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Green Corrosion Inhibitors: Theory and Practice


Exploring Quantum Physics through Hands-on Projects


Rotating Thermal Flows in Natural and Industrial Processes


Plasma Medicine


A Course in Theoretical Physics


Vibrations and Waves


Statistical Physics - An Entropic Approach


Statistical Approach in Wall Turbulence


Doing Physics with Scientific Notebook - A Problem-solving Approach


An Introduction to Synchrotron Radiation - Techniques and Applications


Environmental Physics 3e - Sustainable Energy and Climate Change


Thermally and Optically Stimulated Luminescence - A Simulation Approach


Hydromechanics - Theory and Fundamentals


Charge and Energy Transfer Dynamics in Molecular Systems 3e


Advanced Optical Flow Cytometry - Methods and Disease Diagnoses


Separable Boundary-Value Problems in Physics


Physics at the Terascale


Quantum Teleportation and Entanglement - A Hybrid Approach to Optical Quantum Information Processing


Industrial Ion Sources - Broadbeam Gridless Ion Source Technology


The Method of Normal Forms 2e


Flow and Transport in Porous Media and Fractured Rock 2e - From Classical Methods to Modern Approaches


Fundamentals of Ionized Gases 2e - Basic Topics in Plasma Physics


High Temperature Plasmas - Theory and Mathematical Tools for Laser and Fusion Plasmas


Biohybrid Systems - Nerves, Interfaces, and Machines


The Topology of Chaos - Alice in Stretch and Squeezeland 2e


Electron and Proton Kinetics and Dynamics in Flaring Atmospheres


Quantum Control of Molecular Processes 2e


Imaging Gaseous Detectors and their Applications


Nanophysics of Solar and Renewable Energy


Strahlen und Gesundheit - Nutzen und Risiken


Elementary Particle Physics Volume 2 - Foundationsof the Standard Model


Surfen in die Digitale Zukunft


Data Analysis in High Energy Physics - A Practical Guide to Statistical Methods


Distribution Theory - With Applications in Engineering and Physics


Synergetic Agents - From Multi-Robot Systems to Molecular Robotics


Förderatlas Deutschland 2012 - Kennzahlen zur öffentlich finanzierten Forschung in Deutschland


Physics for Radiation Protection 3e


Fusion Plasma Physics 2e


Nonequilibrium Statistical Physics


Atomistic Computer Simulations - A Practical Guide


Funding Atlas 2012 - Key Indicators for Publicity Funded Research in Germany

Deutsche Forsch

Optically Stimulated Luminescence - Fundamentalsand Applications


Physics of Self-Organization and Evolution


Statistical Methods in Radiation Physics


Fiber Lasers


Nonequilibrium Statistical Physics of Small Systems - Fluctuation Relations and Beyond


Elsevier E-Books


E-Book titles


Radiation Mechanics

Esam M A Hussein


Charles P. Poole, Horacio A. Farach, Richard J. Creswick, Ruslan Prozorov

Scattering, Natural Surfaces, and Fractals

Giorgio Franceschetti, Daniele Riccio

Modern Astrodynamics

Pini Gurfil

Light Scattering by Particles in Water: Theoretical and Experimental Foundations

Miroslaw Jonasz / Georges Fournier

Conceptual Foundations of Materials

Steven Louie, Marvin Cohen

Metallic Chains / Chains of Metals

Michael Springborg, Yi Dong

Thin Film Micro-Optics

Ruediger Grunwald

Tip Enhancement

Satoshi Kawata, Vladimir M. Shalaev

The Langevin and Generalised Langevin Approach to the Dynamics of Atomic, Polymeric and Colloidal Systems

Ian Snook

Ultrarelativistic Heavy-Ion Collisions

Ramona L. Vogt

Nonlinear Dynamics of Rotating Shallow Water: Methods and Advances

Vladimir Zeitlin

Radioactivity: Introduction and History

Michael F. L'Annunziata

Elementary Methods of Molecular Quantum Mechanics

Valerio Magnasco

Physics of Life

Clas Blomberg

Nanophotonics with Surface Plasmons

Vladimir M. Shalaev, Satoshi Kawata

Physical Techniques in the Study of Art, Archaeology and Cultural Heritage

Dudley Cecil Creagh, David Bradley

Stochastic Processes in Physics and Chemistry

N.G. Van Kampen

Complex Systems

Jean-Philippe Bouchaud, Marc Mézard, Jean Dalibard

Particle Physics and Cosmology: the Fabric of Spacetime

Francis Bernardeau, Christophe Grojean, Jean Dalibard

Stability of Dynamical Systems

Xiaoxin Liao, L.Q. Wang, P. Yu

The Structure and Interpretation of the Standard Model

Gordon McCabe


Leticia Cugliandolo

String Theory and the Real World: From particle physics to astrophysics

Leticia Cugliandolo

Nonlinear Optics

Robert W. Boyd

Fundamentals of Nuclear Reactor Physics

Elmer E Lewis

Passive Optical Networks

Cedric F. Lam

Structured Light and Its Applications

David L. Andrews

Optical Fiber Telecommunications V A

Ivan P. Kaminow, Tingye Li, Alan E. Willner

Optical Fiber Telecommunications V B

Ivan P. Kaminow, Tingye Li, Alan E. Willner

Handbook of Fiber Optic Data Communication

Casimer DeCusatis

Applications of Nonlinear Fiber Optics

Govind Agrawal


Takeo Fujiwara, Yasushi Ishii

Heavy-Fermion Systems

Prasanta Misra

Metallic Multilayers and their Applications

Gayanath Fernando, Prasanta Misra

Collisional Effects on Molecular Spectra

Jean-Michel Hartmann, Christian Boulet, Daniel Robert

The Synchronized Dynamics of Complex Systems

Stefano Boccaletti, Albert C.J. Luo, George Zaslavsky

The World of Nano-Biomechanics

Atsushi Ikai

Fundamentals of Fluid-Solid Interactions

Xiaodong (Sheldon) Wang

Designer Surfaces

Alexei A. Maradudin, Eugenio R. Méndez, Tamara A. Leskova

Quantum Mechanics of Non-Hamiltonian and Dissipative Systems

Vasily Tarasov

Symmetry, Structure, and Spacetime

Dean Rickles

The Ontology of Spacetime II

Dennis Dieks

Carbon Nanotubes: Quantum Cylinders of Graphene

Susumo Saito, Alex Zettl


M. Tsubota, W.P. Halperin

Radiometric Temperature Measurements: I. Fundamentals

Benjamin K. Tsai, Zhuomin Zhang, Graham Machin

Metallic Nanoparticles

John Blackman


Eckart Hasselbrink, Bengt I. Lundqvist

Radar Imaging of the Ocean Waves

Mikhail B. Kanevsky

Plasma Scattering of Electromagnetic Radiation

Sheffield, John

Radiometric Temperature Measurements

Lectures on Dynamics of Stochastic Systems

Klyatskin, Valery

Spacecraft Formation Flying

Alfriend, Kyle

Intermolecular and Surface Forces

Israelachvili, Jacob

Classical and Quantum Information

Marinescu, Dan

The Common Extremalities in Biology and Physics

Moroz, Adam

Computed Radiation Imaging

Hussein, Esam

Stochastic Transport in Complex Systems

Schadschneider, Andreas

Superconductivity in New Materials


McCracken, Garry

Quantum Theory of Anharmonic Effects in Molecules

Kazakov, Konstantin

How the Great Scientists Reasoned

Tibbetts, Gary

Magnetic Positioning Equations

Esh, Mordechay

Liquid Glass Transition

Kitamura, Toyoyuki

Dimensionless Physical Quantities in Science and Engineering

Kuneš, Josef

Advanced Functional Materials

Quantum Mechanics with Applications to Nanotechnology and Information Science

Band, Yehuda

Ultracold Bosonic and Fermionic Gases

Levin, Kathy

Single-Photon Generation and Detection

Space Groups for Solid State Scientists

Glazer, Michael

Thin Film Solar Cells From Abundant Materials

Kodigala, Subba

Pattern Formations

Kinoshita, Shuichi

Neutron Scattering

Fundamentals of Magnetism

Reis, Mario

Neutron and X-ray Optics

Cremer, Jr., Jay Theodore

Fun in Fusion Research

Sheffield, John

Luminescence Process of Optically Active Ions in Solids

Mishra, Kailash

High Resolution NMR Spectroscopy: Understanding Molecules and their Electronic Structures

Metal Surface Electron Physics

A. Kiejna / K.F. Wojciechowski

Long Wave Polar Modes in Semiconductor Heterostructures

C. Trallero-Giner / R. Pérez-Alvarez / F. García-Moliner

Space Remote Sensing of Subtropical Oceans (SRSSO)

ChoTeng Liu

Magnetospheric Research with Advanced Techniques

R.L. Xu, A.T.Y. Lui

Contemporary Optical Image Processing With MATLAB

Ting-Chung Poon / Partha P. Banerjee

Space Weather Study Using Multipoint Techniques

L.H. Lyu

Multi-Wavelength Observations of Coronal Structure and Dynamics

P. Martens, D. Cauffman

Solar-Terrestrial Magnetic Activity and Space Environment

H. Wang

Dust in the Solar System and Other Planetary Systems

S.F. Green, I. Williams, T. McDonnell, N. McBride

Variational and Extremum Principles in Macroscopic Systems

Stanislaw Sieniutycz/Henrik Farkas

Frontiers in Magnetospheric Plasma Physics

Masahiro Hoshino, Yoshiharu Omura, Louis Lanzerotti

Recent Advances in Multidisciplinary Applied Physics

Antonio Mendez-Vilas

The Science of the Cold Fusion Phenomenon

Hideo Kozima

Advances in Magnetic and Optical Resonance, Volume 19

Warren Warren

Advances in Magnetic and Optical Resonance, Volume 20

Warren Warren

Fourier Transform Spectrometry

Sumner Davis / Mark Abrams / James Brault

Atom Interferometry

Paul Berman

Group Theory in Physics

John F. Cornwell

Modern Cosmology

Scott Dodelson

Acoustic and Electromagnetic Scattering Analysis Using Discrete Sources

Adrian Doicu / Yuri Eremin / Thomas Wriedt

Statistical Mechanics of Driven Diffusive Systems

B. Schmittmann, R.K.P Zia, C. Domb, J.L. Lebowitz

Phase Transitions and Critical Phenomena, Volume 18

C. Domb, J.L. Lebowitz

Phase Transitions and Critical Phenomena, Volume 19

C. Domb, J.L. Lebowitz

Cumulative Author, Title and Subject Index, Including Table of Contents Volumes 1-19

C. Domb, J.L. Lebowitz

Relativistic Atomic Collisions

Jorg Eichler / Walter E. Meyerhof

Symmetries in Quantum Physics

Ugo Fano / A.R.P. Rau


Paul Filippi / Aime Bergassoli / Dominique Habault / Jean Lefebvre

Understanding Molecular Simulation

Daan Frenkel, Berend Smit

Solid State Physics

Giuseppe Grosso/Giuseppe Parravicini

Principles of Electron Optics

Peter W. Hawkes, E. Kasper

Handbook of Vacuum Science and Technology

Dorothy Hoffman / Bawa Singh / David M. Saranoff / John Thomas, III

Classical Methods

Immanuel Estermann

Electronic Methods

E. Bleuler, R.O. Haxby

Molecular Physics

Dudley Williams

Atomic and Electron Physics

Vernon W. Hughes, Howard L. Schultz

Nuclear Physics

Luke C.L. Yuan, Chien-Shiung Wu

Solid State Physics: Preparation, Structure, Mechanical and Thermal Properties

K. Lark-Horovitz, Vivian A. Johnson

Atomic and Electron Physics Atomic Interactions

Benjamin Bederson, Wade L. Fite

Problems and Solutions for Students

L. Marton, W.F. Hornyak

Plasma Physics

Hans R. Griem, Ralph H. Lovberg

Physical Principles of Far-Infrared Radiation

L.C. Robinson

Solid State Physics

R.V. Coleman

Astrophysics Optical and Infrared

N. Carleton


Dudley Williams

Vacuum Physics and Technology

G.L. Weissler, R.W. Carlson

Quantum Electronics

C.L. Tang

Polymers Molecular Structure and Dynamics

R.A. Fava

Nuclear Physics

Luke C.L. Yuan, Chien-Shiung Wu

Solid State Physics: Electrical, Magnetic, and Optical Properties

K. Lark-Horovitz, Vivian A. Johnson

Atomic and Electron Physics Atomic Interactions

Benjamin Bederson, Wade L. Fite

Plasma Physics

Ralph H. Lovberg, Hans R. Griem

Astrophysics Radio Telescopes

M.L. Meeks

Astrophysics Radio Observations

M.L. Meeks


Dudley Williams

Quantum Electronics

C.L. Tang

Fluid Dynamics

R.J. Emrich

Polymers Crystal Structure and Morphology

R.A. Fava

Polymers Physical Properties

R.A. Fava

Atomic Physics Accelerators

Patrick Richard

Fluid Dynamics

R.J. Emrich


Peter D. Edmonds


Gerald Ehrenstein, Harold Lecar

Solid State: Nuclear Methods

J.N. Mundy, S.J. Rothman, M.J. Fluss, L.C. Smedskjaer

Solid State Physics: Surfaces

Robert L. Park, Max G. Lagally

Neutron Scattering

Kurt Skold, David L. Price

Geophysics Laboratory Measurements

Charles G. Sammis, Thomas L. Henyey

Geophysics Field Measurements

Charles G. Sammis, Thomas L. Henyey

Neutron Scattering

Kurt Skold, David L. Price

Neutron Scattering

David L. Price, Kurt Skold

Geometrical and Instrumental Optics

Daniel Malacara

Physical Optics and Light Measurements

Daniel Malacara

Scanning Tunneling Microscopy

Joseph A. Stroscio, William J. Kaiser

Statistical Methods for Physical Science

John L. Stanford, Stephen B. Vardeman

Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics: Charged Particles

F.B. Dunning, Randall G. Hulet

Laser Ablation and Desorption

John C. Miller, Richard F. Haglund

Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics: Atoms and Molecules

F.B. Dunning, Randall G. Hulet

Vacuum Ultraviolet Spectroscopy I

J.A.R. Samson, D.L. Ederer

Vacuum Ultraviolet Spectroscopy II

J.A.R. Samson, D.L. Ederer

Cumulative Author Index and Tables of Contents

Robert Celotta, Thomas Lucatorto

Cumulative Subject Index

Methods in the Physics of Porous Media

Po-zen Wong

Magnetic Imaging and Its Applications to Materials

Marc De Graef, Yimei Zhu

Characterization of Amorphous and Crystalline Rough Surface: Principles and Applications

Yiping Zhao, Gwo-Ching Wang, Toh-Ming Lu

Advances in Surface Science

Hari Singh Naiwa

Modern Acoustical Techniques for the Measurennent of Mechanical Properties

Moises Levy, Henry E. Bass, Richard Stern

Cavity-Enhanced Spectroscopies

Roger D. van Zee, J. Patrick Looney

Optical Radiometry

Albert C. Parr, Raju U. Datla, James L. Gardner

Reference for Modern Instrumentation, Techniques, and Technology: Ultrasonic Instruments and Devices I

R. Thurston, Allan Pierce, Emmanuel Papadakis

Cumulative Subject and Author Index, Including Tables of Contents Volumes 1–23

R. Thurston, Allan Pierce

Reference for Modern Instrumentation, Techniques, and Technology: Ultrasonic Instruments and Devices II

R. Thurston, Allan Pierce, Emmanuel Papadakis

Handbook of Superconductivity

Charles Poole / Horacio Farach / Richard Creswick


E. Pike / Pierre Sabatier

Electricity, Magnetism, and Light

Wayne M. Saslow

Introduction to Wave Scattering, Localization, and Mesoscopic Phenomena

Ping Sheng

Quantum Coherence Correlation and Decoherence in Semiconductor Nanostructures

Toshihide Takagahara

Microsatellites as Research Tools

F.B. Hsiao

Quantum Dots

T. Chakraborty

Generalized Multipole Techniques for Electromagnetic and Light Scattering

Thomas Wriedt

Frontiers in Dusty Plasmas

Nakamura, Y./ Yokota, T. / Shukla, P.K.

Radiation in Art and Archeometry

D.C. Creagh/D.A. Bradley

Hadron and Nuclear Physics with Electromagnetic Probes

K. Maruyama / H. Okuno

Optically Stimulated Luminescence Dosimetry

L. Boetter-Jensen/S.W.S. McKeever/A.G. Wintle

Cosmic Rays at Earth

P.K.F. Grieder

Advances in Crystal Growth Research

Sato, K/Furukawa, Y./Nakajima, K.

The Outer Heliosphere: The Next Frontiers

E. Marsch, H. Fichtner, H.J. Fahr, K. Scherer

Nano-Physics Bio-Electronics: A New Odyssey

T. Chakraborty/F. Peeters/U. Sivan

Neutron Scattering from Magnetic Materials

Tapan Chatterji

The Science of Color

S.K. Shevell

Assessment of Safety and Risk with a Microscopic Model of Detonation

C.-O. Leiber

Crystal Growth - From Fundamentals to Technology

Georg Müller / Jean-Jacques Métois / Peter Rudolph

Hydrodynamic Fluctuations in Fluids and Fluid Mixtures

Jose Ortiz de Zarate/Jan Sengers

Generalized Boltzmann Physical Kinetics

Boris Alexeev

Unifying Concepts in Granular Media and Glasses

Antonio Coniglio/Annalisa Fierro/Hans Herrmann/Mario Nicodemi

Polaritons in Periodic and Quasiperiodic Structures

Eudenilson Albuquerque/Michael Cottam

Microdosimetric Response of Physical and Biological Systems to Low- and High-LET Radiations

Yigal Horowitz


Doug L. Mills, J.A.C. Bland

Statistics of Linear Polymers in Disordered Media

Bikas Chakrabarti

Quantum Entanglement and Information Processing

Daniel Estève, Jean-Michel Raimond, Jean Dalibard

Methods and Models in Neurophysics

Carson Chow, Boris Gutkin, David Hansel, Claude Meunier, Jean Dalibard

Dynamics of Stochastic Systems

Valery Klyatskin

Stochastic Equations through the Eye of the Physicist

Valery Klyatskin

Linear Ray and Wave Optics in Phase Space

Amalia Torre

Progress in Low Temperature Physics, Volume 15

Bill Halperin

Carbon Based Magnetism

Tatiana Makarova/Fernando Palacio

Lectures on Ion-Atom Collisions

Jörg Eichler

Nanophysics: Coherence and Transport

Hélène Bouchiat, Yuval Gefen, Sophie Guéron, Gilles Montambaux, Jean Dalibard

Multiple Aspects of DNA and RNA: from Biophysics to Bioinformatics

Didier Chatenay, Simona Cocco, Remi Monasson, Denis Thieffry, Jean Dalibard

Physical Techniques in the Study of Art, Archaeology and Cultural Heritage, Volume 1

David Bradley, Dudley Creagh

Biology, Sociology, Geology by Computational Physicists

Dietrich Stauffer, Suzana Moss de Oliveira, Paulo de Oliveira, Jorge de Sá Martins

Fractal Dimensions for Poincare Recurrences

Valentin Afraimovich, Edgardo Ugalde, Jesus Urias

Bifurcation and Chaos in Complex Systems

Stochastic Dynamics and Control

Jian-Qiao Sun

Singularity and Dynamics on Discontinuous Vector Fields

Albert Luo

The Ontology of Spacetime

Dennis Dieks

Mathematical Statistical Physics

Anton Bovier, François Dunlop, Aernout Van Enter, Frank Den Hollander, Jean Dalibard

Particle Physics beyond the Standard Model

Dmitri Kazakov, Stéphane Lavignac, Jean Dalibard

Progress in Low Temperature Physics Volume 1

C.J. Gorter

Progress in Low Temperature Physics Volume 2

C.J. Gorter

Progress in Low Temperature Physics Volume 3

C.J. Gorter

Progress in Low Temperature Physics Volume 4

C.J. Gorter

Progress in Low Temperature Physics Volume 5

C.J. Gorter

Thermal Stresses IV

Richard B. Hetnarski

Diffraction Physics

J.M. Cowley

Progress in Low Temperature Physics, Volume 14

W.P. Halperin

Thermophysical Properties of Materials

G. Grimvall

Time in Contemporary Intellectual Thought

P.J.N. Baert

Progress in Low Temperature Physics Volume 7

D.F. Brewer

Progress in Low Temperature Physics Volume 7

D.F. Brewer

Progress in Low Temperature Physics Volume 8

D.F. Brewer

Progress in Low Temperature Physics Volume 9

D.F. Brewer

Progress in Low Temperature Physics Volume 10

D.F. Brewer

Progress in Low Temperature Physics Volume 11

D.F. Brewer

Progress in Low Temperature Physics Volume 12

D.F. Brewer

Physical Structure

W.N. Unertl

Progress in Low Temperature Physics Volume 13

D.F. Brewer

Electronic Structure

K. Horn, M. Scheffler

History of Conseil Europeen Pour La Recherche Nucleaire

J. Krige

Color for Science, Art and Technology

K. Nassau

Progress in Low Temperature Physics Volume 6

C.J. Gorter

Elements of Statistical Mechanics

D. ter Haar

Statistical Mechanics

R K Pathria

Taylor and Francis E-Books

Encyclopaedia of Medical Physics

Tabakov, Slavik

PACS and Digital Medicine: Essential Principles and Modern Practice

Liu, Yu

Adaptive Radiation Therapy

Li, X. Allen

Proton Therapy Physics

Paganetti, Harald

Image-Guided Radiation Therapy

Bourland, Ph.D, J. Daniel

Extra-Solar Planets: The Detection, Formation, Evolution and Dynamics of Planetary Systems

Steves, Bonnie

Understanding Quantum Phase Transitions

Carr, Lincoln

Exploring Fundamental Particles

Wolfenstein, Lincoln

Neutrino Physics, Second Edition

Zuber, Kai

Handbook for Highly Charged Ion Spectroscopic Research

Zou, Yaming

Advanced Particle Physics Volume II: The Standard Model and Beyond

Boyarkin, Oleg

Advanced Particle Physics Volume I: Particles, Fields, and Quantum Electrodynamics

Boyarkin, Oleg

The Astronomy Revolution: 400 Years of Exploring the Cosmos

York, Donald G.

GravItational Lensing of Quasars

Eigenbrod, Alexander

Black Holes, Wormholes and Time Machines, Second Edition

Al-Khalili, Jim

Spectroscopy: New Uses and Implications

Williams, Roy H.

Self-Field Theory: A New Mathematical Description of Physics

Fleming, Tony

LHC Physics

Binoth, T.

Waves and Oscillations in Plasmas

Pécseli, Hans L.

Optical Tweezers: Methods and Applications

Padgett, Miles J.

Handbook of Physics in Medicine and Biology

Splinter, Robert

Quality and Safety in Radiotherapy

Pawlicki, Todd

Handbook of Photonics for Biomedical Science

Tuchin, Valery V.

Cancer Systems Biology

Wang, Edwin

Nuclear Medicine Physics

De Lima, Joao Jose

Stem Cell Labeling for Delivery and Tracking Using Noninvasive Imaging

Kraitchman, Dara L.

Quantitative MRI in Cancer

Yankeelov, Thomas E.

Adaptive Motion Compensation in Radiotherapy

Murphy, Martin J.

Informatics in Medical Imaging

Kagadis, George C.

Red Blood Cell Aggregation

Baskurt, Oguz

Correction Techniques in Emission Tomography

Dawood, Mohammad

Proton and Carbon Ion Therapy

Ma, C-M Charlie

MRI: Essentials for Innovative Technologies

Placidi, Giuseppe

Monte Carlo Calculations in Nuclear Medicine, Second Edition: Applications in Diagnostic Imaging

Ljungberg, Michael

Targeted Molecular Imaging

Welch, Michael J.

Comprehensive Brachytherapy: Physical and Clinical Aspects

Venselaar, Jack

Medical Imaging: Principles and Practices

Analoui, Mostafa

Medical Infrared Imaging: Principles and Practices

Diakides, Mary

Physics of Mammographic Imaging

Markey, Mia K.

Emerging Imaging Technologies in Medicine

Anastasio, Mark A.

The Functional Fold: Amyloid Structures in Nature

Jarvis, Suzi

Linear and Chiral Dichroism in the Electron Microscope

Schattschneider, Peter

Physics of Thermal Therapy: Fundamentals and Clinical Applications

Moros, Eduardo

Image Processing in Radiation Therapy

Brock, Kristy K.

Molecular Modeling Basics

Jensen, Jan H.

Chiral Recognition in the Gas Phase

Zehnacker, Anne

Accurate Condensed-Phase Quantum Chemistry

Manby, Fred

Introduction to Proteins: Structure, Function, and Motion

Kessel, Amit

Charged Particle and Photon Interactions with Matter: Recent Advances, Applications, and Interfaces

Hatano, Yoshihiko

Metallic Systems: A Quantum Chemist's Perspective

Allison, Thomas C.

Low-Energy Electron Scattering from Molecules, Biomolecules and Surfaces

Carsky, Petr

Thermostable Proteins: Structural Stability and Design

Sen, Srikanta

Industrial Applications of Molecular Simulations

Meunier, Marc

Scientific Research as a Career

MacRitchie, Finlay

Spectroscopic Techniques and Hindered Molecular Motion

Bashirov, Ferid

Nonthermal Plasma Chemistry and Physics

Meichsner, Jurgen

Chemical Physics: Electrons and Excitations

Larsson, Sven

Hydrogen Storage Technology: Materials and Applications

Klebanoff, Lennie

Plasma Discharge in Liquid: Water Treatment and Applications

Yang, Yong

Photoelectrochemical Solar Conversion Systems: Molecular and Electronic Aspects

Muñoz, Andrés G.

Basics of Quantum Electrodynamics

Merches, Ioan

Mass Spectrometry for the Novice

Greaves, John

Physics of Coal and Mining Processes

Alexeev, Anatoly D.

The Fukushima 2011 Disaster

Eisler, Ronald

Essentials of Forensic Imaging: A Text-Atlas

Levy, Angela D.

Bulk Metallic Glasses

Suryanarayana, C.

Handbook of Spintronic Semiconductors

Chen, Weimin

100 Years of Superconductivity

Rogalla, Horst

Biomechatronics in Medicine and Healthcare

Kaiyu, Raymond Tong

High-Pressure Physics

Loveday, John

Fundamentals of Laser Micromachining

Schaeffer, Ronald

Organic Light Emitting Diodes: The Use of Rare Earth and Transition Metals

Pereira, Luiz F. R.

Advances in Thin-Film Solar Cells

Dharmadasa, I M

Multiscale Cancer Modeling

Deisboeck, Thomas S.

Goedel's Way: Exploits into an undecidable world

Chaitin, Gregory

Mathematical and Numerical Modeling in Porous Media: Applications in Geosciences

Diaz Viera, Martin A.

The Geometry of Special Relativity

Dray, Tevian

Weakly Connected Nonlinear Systems: Boundedness and Stability of Motion

Martynyuk, Anatoly

Green Nanotechnology: Solutions for Sustainability and Energy in the Built Environment

Smith, Geoffrey B.

Fullerene Nanowhiskers

Miyazawa, Kun'ichi

Laser Ablation in Liquids: Principles and Applications in the Preparation of Nanomaterials

Yang, Guowei

From Small Fullerenes to Superlattices: Science and Applications

Melinon, Patrice

Applied Bohmian Mechanics: From Nanoscale Systems to Cosmology

Pladevall, Xavier Oriols

Calcium Orthophosphates: Applications in Nature, Biology, and Medicine

Dorozhkin, Sergey V.

Mass Transport of Nanocarriers

Serda, Rita Elena

Computational Methods in Plasma Physics

Jardin, Stephen

Advances in Machine Learning and Data Mining for Astronomy

Way, Michael J.

Polymer Translocation

Muthukumar, M.

Advanced Bayesian Methods for Medical Test Accuracy

Broemeling, Lyle D.

A Level of Martin-Lof Randomness

Tice, Bradley S.

Cell Mechanics: From Single Scale-Based Models to Multiscale Modeling

Chauvière, Arnaud

Computational Hydrodynamics of Capsules and Biological Cells

Pozrikidis, Constantine

Life at the Nanoscale: Atomic Force Microscopy of Live Cells

Dufrene, Yves

Methods for Studying Nucleic Acid/Drug Interactions

Wanunu, Meni

Vibrational Spectroscopy for Tissue Analysis

Rehman, Ihtesham ur

Dynamic Force Spectroscopy and Biomolecular Recognition

Bizzarri, Anna Rita

Fundamentals and Applications in Aerosol Spectroscopy

Signorell, Ruth

Hume-Rothery Rules for Structurally Complex Alloy Phases

Mizutani, Uichiro

Equilibrium Molecular Structures: From Spectroscopy to Quantum Chemistry

Demaison, Jean

Chemistry of Discotic Liquid Crystals: From Monomers to Polymers

Kumar, Sandeep

Aromaticity and Metal Clusters

Chattaraj, Pratim Kumar

Techniques in Inorganic Chemistry

Fackler, Jr., John P.

Dynamical Tunneling: Theory and Experiment

Keshavamurthy, Srihari

Linearly Polarized IR Spectroscopy: Theory and Applications for Structural Analysis

Ivanova, Bojidarka

Tellurite Glasses Handbook: Physical Properties and Data, Second Edition

El-Mallawany, Raouf A.H.

Solid-State NMR in Materials Science: Principles and Applications

Bakhmutov, Vladimir I.

Techniques in High Pressure Neutron Scattering

Klotz, Stefan

Molecular Modeling for the Design of Novel Performance Chemicals and Materials

Rai, Beena

Handbook of Zinc Oxide and Related Materials: Volume One, Materials

Feng, Zhe Chuan

Superconductivity Revisited

Dougherty, Ralph

Iron-based Superconductors: Materials, Properties and Mechanisms

Wang, Nan Lin

Quantum Trajectories

Chattaraj, Pratim Kumar

Multiscale Modeling: From Atoms to Devices

Derosa, Pedro

Fullerenes: Nanochemistry, Nanomagnetism, Nanomedicine, Nanophotonics

Sheka, Elena

Molecular Manipulation with Atomic Force Microscopy

Duwez, Anne-Sophie

Chirality in Biological Nanospaces: Reactions in Active Sites

Nandi, Nilashis

Graphene: Synthesis and Applications

Choi, Wonbong

Handbook of Less-Common Nanostructures

Kharisov, Boris I.

Magnetic Nanoparticles: From Fabrication to Clinical Applications

Thanh, Nguyen TK

Hybridizing Surface Probe Microscopies: Toward a Full Description of the Meso- and Nanoworlds

Moreno-Flores, Susana

Nanostructures and Nanoconstructions based on DNA

Yevdokimov, Yuri M.

Radiopharmaceuticals: Introduction to Drug Evaluation and Dose Estimation

Williams, Ph.D., Lawerence E.

Iontronics: Ionic Carriers in Organic Electronic Materials and Devices

Leger, Janelle

Cross-Linked Liquid Crystalline Systems: From Rigid Polymer Networks to Elastomers

Broer, Dirk

Modern Well Design: Second Edition

Aadnoy, Bernt S.

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Advanced High Dynamic Range Imaging: Theory and Practice

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Wireless Body Area Networks: Technology, Implementation, and Applications

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Biomimetics in Photonics

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Lightwave Engineering

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A Concise Handbook of Mathematics, Physics, and Engineering Sciences

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A Student's Guide to the Study, Practice, and Tools of Modern Mathematics

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Handbook of Scientific Proposal Writing

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Geomathematically Oriented Potential Theory

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Lunar Settlements

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Hierarchic Electrodynamics and Free Electron Lasers: Concepts, Calculations, and Practical Applications

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Industrial Applications of Laser Diagnostics

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Handbook of Nanophysics: Nanotubes and Nanowires

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Handbook of Nanophysics: Nanoparticles and Quantum Dots

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Handbook of Nanophysics: Nanomedicine and Nanorobotics

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Handbook of Nanophysics: Nanoelectronics and Nanophotonics

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Handbook of Nanophysics: Functional Nanomaterials

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Handbook of Nanophysics: Clusters and Fullerenes

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New Generation of Europium- and Terbium-Activated Phosphors: From Syntheses to Applications

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Microelectronics to Nanoelectronics: Materials, Devices Manufacturability

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Advances in Nanodevices and Nanofabrication: Selected Publications from Symposium of Nanodevices and Nanofabrication in ICMAT2011

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Spike Timing: Mechanisms and Function

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Targeted Muscle Reinnervation

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Biosensors and Molecular Technologies for Cancer Diagnostics

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Commonly Asked Questions in Thermodynamics

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Chemical Thermodynamics and Information Theory with Applications

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Kinetics and Thermodynamics of Fast Particles in Solids

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Structural Sensing, Health Monitoring, and Performance Evaluation

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The MOCVD Challenge: A survey of GaInAsP-InP and GaInAsP-GaAs for photonic and electronic device applications, Second Edition

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Handbook of Spin Transport and Magnetism

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Semiconductor Device-Based Sensors for Gas, Chemical, and Biomedical Applications

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Handbook of Magnetic Measurements

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Intellectual Property in Academia: A Practical Guide for Scientists and Engineers

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Circuit Design Techniques for Non-Crystalline Semiconductors

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Compound Semiconductor Radiation Detectors

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Lattice Engineering: Technology and Applications

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Nanosensors: Physical, Chemical, and Biological

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Metal Oxide Nanostructures as Gas Sensing Devices

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Plasma Processing of Nanomaterials

Sankaran, R. Mohan

Optochemical Nanosensors

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Optical Properties of Photonic Structures: Interplay of Order and Disorder

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Handbook of Environmental Fluid Dynamics, Volume One: Overview and Fundamentals

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Handbook of Environmental Fluid Dynamics, Volume Two: Systems, Pollution, Modeling, and Measurements

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Quasilinear Hyperbolic Systems, Compressible Flows, and Waves

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Configurational Forces: Thermomechanics, Physics, Mathematics, and Numerics

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Computational Fluid Dynamics

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Infrared Detectors, Second Edition

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Handbook of Optofluidics

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Light Sources: Technologies and Applications

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Molded Optics: Design and Manufacture

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Signal Processing in Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy with Biomedical Applications

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Advanced Electroporation Techniques in Biology and Medicine

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Diffuse Optical Tomography: Principles and Applications

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Handbook of Biomedical Optics

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Practical Biomedical Signal Analysis Using MATLAB®

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Electromagnetic Fields in Biological Systems

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Microwave Propagation and Remote Sensing: Atmospheric Influences with Models and Applications

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Organic Spintronics

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Tutorials in Metamaterials

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Optical Techniques for Solid-State Materials Characterization

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Thin-Film Organic Photonics: Molecular Layer Deposition and Applications

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Nitride Phosphors and Solid-State Lighting

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Handbook of Luminescent Semiconductor Materials

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Fourier Modal Method and Its Applications in Computational Nanophotonics

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Nanocrystal Quantum Dots, Second Edition

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Silicon Photonics for Telecommunications and Biomedicine

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Broadband Optical Modulators: Science, Technology, and Applications

Chen, Antao

Cambridge E-Books



Mechanics of the Cell


Networks in Cell Biology

Buchanan et al

Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics


Modeling Materials


Advanced Condensed Matter Physics


Basic Aspects of the Quantum Theory of Solids


Magnetism and Magnetic Materials


Quantum Engineering


Quantum Transport


Transport in Nanostructures


Advanced Mechanics and General Relativity


An Illustrated Guide to Relativity


An Introduction to Relativity




Introduction to General Relativity


The Primordial Density Perturbation


Essentials of Hamiltonian Dynamics


Thermal Physics


A Student's Guide to Vectors and Tensors


Computational Nanoscience


Fluid Mechanics


Turbulence, Coherent Structures, Dynamical Systems and Symmetry

Holmes et al

Essential Quantum Optics


Introduction to Nanophotonics


Introduction to Nonlinear Optics


Mathematical Methods for Optical Physics and Engineering


Optical Physics


Relativistic Quantum Physics


Quantum Information, Computation and Communication


Quantum Mechanics


Quantum Mechanics with Basic Field Theory


Quantum Processes Systems, and Information


Advanced Topics in Quantum Field Theory


Mathematics for Physics


Stochastic Processes for Physicists


String Theory and Particle Physics



Freedman/Van Proeyen

Oxford E-Books

Crystals, X-rays and Proteins

Sherwood Cooper

Numerical Methods for Nonlinear Elliptic Differential Equations


Elements of Phase Transitions and Critical Phenomena

Nishimori Ortiz

Equations of Motion in General Relativity

Asada et al

Lectures on Light


Crystal Structure Refinement

Muller et al

Scientific Method and Cultural Heritage




Atomic Force Microscopy

Eaton, West

Macromolecular Crystallization and Crystal Perfection

Chayen, Helliwell et al

Lectures on Complex Networks


Photographic Science


Advanced Ferroelectricity


Theory of Molecular Fluids

Gray et al

Principles of Electron Tunneling Spectroscopy


Electron Crystallography

Zou et al

Introduction to Black Hole Physics

Frolov Zelnikov

Modern Perspectives in Lattice QCD: Quantum Field Theory and High Performance Computing

Lellouch et al (eds)

Nanocomposites with Biodegradable Polymers

Mittal (ed)

Viscoelastic Behavior of Rubbery Materials


The Quest for Reality


New Trends in the Physics and Mechanics of Biological Systems

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Cognitive Biology


Ultracold Gases and Quantum Information

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Dynamical Heterogeneities in Glasses, Colloids, and Granular Media

Berthier et al (eds)

Neutron Protein Crystallography

Niimura Podjarny

Many-Body Physics with Ultracold Gases

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Multifunctional Oxide Heterostructures

Tsymbal et al (eds)

Non-equilibrium Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics


Fractured Porous Media

Adler et al

Illustrating the Phenomena


Nicolas-Louis De La Caille, Astronomer and Geodesist


Simple Brownian Motion

Gillespie Seitaridou

The Long Road to Stockholm


The Conceptual Framework of Quantum Field Theory


Lie Groups and Lie Algebras


Quantum Theory from Small to Large Scales

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Fluid Mechanics and the SPH Method


Electronic Structure Methods for Complex Materials

Ching Rulis

Conductor Insulator Quantum Phase Transitions

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Fluctuating Nonlinear Oscillators


Luminescence Spectroscopy of Semiconductors

Pelant Valenta

Layered Superconductors: Volume I


Stellar Magnetism 2nd Edn


The Neutron's Children


Niels Bohr and the Quantum Atom


Quantum Gravity



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