self-Organized Criticality in Astrophysics

Markus Aschwanden

Principles of Stellar Interferometry

Andreas Glindemann

Investigations of Field Dynamics in Laser Plasmas with Proton Imaging

Thomas Sokollik

Principles of Star Formation

Peter H. Bodenheimer

Photonic Structures Inspired by Nature

Mathias Kolle

The Modelling of Radiation Damage in Metals Using Ehrenfest Dynamics

Christopher Race

Biomedical Image Processing

Thomas Martin Deserno

R-Matrix Theory of Atomic Collisions

Philip George Burke

Wave Turbulence

Sergey Nazarenko

A Short Course in Quantum Information Theory

Lajos Diosi

Grey Systems

Sifeng Liu, Yi Lin

Interstellar Molecules

Koichi M. T. Yamada, Gisbert Winnewisser

Ultra-high Frequency Linear Fiber Optic Systems

Kam Lau

Extreme States of Matter

Vladimir E. Fortov

Localized States in Physics: Solitons and Patterns

Orazio Descalzi, Marcel Clerc, Stefania Residori, Gaetano Assanto

High Speed VCSELs for Optical Interconnects

Alex Mutig

Controlling Light in Optically Induced Photonic Lattices

Bernd Terhalle

Generalized Lorenz-Mie Theories

Gérard Gouesbet, Gérard Gréhan

High-Energy Emission from Pulsars and their Systems

Diego F. Torres, Nanda Rea

Quantum Theory of Near-Field Electrodynamics

Ole Keller

Progress in Nanophotonics 1

Motoichi Ohtsu

Neutrinos in Particle Physics, Astronomy and Cosmology

Zhi-Zhong Xing, Shun Zhou

Laser Processing and Chemistry

Dieter Bäuerle

Unifying Themes in Complex Systems

Ali A. Minai, Dan Braha, Yaneer Bar-Yam

Coulombic Fluids

Werner Freyland

Basic Relativity

Péter Hraskó

EKC 2010

Man-Wook Han, Jehyun Lee

Modeling Multi-Level Systems

Octavian Iordache

Geometry of Minkowski Space-Time

Francesco Catoni, Dino Boccaletti, Roberto Cannata, Vincenzo Catoni, Paolo Zampetti

States of Consciousness

Dean Cvetkovic, Irena Cosic

Mindful Universe

Henry P. Stapp

Fractional-Order Nonlinear Systems

Ivo Petráš

Principles of Evolution

Hildegard Meyer-Ortmanns, Stefan Thurner

Large-Scale Perturbations of Magnetohydrodynamic Regimes

Vladislav Zheligovsky

European Perspectives on Security Research

Klaus Thoma

Bifurcation and Chaos in Discontinuous and Continuous Systems

Michal Fečkan

Progress in Ultrafast Intense Laser Science VII

Kaoru Yamanouchi, Dimitrios Charalambidis, Didier Normand

Solid Base Catalysis

Yoshio Ono, Hideshi Hattori

Single-Photon Imaging

Peter Seitz, Albert JP Theuwissen

Coherent Control of Four-Wave Mixing

Yanpeng Zhang, Zhiqiang Nie, Min Xiao

Quantum Mechanics in the Geometry of Space-Time

Roger Boudet

Electromagnetic Radiation of Electrons in Periodic Structures

Alexander Petrovich Potylitsyn

Entanglement Between Noncomplementary Parts of Many-Body Systems

Hannu Christian Wichterich

From Varying Couplings to Fundamental Physics

Carlos Martins, Paolo Molaro

Complexity, Cognition and the City

Juval Portugali

Random Walks and Diffusions on Graphs and Databases

Philippe Blanchard, Dimitri Volchenkov

The Transient Radio Sky

Evan Francis Keane

Phase Transitions in Two-Dimensional Complex Plasmas

Christina A. Knapek

Cosmology, Quantum Vacuum and Zeta Functions

Sergey D. Odintsov, Diego Sáez-Gómez, Sebastian Xambó-Descamps

Physics of Laser Materials Processing

Gennady G. Gladush, Igor Smurov

Beam-Wave Interaction in Periodic and Quasi-Periodic Structures

Levi Schächter

The Pulsations of the Sun and the Stars

Jean-Pierre Rozelot, Coralie Neiner

Laser Wakefield Electron Acceleration

Karl Schmid

Atomistic Properties of Solids

Dinker B. Sirdeshmukh, Lalitha Sirdeshmukh, K.G. Subhadra

Fine Structure of Solar Radio Bursts

Gennady P. Chernov

Heat and Mass Transfer

Hans Dieter Baehr, Karl Stephan

A Short Journey from Quarks to the Universe

Eleftherios N. Economou

The Wondrous Universe

Gerhard Börner

Nanoethics and Nanotoxicology

Philippe Houdy, Marcel Lahmani, Francelyne Marano

Delay-Coupled Complex Systems

Valentin Flunkert

Cosmic Heritage

Peter Shaver

Environment and the Formation of Galaxies: 30 years later

Ignacio Ferreras, Anna Pasquali

Casimir Physics

Diego Dalvit, Peter Milonni, David Roberts, Felipe da Rosa

Chaotic Flows

Oleg G. Bakunin

Viability and Resilience of Complex Systems

Guillaume Deffuant, Nigel Gilbert

Modern Mathematical Tools and Techniques in Capturing Complexity

Leandro Pardo, Narayanaswamy Balakrishnan, María Ángeles Gil

Elegance and Enigma

Maximilian Schlosshauer

Laboratory Science with Space Data

Daniel Beysens, Luigi Carotenuto, Jack J.W.A. van Loon, Martin Zell

Optical Binding Phenomena: Observations and Mechanisms

Jonathan M. Taylor

General Relativity Without Calculus

Jose Natario

Applications of Chaos and Nonlinear Dynamics in Engineering - Vol. 1

Santo Banerjee, Mala Mitra, Lamberto Rondoni

The Transits of Extrasolar Planets with Moons

David M. Kipping

Theory of Phase Transitions in Polypeptides and Proteins

Alexander V. Yakubovich

Many-Body Schrödinger Dynamics of Bose-Einstein Condensates

Kaspar Sakmann

Mapping of Parent Hamiltonians

Martin Greiter

Studies of Credit and Equity Markets with Concepts of Theoretical Physics

Michael C. Münnix

Metodi matematici per la teoria dell’evoluzione

Armando Bazzani, Marcello Buiatti, Paolo Freguglia

La strana storia della luce e del colore

Rodolfo Guzzi


Leonardo Castellani, Giulia Alice Fornaro

Stelle, galassie e universo

Attilio Ferrari

Esercizi di metodi matematici della fisica

G. G. N. Angilella

Introduzione ai frattali in fisica

Sergio Peppino Ratti

Note di fisica statistica

Roberto Piazza

Capire l’Universo

Corrado Lamberti

Il rumore elettrico

Giovanni Vittorio Pallottino

Problems in Quantum Mechanics

Emilio d'Emilio, Luigi E. Picasso

Multifunctional Polycrystalline Ferroelectric Materials

Lorena Pardo, Jesús Ricote

Mass and Motion in General Relativity

Luc Blanchet, Alessandro Spallicci, Bernard Whiting

Acoustical Imaging

Michael P. André, Joie P. Jones, Hua Lee

Relativistic Quantum Mechanics

Armin Wachter

Dark Matter and Dark Energy

Sabino Matarrese, Monica Colpi, Vittorio Gorini, Ugo Moschella

Structure and Properties of Liquid Crystals

Lev M. Blinov

Optical-Thermal Response of Laser-Irradiated Tissue

Ashley J. Welch, Martin J.C. Gemert

Progress in Wall Turbulence: Understanding and Modeling

Michel Stanislas, Javier Jimenez, Ivan Marusic

Boron Rich Solids

Nina Orlovskaya, Mykola Lugovy

Biophotonics: Spectroscopy, Imaging, Sensing, and Manipulation

Baldassare Di Bartolo, John Collins

Water in the Universe

Arnold Hanslmeier

Physical Properties of Nanosystems

Janez Bonca, Sergei Kruchinin

Rational Reconstructions of Modern Physics

Peter Mittelstaedt

The Theory of Turbulence

Edward A. Spiegel

Beyond Einstein Gravity

Valerio Faraoni, Salvatore Capozziello

Mathematical Foundations of Quantum Information and Computation and Its Applications to Nano- and Bio-systems

Masanori Ohya, I. Volovich

Computation of Viscous Incompressible Flows

Dochan Kwak, Cetin C. Kiris

Thermodynamics of Fluids Under Flow

David Jou, José Casas-Vázquez, Manuel Criado-Sancho

Operators, Geometry and Quanta

Dmitri Fursaev, Dmitri Vassilevich

Quality and Reliability of Large-Eddy Simulations II

Maria Vittoria Salvetti, Bernard Geurts, Johan Meyers, Pierre Sagaut

Radiation Protection in Medical Physics

Yves Lemoigne, Alessandra Caner

Turbulent Combustion Modeling

Tarek Echekki, Epaminondas Mastorakos

Jacobi Dynamics

V.I. Ferronsky, S.A. Denisik, S.V. Ferronsky

Soft Matter

Roberto Piazza

Materials Chemistry

Bradley D. Fahlman

Terahertz and Mid Infrared Radiation

Mauro F. Pereira, Oleksiy Shulika

Nanotechnological Basis for Advanced Sensors

Johann Peter Reithmaier, Perica Paunovic, Wilhelm Kulisch, Cyril Popov, Plamen Petkov

Nanotechnology Research Directions for Societal Needs in 2020

Mihail C. Roco, Mark C. Hersam, Chad A. Mirkin

X-Ray Lasers 2010

Jongmin Lee, Chang Hee Nam, Karol A. Janulewicz

Colloids and the Depletion Interaction

Henk N.W. Lekkerkerker, Remco Tuinier

Swift Heavy Ions for Materials Engineering and Nanostructuring

D. K. Avasthi, G. K. Mehta

Model of the Response Function of CUORE Bolometers

Marco Vignati

Contemporary Ideas on Ship Stability and Capsizing in Waves

Marcelo Almeida Santos Neves, Vadim L. Belenky, Jean Otto Kat, Kostas Spyrou, Naoya Umeda

Reciprocity, Spatial Mapping and Time Reversal in Electromagnetics

C. Altman, K. Suchy

Powering Autonomous Sensors

María Teresa Penella-López, Manuel Gasulla-Forner

Device Architecture and Materials for Organic Light-Emitting Devices

Sarah Schols

Astronomy at the Frontiers of Science

Jean-Pierre Lasota

Energy-Aware System Design

Chong-Min Kyung, Sungjoo Yoo

Wave Equations in Higher Dimensions

Shi-Hai Dong

Vibration Problems ICOVP 2011

Jiří Náprstek, Jaromír Horáček, Miloslav Okrouhlík, Bohdana Marvalová, Ferdinand Verhulst, Jerzy T. Sawicki

Robotic Exploration of the Solar System

Paolo Ulivi, David M. Harland

Observing the Messier Objects with a Small Telescope

Philip Pugh

Grappling with Gravity

Robert W. Phillips

Guidebook to the Constellations

Phil Simpson

Tracer Technology

Octave Levenspiel

Advanced Quantum Mechanics

Rainer Dick

Fundamental Aspects of Plasma Chemical Physics

Mario Capitelli, Gianpiero Colonna, Antonio D'Angola

Cosmic Update

Fred Adams, Thomas Buchert, Laura Mersini-Houghton

The Chemical Cosmos

Steve Miller

At Home in Space

Ben Evans

Daylight Science and Daylighting Technology

Richard Kittler, Miroslav Kocifaj, Stanislav Darula

Matter, Dark Matter, and Anti-Matter

Alain Mazure, Vincent Le Brun

3,000 Deep-Sky Objects

Ted Aranda

U. S. Spacesuits

Kenneth S. Thomas, Harold J. McMann

Interplanetary Outpost

Erik Seedhouse

Fundamentals of Shallow Water Acoustics

Boris Katsnelson, Valery Petnikov, James Lynch

Helium Cryogenics

Steven W. Van Sciver

Vortex, Molecular Spin and Nanovorticity

Percival McCormack

Control of Cell Fate in the Circulatory and Ventilatory Systems

Marc Thiriet

Astronauts For Hire

Erik Seedhouse

The Physics of Music and Color

Leon Gunther

Our Explosive Sun

Pal Brekke

Hot Interstellar Matter in Elliptical Galaxies

Dong-Woo Kim, Silvia Pellegrini

The Casual Sky Observer's Guide

Rony De Laet

Deep Space Propulsion

K. F. Long

Celestial Delights

Francis Reddy

The Physics of Invisibility

Martin Beech


Chris Kitchin

The Amateur Astronomer's Guide to the Deep-Sky Catalogs

Jerry D. Cavin

The Astronomer Jules Janssen

Françoise Launay

The Star Atlas Companion

Philip M. Bagnall

How James Watt Invented the Copier

René Schils

Optical Interferometry for Biology and Medicine

David D. Nolte

Star Maps

Nick Kanas

Biomimetics in Materials Science

Michael Nosonovsky, Pradeep K. Rohatgi

Sketching the Moon

Richard Handy, Deirdre Kelleghan, Thomas McCague, Erika Rix, Sally Russell

Emigrating Beyond Earth

Cameron M Smith, Evan T. Davies

Dark Nebulae, Dark Lanes, and Dust Belts

Antony Cooke

A Field Guide to Deep-Sky Objects

Michael D. Inglis

Stardust, Supernovae and the Molecules of Life

Richard N. Boyd

Grating Spectroscopes and How to Use Them

Ken M. Harrison

The Quality of Measurements

A.E. Fridman

Field Theoretic Method in Phase Transformations

Alexander Umantsev

Planetary Nebulae and How to Observe Them

Martin Griffiths

Metal-Dielectric Interfaces in Gigascale Electronics

Ming He, Toh-Ming Lu

Signaling at the Cell Surface in the Circulatory and Ventilatory Systems

Marc Thiriet

Theory, Analysis and Design of RF Interferometric Sensors

Cam Nguyen, Seoktae Kim

Computational Modeling of Biological Systems

Nikolay V Dokholyan

Molecular Theory of the Living Cell

Sungchul Ji

Astronomy with a Budget Telescope

Patrick Moore, John Watson

New Eyes on the Universe

Stephen Webb

Eta Carinae and the Supernova Impostors

Kris Davidson, Roberta M. Humphreys

Mars and How to Observe It

Peter Grego

The Andromeda Galaxy and the Rise of Modern Astronomy

David Schultz

Weird Weather

David A. J. Seargent

Social Foundations of Human Space Exploration

James A. Dator

Remote Sensing

Siamak Khorram, Stacy A.C. Nelson, Frank H. Koch, Cynthia F. van der Wiele

The Innovation Butterfly

Edward G. Anderson Jr., Nitin R. Joglekar

Rocketing Into the Future

Michel van Pelt

One-Shot Color Astronomical Imaging

L. A. Kennedy

The Plasma Environment of Venus, Mars, and Titan

Karoly Szego

On the Formation of the Most Massive Stars in the Galaxy

Roberto J. Galván-Madrid

Space Pharmacology

Virginia E. Wotring

Tragedy and Triumph in Orbit

Ben Evans

Nonlinear Photonics and Novel Optical Phenomena

Zhigang Chen, Roberto Morandotti

The General Theory of Relativity

Anadijiban Das, Andrew DeBenedictis

The Solar Dynamics Observatory

Phillip Chamberlin, William Dean Pesnell, Barbara Thompson

Doing the Impossible

Arthur L. Slotkin

Stability and Transport in Magnetic Confinement Systems

Jan Weiland

Solar Flare Magnetic Fields and Plasmas

Yuhong Fan, George Fisher

Light Pollution

Bob Mizon

How to Observe the Sun Safely

Lee Macdonald

Artificial Satellites and How to Observe Them

Richard Schmude, Jr

Observing and Measuring Visual Double Stars

R. W. Argyle

The Picture Book of Quantum Mechanics

Siegmund Brandt, Hans Dieter Dahmen

In Search of William Gascoigne

David Sellers

Power Scaling of Enhancement Cavities for Nonlinear Optics

Ioachim Pupeza

Plasma Astrophysics, Part I

Boris V. Somov

Energy Storage and Release through the Solar Activity Cycle

Christophe Marqué, Alexander Nindos

Niels Bohr and Complementarity

Arkady Plotnitsky

Schlieren and Shadowgraph Methods in Heat and Mass Transfer

Pradipta Kumar Panigrahi, Krishnamurthy Muralidhar

Astronomy and the Climate Crisis

Antony Cooke

Imaging the Southern Sky

Stephen Chadwick, Ian Cooper


Xiang Yang Liu

Newton's Gravity

Douglas W. MacDougal

The Hatfield Lunar Atlas

Anthony Cook

Climate Change Modeling Methodology

Philip J. Rasch

Fundamentals of Cosmic Particle Physics

Maxim Khlopov

Black Hole Astrophysics

David L. Meier

Terahertz Techniques

Erik Bründermann, Heinz-Wilhelm Hübers, Maurice FitzGerald Kimmitt

Modern Theories of Many-Particle Systems in Condensed Matter Physics

Daniel C. Cabra, Andreas Honecker, Pierre Pujol

Handbook of Particle Detection and Imaging

Claus Grupen, Irène Buvat

Scale Invariance

Annick Lesne, Michel Lagües

Symmetries and Group Theory in Particle Physics

Giovanni Costa, Gianluigi Fogli

Light Scattering Reviews, Vol. 6

Alexander A. Kokhanovsky


Masud Chaichian, Ioan Merches, Anca Tureanu

Complex Systems

Albert C. J. Luo, Jian-Qiao Sun

The Rudolf Mössbauer Story

Michael Kalvius, Paul Kienle

Unifying Themes in Complex Systems VII

Ali A. Minai, Dan Braha, Yaneer Bar-Yam

A Trajectory Description of Quantum Processes. I. Fundamentals

Ángel S. Sanz, Salvador Miret-Artés

Digital Sonar Design in Underwater Acoustics

Qihu Li

Red Giants as Probes of the Structure and Evolution of the Milky Way

Andrea Miglio, Josefina Montalbán, Arlette Noels

A Primer for Chiral Perturbation Theory

Stefan Scherer, Matthias R. Schindler

Advances in Soft Matter Mechanics

Shaofan Li, Bohua Sun

Springer Handbook of Lasers and Optics

Frank Träger

Electroweak and Strong Interactions

Florian Scheck

Fowler-Nordheim Field Emission

Sitangshu Bhattacharya, Kamakhya Prasad Ghatak

Fibre Optic Communication

Herbert Venghaus, Norbert Grote

Quantum Mechanics

Daniel Bes

Density Matrix Theory and Applications

Karl Blum

Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy

Reinhard Noll

Disorder and Strain-Induced Complexity in Functional Materials

Tomoyuki Kakeshita, Takashi Fukuda, Avadh Saxena, Antoni Planes

Measurement Uncertainties

S. V. Gupta

Probability in Physics

Yemima Ben-Menahem, Meir Hemmo

Ion Beam Therapy

Ute Linz

General and Statistical Thermodynamics

Raza Tahir-Kheli

Observational Astrophysics

Pierre Léna, Daniel Rouan, François Lebrun, François Mignard, Didier Pelat

Strongly Correlated Systems

Adolfo Avella, Ferdinando Mancini

The BCS-BEC Crossover and the Unitary Fermi Gas

Wilhelm Zwerger

Dwarf Galaxies: Keys to Galaxy Formation and Evolution

Polychronis Papaderos, Simone Recchi, Gerhard Hensler

Particle Accelerators, Colliders, and the Story of High Energy Physics

Raghavan Jayakumar

Star Clusters in the Era of Large Surveys

André Moitinho, João Alves

Handbook of Spectral Lines in Diamond

Bernhard Dischler

Protein Folding and Misfolding

Heinz Fabian, Dieter Naumann

Heterogeneous Ferroelectric Solid Solutions

Vitaly Topolov

Chemical Evolution of Galaxies

Francesca Matteucci

Young Sun, Early Earth and the Origins of Life

Muriel Gargaud, Hervé Martin, Purificación López-García, Thierry Montmerle, Robert Pascal

Unconventional Superconductors

Iman Askerzade

The Schrödinger-Virasoro Algebra

Jérémie Unterberger, Claude Roger

How Likely is Extraterrestrial Life?

J. Woods Halley

Nonlinear Optics and Solid-State Lasers

Jianquan Yao, Yuyue Wang

The Square Kilometre Array: Paving the way for the new 21st century radio astronomy paradigm

Domingos Barbosa, Sonia Anton, Leonid Gurvits, Dalmiro Maia

New Eyes on the Sun

John Wilkinson

Nonlinear Waves and Solitons on Contours and Closed Surfaces

Andrei Ludu

Shock Waves Science and Technology Library, Vol. 6

F. Zhang


Carmen-Gabriela Stefanita

Graphene Nanoelectronics

Hassan Raza

Models of Science Dynamics

Andrea Scharnhorst, Katy Börner, Peter Besselaar

Optical Properties of Nanostructured Metallic Systems

Sergio G. Rodrigo

Chips 2020

Bernd Hoefflinger

From the Web to the Grid and Beyond

René Brun, Federico Carminati, Giuliana Galli Carminati

The Classical Theory of Fields

Carl S. Helrich

Optimised Projections for the Ab Initio Simulation of Large and Strongly Correlated Systems

David D. O'Regan

The Arrows of Time

Laura Mersini-Houghton, Rudy Vaas

Charm Production in Deep Inelastic Scattering

Sebastian Klein

Semiconductor Research

Amalia Patane, Naci Balkan

Open Quantum Systems

´Angel Rivas, Susana F. Huelga

Femtosecond Laser Micromachining

Roberto Osellame, Giulio Cerullo, Roberta Ramponi

Next Generation of Photovoltaics

Ana Belén Cristóbal López, Antonio Martí Vega, Antonio Luque López

Mass Metrology

S. V. Gupta

Bell's Theorem and Quantum Realism

Douglas L. Hemmick, Asif M. Shakur

The Universe as Automaton

Klaus Mainzer, Leon Chua

Theory of Nuclear Fission

Hans J. Krappe, Krzysztof Pomorski

Fundamentals of Time-Dependent Density Functional Theory

Miguel A.L. Marques, Neepa T. Maitra, Fernando M.S. Nogueira, E.K.U. Gross, Angel Rubio

GaN and ZnO-based Materials and Devices

Stephen Pearton

Basics of Laser Physics

Karl F. Renk


Koji Hashimoto

Waves and Structures in Nonlinear Nondispersive Media

S. N. Gurbatov, O. V. Rudenko, A. I. Saichev

Hyperbolic Chaos

Sergey P. Kuznetsov

An Invitation to Quantum Field Theory

Luis Alvarez-Gaumé, Miguel A. Vázquez-Mozo

Photons in Natural and Life Sciences

Hans-Joachim Lewerenz

Extreme States of Matter in Strong Interaction Physics

Helmut Satz

A Concise Introduction to the Statistical Physics of Complex Systems

Eric Bertin

The Formation and Early Evolution of Stars

Norbert S. Schulz

Formation and Cooperative Behaviour of Protein Complexes on the Cell Membrane

Ksenia Guseva

Social Self-Organization

Dirk Helbing

Lectures on LHC Physics

Tilman Plehn

Studying Atomic Dynamics with Coherent X-rays

Michael Leitner

Magnetic Particle Imaging

Thorsten M. Buzug, Jörn Borgert

Nanophotonic Fabrication

Takashi Yatsui

Exciton Polaritons in Microcavities

Vladislav Timofeev, Daniele Sanvitto

Nuclear Physics with Polarized Particles

Hans Paetz gen. Schieck

From the Universe to the Elementary Particles

Ulrich Ellwanger

Quantum Triangulations

Mauro Carfora, Annalisa Marzuoli

3+1 Formalism in General Relativity

Eric Gourgoulhon

Semiclassical Approach to Mesoscopic Systems

Daniel Waltner

GaN-Based Laser Diodes

Wolfgang G. Scheibenzuber

Study of the Inclusive Beauty Production at CMS and Construction and Commissioning of the CMS Pixel Barrel Detector

Lea Caminada

Dijet Angular Distributions in Proton-Proton Collisions

Nele Boelaert

Non-Centrosymmetric Superconductors

Ernst Bauer, Manfred Sigrist

Homogeneous Catalysis with Metal Complexes

Gheorghe Duca

Clusters in Nuclei, Vol.2

Christian Beck

Handbook of Theoretical Atomic Physics

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Biomedical Signals and Sensors I

Eugenijus Kaniusas

High Temperature Phenomena in Shock Waves

Raymond Brun


Roland Glaser

Thermo-Gas Dynamics of Hydrogen Combustion and Explosion

Boris E. Gelfand, Mikhail V. Silnikov, Sergey P. Medvedev, Sergey V. Khomik


Bharat Bhushan

Atomic Processes in Basic and Applied Physics

Viacheslav Shevelko, Hiro Tawara

The Physics of Ferromagnetism

Terunobu Miyazaki, Hanmin Jin

Spin Squeezing and Non-linear Atom Interferometry with Bose-Einstein Condensates

Christian Groß

Exploring Macroscopic Quantum Mechanics in Optomechanical Devices

Haixing Miao

Plasma Turbulence in the Solar System

Yasuhito Narita

Strings and Fundamental Physics

Marco Baumgartl, Ilka Brunner, Michael Haack

Complex Hamiltonian Dynamics

Tassos Bountis, Haris Skokos

Renormalization Group and Effective Field Theory Approaches to Many-Body Systems

Achim Schwenk, Janos Polonyi

Optical Coherence Tomography

Rui Bernardes, José Cunha-Vaz

Mathematical SETI

Claudio Maccone

Semiconductor Modeling Techniques

Naci Balkan, Marie Xavier

Nanodust in the Solar System: Discoveries and Interpretations

Ingrid Mann, Nicole Meyer-Vernet, Andrzej Czechowski

From the Atomic Bomb to the Landau Institute

Isaak M. Khalatnikov

Fifty Years of Quasars

Mauro D'Onofrio, Paola Marziani, Jack W. Sulentic

Taking the Back off the Watch

Thomas Gold

On Gauge Fixing Aspects of the Infrared Behavior of Yang-Mills Green Functions

Markus Q. Huber

Conformal Invariance: an Introduction to Loops, Interfaces and Stochastic Loewner Evolution

Malte Henkel, Dragi Karevski

Classical Field Theory

Florian Scheck


Stefan Enoch, Nicolas Bonod

Pseudochaotic Kicked Oscillators

John H. Lowenstein

Atomic Scale Interconnection Machines

Christian Joachim

Raman Imaging

Arnaud Zoubir

The Geometry of Special Relativity - a Concise Course

Norbert Dragon

Semiconductor Optics

Claus F. Klingshirn

The Synthesis of the Elements

Giora Shaviv

Radiation Protection at Light Water Reactors

Robert Prince

The Emerging Domain of Cooperating Objects

Pedro José Marrón, Daniel Minder, Stamatis Karnouskos

High-Temperature Superconductors

Ajay Kumar Saxena

Informational Limits in Optical Polarimetry and Vectorial Imaging

Matthew R. Foreman

Isotope Low-Dimensional Structures

Vladimir G. Plekhanov

First Principles Modelling of Shape Memory Alloys

Oliver Kastner

Statistical Physics

Josef Honerkamp


Alexander V. Kolobov, Junji Tominaga

Progress in Ultrafast Intense Laser Science VIII

Kaoru Yamanouchi, Mauro Nisoli, Wendell T. Hill

The Mie Theory

Wolfram Hergert, Thomas Wriedt

Isotope-Based Quantum Information

Vladimir G. Plekhanov

Self-Evolvable Systems

Octavian Iordache

Multiphoton Processes and Attosecond Physics

Kaoru Yamanouchi, Midorikawa Katsumi

Progress in Turbulence and Wind Energy IV

Martin Oberlack, Joachim Peinke, Alessandro Talamelli, Luciano Castillo, Michael Hölling

Why Society is a Complex Matter

Philip Ball

Structured Light Fields

Mike Wördemann

Applications of Chaos and Nonlinear Dynamics in Science and Engineering - Vol. 2

Santo Banerjee, Lamberto Rondoni, Mala Mitra

Simulations of Dark Energy Cosmologies

Elise Jennings

Fundamentals of Quantum Physics

Pedro Pereyra

Scanning SQUID Microscope for Studying Vortex Matter in Type-II Superconductors

Amit Finkler

Ten Physical Applications of Spectral Zeta Functions

Emilio Elizalde

The Sun: New Challenges

Vladimir N. Obridko, Katya Georgieva, Yury A. Nagovitsyn

An Introduction to Kinetic Monte Carlo Simulations of Surface Reactions

A.P.J. Jansen

Continuum Physics

Peter Hertel

Natural Fabrications

William Seager

Collisional Narrowing and Dynamical Decoupling in a Dense Ensemble of Cold Atoms

Yoav Sagi

Cooperative Optical Non-Linearity in a Blockaded Rydberg Ensemble

Jonathan D. Pritchard

Optical Cooling Using the Dipole Force

André Xuereb

Dictionary of Minor Planet Names

Lutz D. Schmadel

Cosmic Ray Diffusion in the Galaxy and Diffuse Gamma Emission

Daniele Gaggero

A Search for Ultra-High Energy Neutrinos and Cosmic-Rays with ANITA-2

Matthew Joseph Mottram

Photomodulated Optical Reflectance

Janusz Bogdanowicz

Evolutionary Games in Complex Topologies

Julia Poncela Casasnovas

Atmospheric Physics

Ulrich Schumann

Stellar Structure and Evolution

Rudolf Kippenhahn, Alfred Weigert, Achim Weiss

Quantum Chemistry of Solids

Robert A. Evarestov

Einstein's Relativity

Fred I Cooperstock, Steven Tieu

The Dual Nature of Life

Gennadiy Zhegunov

Multi-scale Dynamical Processes in Space and Astrophysical Plasmas

Manfred P. Leubner, Zoltán Vörös

Total Addiction

Kate Russo

Self-Organized Arrays of Gold Nanoparticles

Luca Anghinolfi

Mesoscopic Quantum Hall Effect

Ivan Levkivskyi

Coarse-Grained Modelling of DNA and DNA Self-Assembly

Thomas E. Ouldridge

Measurement of the Inclusive Jet Cross Section with the ATLAS Detector at the Large Hadron Collider

Caterina Doglioni

Z Boson Transverse Momentum Distribution, and ZZ and WZ Production

Mika Vesterinen

An Introduction to Non-Abelian Discrete Symmetries for Particle Physicists

Hajime Ishimori, Tatsuo Kobayashi, Hiroshi Ohki, Hiroshi Okada, Yusuke Shimizu, Morimitsu Tanimoto

From the PS to the LHC - 50 Years of Nobel Memories in High-Energy Physics

Luis Alvarez-Gaumé, Michelangelo Mangano, Emmanuel Tsesmelis

Nonlinear Optics in the Filamentation Regime

Carsten Brée

Geometrical Charged-Particle Optics

Harald Rose

Georges Lemaître: Life, Science and Legacy

Rodney D. Holder, Simon Mitton

Quantum Mechanics of Molecular Structures

Kaoru Yamanouchi

Dispersion Forces II

Stefan Yoshi Buhmann

Computational Methods for Physicists

Simon Sirca, Martin Horvat

Dispersion Forces I

Stefan Yoshi Buhmann

Shock Wave Compression of Condensed Matter

Jerry W. Forbes

Singularity Hypotheses

Amnon H. Eden, James H. Moor, Johnny H. Søraker, Eric Steinhart

The Adventurous Life of Friedrich Georg Houtermans, Physicist (1903-1966)

Edoardo Amaldi

Topological Insulators

Shun-Qing Shen

Friction Material Composites

K. L. Sundarkrishnaa

Instruments and Methods for the Radio Detection of High Energy Cosmic Rays

Frank G. Schröder

Morphogenetic Engineering

René Doursat, Hiroki Sayama, Olivier Michel

Design and Realization of Novel GaAs Based Laser Concepts

Tim David Germann

Phosphate Phosphors for Solid-State Lighting

Kartik N. Shinde, S.J. Dhoble, H.C. Swart, Kyeongsoon Park

Microstructure and Properties of High-Temperature Superconductors

I. A. Parinov

Analytic Tools for Feynman Integrals

Vladimir A. Smirnov

Effective Theories in Physics

James D. Wells

Quantum Opto-Mechanics with Micromirrors

Simon Gröblacher

Colloidal Dispersions Under Slit-Pore Confinement

Yan Zeng

Keine Panik vor Thermodynamik!

Dirk Labuhn, Oliver Romberg

Computer Simulation Study of Collective Phenomena in Dense Suspensions of Red Blood Cells under Shear

Timm Krüger

Magnetism and Superconductivity in Iron-based Superconductors as Probed by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Franziska Hammerath

Magnetoelectric Response in Low-Dimensional Frustrated Spin Systems

Shinichiro Seki

From Special Relativity to Feynman Diagrams

Riccardo D'Auria, Mario Trigiante

Fisica del Plasma

Claudio Chiuderi, Marco Velli

L’enigma dei raggi cosmici

Alessandro Angelis

Elementi di management dei programmi spaziali

Marcello Spagnulo

Solved Problems in Quantum and Statistical Mechanics

Michele Cini, Francesco Fucito, Mauro Sbragaglia

Probabilità in Fisica

Guido Boffetta, Angelo Vulpiani

We are the Martians

Giovanni F Bignami

Lezioni di Cosmologia Teorica

Maurizio Gasperini

Note di fotonica

Vittorio Degiorgio, Ilaria Cristiani

Arminio Nobile e la misura del cielo

Massimo Capaccioli, Silvia Galano


Marco Bastoni

Particelle e interazioni fondamentali

Sylvie Braibant, Giorgio Giacomelli, Maurizio Spurio

Coherent States and Applications in Mathematical Physics

Monique Combescure, Didier Robert

Intelligent Textiles and Clothing for Ballistic and NBC Protection

Paul Kiekens, Sundaresan Jayaraman

Detection of Non-Amplified Genomic DNA

Giuseppe Spoto, Roberto Corradini

The Spiral Galaxy M33

P. Hodge

Applied Photometry, Radiometry, and Measurements of Optical Losses

Michael Bukshtab

Biomimetic Membranes for Sensor and Separation Applications

Claus Hélix-Nielsen

Fundamental Questions of Practical Cosmology

Yurij Baryshev, Pekka Teerikorpi

Particles and Fundamental Interactions

Sylvie Braibant, Giorgio Giacomelli, Maurizio Spurio

Physics of Transitional Shear Flows

Andrey V. Boiko, Alexander V. Dovgal, Genrih R. Grek, Victor V. Kozlov

Mechanical Behaviour of Materials

Dominique François, André Pineau, André Zaoui

Radiation Damage in Biomolecular Systems

Gustavo García Gómez-Tejedor, Martina Christina Fuss

Acoustical Imaging

Andrzej Nowicki, Jerzy Litniewski, Tamara Kujawska

Electromagnetic Processing of Materials

Shigeo Asai

A Brief History of Radio Astronomy in the USSR

S. Y. Braude, A. E. Salomonovich, V. A. Samanian, I. S. Shklovskii, R. L. Sorochenko, V. S. Troitskii, K. I. Kellermann, B. A. Dubinskii, N. L. Kaidanovskii, N. S. Kardashev, M. M. Kobrin, A. D. Kuzmin, A. P. Molchanov, Yu. N. Pariiskii, O. N. Rzhiga

Thermodynamics for Chemists, Physicists and Engineers

Robert Hołyst, Andrzej Poniewierski

Convergence of Terahertz Sciences in Biomedical Systems

Gun-Sik Park, Yong Hyup Kim, Haewook Han, Joon Koo Han, Jaewook Ahn, Joo-Hiuk Son, Woong-Yang Park, Young Uk Jeong

Flux-Corrected Transport

Dmitri Kuzmin, Rainald Löhner, Stefan Turek

Nanodevices and Nanomaterials for Ecological Security

Yuri N. Shunin, Arnold E. Kiv

Particles and Fundamental Interactions: Supplements, Problems and Solutions

Sylvie Braibant, Giorgio Giacomelli, Maurizio Spurio

Hydrodynamic Instability and Transition to Turbulence

Akiva M. Yaglom

Thin Liquid Films

Ralf Blossey

Nonlinear Optics and Laser Emission through Random Media

Viola Folli

Physics of Collisional Plasmas

Michel Moisan, Jacques Pelletier

Laser Diode Beam Basics, Manipulations and Characterizations

Haiyin Sun

EXA 2011

Paul Bühler, Olaf Hartmann, Johann Marton, Ken Suzuki, Eberhard Widmann, Johann Zmeskal

Advances in Mechanisms Design

Jaroslav Beran, Martin Bílek, Monika Hejnova, Petr Zabka

From Ultra Rays to Astroparticles

Brigitte Falkenburg, Wolfgang Rhode

Complexity in Chemistry and Beyond: Interplay Theory and Experiment

Craig Hill, Djamaladdin G. Musaev

Uniting Electron Crystallography and Powder Diffraction

Ute Kolb, Kenneth Shankland, Louisa Meshi, Anatoly Avilov, William I.F David

Faint Objects and How to Observe Them

Brian Cudnik

Fundamental Aspects of Plasma Chemical Physics

Mario Capitelli, Domenico Bruno, Annarita Laricchiuta

The Craft of Scientific Presentations

Michael Alley

Modern Gas-Based Temperature and Pressure Measurements

Franco Pavese, Gianfranco Molinar Min Beciet

Miniature Joule-Thomson Cryocooling

Ben-Zion Maytal, John M. Pfotenhauer

Computational Electromagnetics and Model-Based Inversion

Harold A Sabbagh, R. Kim Murphy, Elias H. Sabbagh, John C. Aldrin, Jeremy S Knopp

An Introduction to the Evolution of Single and Binary Stars

Matthew Benacquista

Modelling and Controlling Hydropower Plants

German Ardul Munoz-Hernandez, Sa'ad Petrous Mansoor, Dewi Ieuan Jones

Pollution Under Environmental Regulation in Energy Markets

Francesco Gullì

Pulling G

Erik Seedhouse

Cold War Space Sleuths

Dominic Phelan

The Science of Solar System Ices

Murthy S. Gudipati, Julie Castillo-Rogez

Laboratory Experiments in Physics for Modern Astronomy

Leslie Golden

Astrophysics of the Interstellar Medium

Walter J. Maciel

Moon Bound

Colin Burgess

Quantum Plasmadynamics

Donald Melrose

Unravelling the Mystery of the Atomic Nucleus

Bernard Fernandez, Georges Ripka

Plasma Astrophysics, Part II

Boris V. Somov

Materials and Reliability Handbook for Semiconductor Optical and Electron Devices

Osamu Ueda, Stephen J. Pearton

Intracellular Signaling Mediators in the Circulatory and Ventilatory Systems

Marc Thiriet

Micro and Nano Flow Systems for Bioanalysis

Michael W. Collins, Carola S. Koenig

An Introduction to Waves and Oscillations in the Sun

A. Satya Narayanan

Classic Telescopes

Neil English

Manned Spaceflight Log II—2006–2012

David J. Shayler, Michael D. Shayler

Modeling Ships and Space Craft

Gina Hagler

How Einstein Created Relativity out of Physics and Astronomy

David Topper

Telescopes and Techniques

C. R. Kitchin

Cobalt Blues

Peter R. Almond

Optical Methods and Instrumentation in Brain Imaging and Therapy

Steen J. Madsen

China in Space

Brian Harvey

Constructal Law and the Unifying Principle of Design

Luiz A.O. Rocha, Sylvie Lorente, Adrian Bejan

Towards Understanding the Climate of Venus

Lennart Bengtsson, Roger-Maurice Bonnet, David Grinspoon, Symeon Koumoutsaris, Sebastien Lebonnois, Dmitri Titov

Thermodynamics of Crystalline States

Minoru Fujimoto

Turbulence and Self-Organization

Mikhail Ya Marov, Aleksander V. Kolesnichenko

Scientific Astrophotography

Gerald R. Hubbell

Handbook of Coherent-Domain Optical Methods

Valery V. Tuchin

The Early Evolution of the Atmospheres of Terrestrial Planets

J.M. Trigo-Rodriguez, François Raulin, Christian Muller, Conor Nixon

The Stones and the Stars

Duncan Lunan

The Story of Helium and the Birth of Astrophysics

Biman B. Nath

Physics of Ultra-Cold Matter

J.T. Mendonça, Hugo Terças

The Soyuz Launch Vehicle

Christian Lardier, Stefan Barensky


Alexander Ollongren


Erik Seedhouse

Le Verrier—Magnificent and Detestable Astronomer

James Lequeux

Making Starships and Stargates

James F. Woodward

Earth System Monitoring

John Orcutt

Three Dimensional Solar Cells Based on Optical Confinement Geometries

Yuan Li

Geoengineering Responses to Climate Change

Tim Lenton, Naomi Vaughan

Cosmic Electrodynamics

Gregory D. Fleishman, Igor N. Toptygin

Tissue Functioning and Remodeling in the Circulatory and Ventilatory Systems

Marc Thiriet

Fundamental Tests of Physics with Optically Trapped Microspheres

Tongcang Li

Physics of Collisionless Shocks

André Balogh, Rudolf A. Treumann

The Theoretical Foundations of Quantum Mechanics

Belal E. Baaquie

Quantum Walks and Search Algorithms

Renato Portugal

Cross-Calibration of Far UV Spectra of Solar System Objects and the Heliosphere

Eric Quémerais, Martin Snow, Roger-Maurice Bonnet

The Fundamentals of Atomic and Molecular Physics

Robert L Brooks

China’s Strategy in Space

Stacey Solomone

Space Debris and Other Threats from Outer Space

Joseph N. Pelton

Evaluating Measurement Accuracy

Semyon G. Rabinovich

Principles of Musical Acoustics

William M. Hartmann

Twenty-Five Astronomical Observations That Changed the World

Michael Marett-Crosby

The Moon's Near Side Megabasin and Far Side Bulge

Charles Byrne

Visual Lunar and Planetary Astronomy

Paul G. Abel

Weird Worlds

David A. J. Seargent

Medical Imaging Technology

Mark A Haidekker

Introduction to the Theory of Quantum Information Processing

János A. Bergou, Mark Hillery

Predicting the Future

Henry Abarbanel

Hear Where We Are

Michael Stocker

The Great Refractor of Meudon Observatory

Audouin Dollfus

The Formation and Evolution of M33 as Revealed by Its Star Clusters

Izaskun San Roman

Arnold Sommerfeld

Michael Eckert

Alien Seas

Michael Carroll, Rosaly Lopes

Observer’s Guide to Star Clusters

Mike Inglis

The Constellation Observing Atlas

Grant Privett, Kevin Jones

Nanomaterials Imaging Techniques, Surface Studies, and Applications

Olena Fesenko, Leonid Yatsenko, Mikhaylo Brodin

Biophysics of the Failing Heart

R. John Solaro, Jil C. Tardiff

Choosing and Using Astronomical Eyepieces

William Paolini

Constant-Scale Natural Boundary Mapping to Reveal Global and Cosmic Processes

Pamela Elizabeth Clark, Chuck Clark

Measuring the Angular Momentum of Supermassive Black Holes

Laura Brenneman

Observing Photons in Space

Martin C. E. Huber, Anuschka Pauluhn, J. Len Culhane, J. Gethyn Timothy, Klaus Wilhelm, Alex Zehnder

Cosmic Dawn

George Rhee

Lecture Notes on Newtonian Mechanics

Ilya L. Shapiro, Guilherme de Berredo-Peixoto

Lessons from the Masters

Robert Gendler

Metrology for Fire Experiments in Outdoor Conditions

Xavier Silvani

Statistics and Analysis of Scientific Data

Massimiliano Bonamente

Transport Properties of Molecular Junctions

Natalya A. Zimbovskaya

Observing the Sun

Jamey L. Jenkins

Under a Crimson Sun

David S. Stevenson

Introduction to Thin Film Transistors

S.D. Brotherton

Ultrafast Nonlinear Optics

Robert Thomson, Christopher Leburn, Derryck Reid

Laser-Plasma Interactions and Applications

Paul McKenna, David Neely, Robert Bingham, Dino Jaroszynski

Exciting Interdisciplinary Physics

Walter Greiner

Towards Solid-State Quantum Repeaters

Kristiaan De Greve

Temporal Patterns of Communication in Social Networks

Giovanna Miritello

Macroscopic Models for Vehicular Flows and Crowd Dynamics: Theory and Applications

Massimiliano Daniele Rosini

Black Objects in Supergravity

Stefano Bellucci

Analogue Gravity Phenomenology

Daniele Faccio, Francesco Belgiorno, Sergio Cacciatori, Vittorio Gorini, Stefano Liberati, Ugo Moschella

Non-linear Data Analysis on the Sphere

Gregor Rossmanith

Inorganic Nanoarchitectures by Organic Self-Assembly

Stefan Guldin

Stochastic Processes

Wolfgang Paul, Jörg Baschnagel

Optical Absorption Spectra Calculated Using Linear-Scaling Density-Functional Theory

Laura Ratcliff

Ultrathin Metal Transparent Electrodes for the Optoelectronics Industry

Dhriti Sundar Ghosh

Proceedings of the European Conference on Complex Systems 2012

Thomas Gilbert, Markus Kirkilionis, Gregoire Nicolis

Computational Physics

Philipp O.J. Scherer

The Janus Fluid

Riccardo Fantoni

Kinetic Simulations of Ion Transport in Fusion Devices

Andrés Bustos Molina

Theory of the Nuclear Magnetic 1/T1 Relaxation Rate in Conventional and Unconventional Magnets

Andrew Smerald

Ultra-Short Pulsed Laser Engineered Metal-Glass Nanocomposites

Andrei Stalmashonak, Gerhard Seifert, Amin Abdolvand

Factors Governing Tin Whisker Growth

Erika R Crandall

Relativity for Everyone

Kurt Fischer

Optically Active Charge Traps and Chemical Defects in Semiconducting Nanocrystals Probed by Pulsed Optically Detected Magnetic Resonance

Kipp van Schooten

Theoretical Femtosecond Physics

Frank Grossmann

It Came From Outer Space Wearing an RAF Blazer!

Martin Mobberley

Radiative Processes in High Energy Astrophysics

Gabriele Ghisellini

Charge Multiplicity Asymmetry Correlation Study Searching for Local Parity Violation at RHIC for STAR Collaboration

Quan Wang

Beam Diagnostics in Superconducting Accelerating Cavities

Pei Zhang

Radio Link Quality Estimation in Low-Power Wireless Networks

Nouha Baccour, Anis Koubâa, Claro Noda, Hossein Fotouhi, Mário Alves, Habib Youssef, Marco Antonio Zúñiga, Carlo Alberto Boano, Kay Römer, Daniele Puccinelli, Thiemo Voigt, Luca Mottola

Topological Microfluidics

Anupam Sengupta

Ion Correlations at Electrified Soft Matter Interfaces

Nouamane Laanait

Search for the Standard Model Higgs Boson in the H → ZZ → l + l - qq Decay Channel at CMS

Francesco Pandolfi

Wave Propagation in Nanostructures

Srinivasan Gopalakrishnan, Saggam Narendar

Special Relativity

Valerio Faraoni

Mathematical Physics

Sadri Hassani

Asymptotic Safety and Black Holes

Kevin Falls

Extensions to the No-Core Shell Model

Michael Karl Gerhard Kruse

Theory of Nonlinear Propagation of High Harmonics Generated in a Gaseous Medium

Cheng Jin

Toward Quantum FinFET

Weihua Han, Zhiming M. Wang

Convergence of Knowledge, Technology and Society

Mihail C. Roco, William S. Bainbridge, Bruce Tonn, George Whitesides

GaP Heteroepitaxy on Si(100)

Henning Döscher

Magnetism and Synchrotron Radiation: Towards the Fourth Generation Light Sources

Eric Beaurepaire, Hervé Bulou, Loic Joly, Fabrice Scheurer

Handbook of Engineering Acoustics

Gerhard Müller, Michael Möser

Simulating Social Complexity

Bruce Edmonds, Ruth Meyer

Flavor Physics at the Tevatron

Thomas Kuhr

Membrane Biophysics

Mohammad Ashrafuzzaman, Jack Tuszynski

Optical Absorption of Impurities and Defects in Semiconducting Crystals

Bernard Pajot, Bernard Clerjaud

Principles of Physics

Hafez A . Radi, John O Rasmussen

Quantum Entanglement in Electron Optics

N. Chandra


Rainer Michalzik

The Augmented Spherical Wave Method

Volker Eyert

UV-VIS and Photoluminescence Spectroscopy for Nanomaterials Characterization

Challa Kumar

Laser-Assisted Fabrication of Materials

Jyotsna Dutta Majumdar, Indranil Manna

Celestial Messengers

Mario Bertolotti

Biomedical Optical Imaging Technologies

Rongguang Liang

Low Dimensional Semiconductor Structures

Hilmi Ünlü, Norman J. M. Horing

Isotopes in Condensed Matter

Vladimir G. Plekhanov

Point-of-Care Diagnostics on a Chip

David Issadore, Robert M. Westervelt

Basic Concepts of String Theory

Ralph Blumenhagen, Dieter Lüst, Stefan Theisen

Terahertz Spectroscopy and Imaging

Kai-Erik Peiponen, Axel Zeitler, Makoto Kuwata-Gonokami

Stellar Pulsations

J.C. Suárez, R. Garrido, L. A. Balona, J. Christensen-Dalsgaard

Towards Practical Brain-Computer Interfaces

Brendan Z. Allison, Stephen Dunne, Robert Leeb, José Del R. Millán, Anton Nijholt

Transmission Electron Microscopy and Diffractometry of Materials

Brent Fultz, James Howe

Semiconductor Lasers

Junji Ohtsubo

Space-Time Reference Systems

Michael Soffel, Ralf Langhans

Protection of Materials and Structures From the Space Environment

Jacob Kleiman, Masahito Tagawa, Yugo Kimoto


Sergej O. Demokritov, Andrei N. Slavin

Optical Communication over Plastic Optical Fibers

Mohamed Atef, Horst Zimmermann

The Environments of the Sun and the Stars

Jean-Pierre Rozelot, Coralie Neiner

Quantum Physics Without Quantum Philosophy

Detlef Dürr, Sheldon Goldstein, Nino Zanghì

Optical Properties of 3d-Ions in Crystals: Spectroscopy and Crystal Field Analysis

Nicolae M. Avram, Mikhail G. Brik

Energy Level Alignment and Electron Transport Through Metal/Organic Contacts

Enrique Abad

Theory of Bilayer Graphene Spectroscopy

Marcin Mucha-Kruczyński

High Energy Astrophysics

Thierry J.-L. Courvoisier

Quantum Physics: The Bottom-Up Approach

Dirk Dubbers, Hans-Jürgen Stöckmann

Handbook of Nano-Optics and Nanophotonics

Motoichi Ohtsu

Acoustic Metamaterials and Phononic Crystals

Pierre A. Deymier

Quantum Physics in the Nanoworld

Hans Lüth

Effective Electron Mass in Low-Dimensional Semiconductors

Sitangshu Bhattacharya, Kamakhya Prasad Ghatak

Dissipative Solitons in Reaction Diffusion Systems

Andreas W. Liehr

Supersymmetric Gravity and Black Holes

Stefano Bellucci

Complex Human Dynamics

Andrzej Nowak, Katarzyna Winkowska-Nowak, David Brée

Carl Størmer

Alv Egeland, William J. Burke

WKB Approximation in Atomic Physics

Boris Mikhailovich Karnakov, Vladimir Pavlovich Krainov

Photoinduced Modifications of the Nonlinear Optical Response in Liquid Crystalline Azopolymers

Raquel Alicante

Magnetic Nanostructures

Hartmut Zabel, Michael Farle

Origin and Evolution of Planetary Atmospheres

Helmut Lammer

Solar and Stellar Dynamos

Paul Charbonneau

Introduction to Polarization Physics

Sandibek B. Nurushev, Mikhail F. Runtso, Mikhail N. Strikhanov

Mössbauer Spectroscopy

Yutaka Yoshida, Guido Langouche

The First Galaxies

Tommy Wiklind, Bahram Mobasher, Volker Bromm

Nuclear Rocket Engine Reactor

Anatoly Lanin

Traffic Flow Dynamics

Martin Treiber, Arne Kesting

Photoemission Spectroscopy on High Temperature Superconductor

Wentao Zhang

Amorphous Nanophotonics

Carsten Rockstuhl, Toralf Scharf


Sun Kwok

Complexity Perspectives on Language, Communication and Society

Àngels Massip-Bonet, Albert Bastardas-Boada

Multi-Photon Quantum Information Science and Technology in Integrated Optics

Jonathan C.F. Matthews

Understanding Viscoelasticity

Nhan Phan-Thien

Tides in Astronomy and Astrophysics

Jean Souchay, Stéphane Mathis, Tadashi Tokieda

Epitaxy of Semiconductors

Udo W. Pohl

Quantum Gravity and Quantum Cosmology

Gianluca Calcagni, Lefteris Papantonopoulos, George Siopsis, Nikos Tsamis

Quantum Ising Phases and Transitions in Transverse Ising Models

Sei Suzuki, Jun-ichi Inoue, Bikas K. Chakrabarti

Photon Physics at the LHC

Michael Hance

Statistical Approach to Quantum Field Theory

Andreas Wipf

Dynamical Stabilization of the Fermi Scale

Francesco Sannino

Consensus and Synchronization in Complex Networks

Ljupco Kocarev

Studying Stellar Rotation and Convection

Mariejo Goupil, Kévin Belkacem, Coralie Neiner, Francois Lignières, John J. Green

Modern Theory of Magnetism in Metals and Alloys

Yoshiro Kakehashi

Decoding Complexity

James B. Glattfelder

Principles of Bioenergetics

Vladimir P. Skulachev, Alexander V. Bogachev, Felix O. Kasparinsky

Optical Properties of Advanced Materials

Yoshinobu Aoyagi, Kotaro Kajikawa

Mechanics of Advanced Functional Materials

Biao Wang

From Atom Optics to Quantum Simulation

Sebastian Will

Statics and Dynamics of Weakly Coupled Antiferromagnetic Spin-1/2 Ladders in a Magnetic Field

Pierre Bouillot

Small Organic Molecules on Surfaces

Helmut Sitter, Claudia Draxl, Michael Ramsey

Fractional Derivatives for Physicists and Engineers

Vladimir V. Uchaikin

Chaos and Complex Systems

Stavros G. Stavrinides, Santo Banerjee, Suleyman Hikmet Caglar, Mehmet Ozer

Applications of Chaos and Nonlinear Dynamics in Science and Engineering - Vol. 3

Santo Banerjee, Lamberto Rondoni

Without Bounds: A Scientific Canvas of Nonlinearity and Complex Dynamics

Ramon G. Rubio, Yuri S. Ryazantsev, Victor M Starov, Guo-Xiang Huang, Alexander P Chetverikov, Paolo Arena, Alex A. Nepomnyashchy, Alberto Ferrus, Eugene G. Morozov

Polarization Bremsstrahlung on Atoms, Plasmas, Nanostructures and Solids

Valeriy Astapenko

Advanced Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology

P. K. Giri, D. K. Goswami, A. Perumal

Bubble Dynamics and Shock Waves

Can F. Delale

Detection of Trapped Antihydrogen

Richard Hydomako

Quantum Physics

Florian Scheck

The Vitreous State

Ivan S. Gutzow, Jürn W.P. Schmelzer

BiLBIQ: A Biologically Inspired Robot with Walking and Rolling Locomotion

Ralf Simon King

Nanostructured Materials for Magnetoelectronics

Bekir Aktaş, Faik Mikailzade

Stochastic Cooling of Particle Beams

Dieter Möhl

Electromigration Techniques

Boguslaw Buszewski, Ewelina Dziubakiewicz, Michal Szumski

Progress in Ultrafast Intense Laser Science

Kaoru Yamanouchi, Katsumi Midorikawa

Advanced Statistical Methods for Astrophysical Probes of Cosmology

Marisa Cristina March

Transition-Metal Defects in Silicon

Michael Steger

Nonequilibrium Green's Functions Approach to Inhomogeneous Systems

Karsten Balzer, Michael Bonitz

Strongly Correlated Systems

Adolfo Avella, Ferdinando Mancini

Micromechanisms of Friction and Wear

Dmitrij Lyubimov, Kirill Dolgopolov, Leonid Pinchuk

Transport Phenomena in Strongly Correlated Fermi Liquids

Hiroshi Kontani

Cosmic Rays in Star-Forming Environments

Diego F. Torres, Olaf Reimer

A First Course in Topos Quantum Theory

Cecilia Flori

Progress in Nanophotonics 2

Motoichi Ohtsu

Making Waves

M Goss

Einstein in Matrix Form

Günter Ludyk

Resonance Effects of Excitons and Electrons

Ion Geru, Dieter Suter

Essential Astrophysics

Kenneth R. Lang

Interaction of Ultrashort Electromagnetic Pulses with Matter

Valeriy Astapenko

Astrobiology, History, and Society

Douglas A. Vakoch

Superconductivity: Discoveries and Discoverers

Kristian Fossheim

The Language Phenomenon

P.-M. Binder, K. Smith

Astrophysics at Very High Energies

Felix Aharonian, Lars Bergström, Charles Dermer

Electroweak Processes in External Active Media

Alexander Kuznetsov, Nickolay Mikheev

Renormalization Group and Fixed Points

Timothy J Hollowood

4D Modeling and Estimation of Respiratory Motion for Radiation Therapy

Jan Ehrhardt, Cristian Lorenz

Temporal Networks

Petter Holme, Jari Saramäki

Equilibrium Thermodynamics

Mário J. Oliveira

Complex and Adaptive Dynamical Systems

Claudius Gros

Co-evolution of Intelligent Socio-technical Systems

Evangelia Mitleton-Kelly

Spin Fluctuation Theory of Itinerant Electron Magnetism

Yoshinori Takahashi

Organic Solid-State Lasers

Sébastien Forget, Sébastien Chénais

Special Relativity in General Frames

Éric Gourgoulhon

Strongly Interacting Matter in Magnetic Fields

Dmitri Kharzeev, Karl Landsteiner, Andreas Schmitt, Ho-Ung Yee

IEEE 802.15.4 and ZigBee as Enabling Technologies for Low-Power Wireless Systems with Quality-of-Service Constraints

Stefano Tennina, Anis Koubâa, Roberta Daidone, Mário Alves, Petr Jurčík, Ricardo Severino, Marco Tiloca, Jan-Hinrich Hauer, Nuno Pereira, Gianluca Dini, Mélanie Bouroche, Eduardo Tovar

HPHT-Treated Diamonds

Inga A. Dobrinets, Victor. G. Vins, Alexander M. Zaitsev

Protein-Nanoparticle Interactions

Masoud Rahman, Sophie Laurent, Nancy Tawil, L'Hocine Yahia, Morteza Mahmoudi

Physics of Quantum Fluids

Alberto Bramati, Michele Modugno

Attosecond Physics

Luis Plaja, Ricardo Torres, Amelle Zaïr

New Trends in Atomic and Molecular Physics

Man Mohan

Scattering Theory

Harald Friedrich

Laura Bassi and Science in 18th Century Europe

Monique Frize

Tools of Radio Astronomy

Thomas L. Wilson, Kristen Rohlfs, Susanne Hüttemeister

Perfect/Complete Scattering Experiments

Hans Kleinpoppen, Bernd Lohmann, Alexei N. Grum-Grzhimailo

Laser Technology in Biomimetics

Volker Schmidt, Maria Regina Belegratis

Ultimate Horizons

Helmut Satz

Magnetic Resonance Imaging with Nonlinear Gradient Fields

Gerrit Schultz

All-Optical Noninvasive Delayed Feedback Control of Semiconductor Lasers

Sylvia Schikora

The Nonlinear World

Yoshitsugu Oono

Dirac Spectra in Dense QCD

Takuya Kanazawa

Thermodynamics of Information Processing in Small Systems

Takahiro Sagawa

Probing the Early Universe with the CMB Scalar, Vector and Tensor Bispectrum

Maresuke Shiraishi

The Black Hole-Neutron Star Binary Merger in Full General Relativity

Koutarou Kyutoku

Suzaku Studies of White Dwarf Stars and the Galactic X-ray Background Emission

Takayuki Yuasa

Interacting Boson Model from Energy Density Functionals

Kosuke Nomura

Non-Universal Superconducting Gap Structure in Iron-Pnictides Revealed by Magnetic Penetration Depth Measurements

Kenichiro Hashimoto

Spectroscopic Study on Charge-Spin-Orbital Coupled Phenomena in Mott-Transition Oxides

Masaki Uchida

A Bayesian Analysis of QCD Sum Rules

Philipp Gubler

Anomalous and Topological Hall Effects in Itinerant Magnets

Yuki Shiomi

Hidden Order and Exotic Superconductivity in the Heavy-Fermion Compound URu2Si2

Ryuji Okazaki

Lunar Domes

Raffaello Lena, Christian Wöhler, Jim Phillips, Maria Teresa Chiocchetta

Theory of Gravitational Interactions

Maurizio Gasperini

Problemi di meccanica quantistica non relativistica

Carlo Alabiso, Alessandro Chiesa

Le costellazioni al binocolo

Bojan Kambič

Stamping Through Astronomy

Renato Dicati

Dai buchi neri all’adroterapia

Catalina Oana Curceanu

A Scenario for Interstellar Exploration and Its Financing

Giovanni F. Bignami, Andrea Sommariva

Fenomeni radioattivi

Giorgio Bendiscioli

Liquid Crystalline Semiconductors

Richard J. Bushby, Stephen M. Kelly, Mary O'Neill

Nucleation Theory

V.I. Kalikmanov

Thin Films and Coatings in Biology

Soroush Nazarpour

Solar History

Claudio Vita-Finzi

Computational Fluid and Particle Dynamics in the Human Respiratory System

Jiyuan Tu, Kiao Inthavong, Goodarz Ahmadi

ICAME 2011

Yutaka Yoshida

Automatic trend estimation

C˘alin Vamos¸, Maria Cr˘aciun

Biophysics and Structure to Counter Threats and Challenges

Joseph D. Puglisi, Manolia V. Margaris

Grain Boundaries

Louisette Priester

New Materials for Thermoelectric Applications: Theory and Experiment

Veljko Zlatic, Alex Hewson

Recent Advances in Broadband Dielectric Spectroscopy

Yuri P. Kalmykov

Teleparallel Gravity

Ruben Aldrovandi, José Geraldo Pereira

Nano-Optics for Enhancing Light-Matter Interactions on a Molecular Scale

Baldassare Di Bartolo, John Collins

Flow and Combustion in Advanced Gas Turbine Combustors

Johannes Janicka, Amsini Sadiki, Michael Schäfer, Christof Heeger

Differential Geometry and Mathematical Physics

Gerd Rudolph, Matthias Schmidt

Gravity, a Geometrical Course

Pietro Giuseppe Frè

General Relativity

Norbert Straumann

Gravity, a Geometrical Course

Pietro Giuseppe Frè

Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics in Multiphase Flows

Roberto Mauri

Quantum Mechanics: Genesis and Achievements

Alexander Komech

Rational Reconstructions of Modern Physics

Peter Mittelstaedt

Planets, Stars and Stellar Systems

Terry D. Oswalt, Linda M. French, Paul Kalas

Planets, Stars and Stellar Systems

Terry D. Oswalt, William C. Keel

Planets, Stars and Stellar Systems

Terry D. Oswalt, Gerard Gilmore

Planets, Stars and Stellar Systems

Terry D. Oswalt, Martin A. Barstow

Planets, Stars and Stellar Systems

Terry D. Oswalt, Howard E. Bond

Planets, Stars and Stellar Systems

Terry D. Oswalt, Ian S. McLean

Statistical Physics of Nanoparticles in the Gas Phase

Klavs Hansen

III-Nitride Based Light Emitting Diodes and Applications

Tae-Yeon Seong, Jung Han, Hiroshi Amano, Hadis Morkoc

Formation of the Solar System

V.I. Ferronsky, S.V. Ferronsky

Nonlinear Optical Properties of Materials

Rashid A. Ganeev

A Superintense Laser-Plasma Interaction Theory Primer

Andrea Macchi

Photo-Excited Charge Collection Spectroscopy

Seongil Im, Youn-Gyoung Chang, Jae Hoon Kim

Melt Rheology and its Applications in the Plastics Industry

John M. Dealy, Jian Wang

Low-Dimensional Functional Materials

Reinhold Egger, Davron Matrasulov, Khamdam Rakhimov

Electrifying Atmospheres: Charging, Ionisation and Lightning in the Solar System and Beyond

Karen L. Aplin

Numerical Methods for Metamaterial Design

Kenneth Diest

Modern trends in Superconductivity and Superfluidity

M. Yu. Kagan

Advanced Sensors for Safety and Security

Ashok Vaseashta, Surik Khudaverdyan

Sources and Detection of Dark Matter and Dark Energy in the Universe

David Cline

The 3rd International Workshop on Intelligent Data Analysis and Management

Lorna Uden, Leon S.L. Wang, Tzung-Pei Hong, Hsin-Chang Yang, I-Hsien Ting

Thirty Years of Astronomical Discovery with UKIRT

Andy Adamson, John Davies, Ian Robson

Optical Precursors

JF Chen, Heejeong Jeong, MMT Loy, Shengwang Du

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