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Significant Pharmaceuticals Reported in US Patents

Thomas F. DeRosa

Target Validation in Drug Discovery

Brian W. Metcalf, Susan Dillon

Handbook on the Toxicology of Metals

Gunnar Nordberg, Bruce A. Fowler, Monica Nordberg, Lars Friberg

Principles of Clinical Pharmacology

Arthur J. Atkinson, Jr., Darrell R. Abernethy, Charles E. Daniels, Robert Dedrick, Sanford P. Markey

Veterinary Toxicology

Ramesh C. Gupta

HPLC Method Development for Pharmaceuticals

Satinder Ahuja, Henrik Rasmussen

A Pharmacology Primer

Terry Kenakin

Naturally Occurring Bioactive Compounds

Mahendra Rai, Maria Carpinella

Histopathology of Preclinical Toxicity Studies

Peter Greaves

Advances in Molecular Toxicology, Volume 1

James C. Fishbein

Food Toxicants Analysis

Yolanda Picó

Cancer Drug Design and Discovery

Stephen Neidle

Drug-like Properties: Concepts, Structure Design and Methods

Edward Kerns, Li Di

Capillary Electrophoresis Methods for Pharmaceutical Analysis

Satinder Ahuja, Mohamedilias Jimidar

Primate Models of Children's Health and Developmental Disabilities

Thomas Burbacher, Kimberly Grant, Gene P. Sackett

The Practice of Medicinal Chemistry

Camille Georges Wermuth

The Triazine Herbicides

Homer M. LeBaron, Janis Mc Farland, Ph.D., Orvin Burnside, Ph.D.

Medicinal Chemistry of Anticancer Drugs

Carmen Avendano, J. Carlos Menendez

Advances in Molecular Toxicology

James C. Fishbein


Miles Hacker, William S. Messer, Kenneth A. Bachmann

Fundamentals of Toxicologic Pathology

Wanda M. Haschek, Matthew A. Wallig, Colin G. Rousseaux

Information Resources in Toxicology

Philip Wexler, P.J. Bert Hakkinen, Asish Mohapatra, Steven G. Gilbert

Animal and Translational Models for CNS Drug Discovery

Robert A. McArthur, Franco Borsini

Hayes Handbook of Pesticide Toxicology

Robert Krieger

Handbook of Toxicology of Chemical Warfare Agents

Ramesh C. Gupta

Developing Solid Oral Dosage Forms

Yihong Qiu, Lirong Liu, Geoff G.Z. Zhang, Yisheng Chen, William Porter

Advances in Molecular Toxicology

Handbook of Modern Pharmaceutical Analysis

Ahuja, Satinder

Global Clinical Trials

Chin, Richard

Reproductive and Developmental Toxicology

Gupta, Ramesh C.

Pharmacology in Drug Discovery

Kenakin, Terry

Challenges in Delivery of Therapeutic Genomics and Proteomics

Misra, Ambikanandan

“Venomous” Bites from Non-Venomous Snakes

Weinstein, Scott

Advances in Molecular Toxicology

Advances in Molecular Toxicology

Human Toxicology of Chemical Mixtures

Zeliger, Harold

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

Dasgupta, Amitava

Principles of Clinical Pharmacology

Atkinson, Jr., Arthur

Pesticide Biotransformation and Disposition

Hodgson, Ernest

Veterinary Toxicology

Gupta, Ramesh C.

Clinical Pharmacology During Pregnancy

Mattison, Donald

Adverse Effects of Engineered Nanomaterials

Fadeel, Bengt

A Comprehensive Guide to Toxicology in Preclinical Drug Development

Faqi, Ali S.

Clinical Trials

Brody, Tom

Lead Compounds from Medicinal Plants for the Treatment of Cancer

Wiart, Christophe

Global Clinical Trials Playbook

Bairu, Menghis

Nerve Agents Poisoning and its Treatment in Schematic Figures and Tables

Bajgar, Jiri

Histopathology of Preclinical Toxicity Studies

Greaves, Peter

Advances in Molecular Toxicology

James C. Fishbein

Drug-Induced Liver Disease

Kaplowitz, Neil

Biomarker Qualification

Goodsaid, Federico


Lam, Yui-Wing Francis

Pharmacy Law and Practice

Merrills, Jon

Current Approaches for the Preclinical Development of Novel Biologics, Biosimilars and Specialty Biologics

Plitnick, Lisa

Computational Toxicology

Fowler, Bruce

Genomic Biomarkers for Pharmaceutical Development

Yao, Yihong

Nonclinical Study Contracting and Monitoring

Salminen, Willie

Fighting Multidrug Resistance with Herbal Extracts, Essential Oils and their Components

Rai, Mahendra

Ligand Efficiency Indices for Drug Discovery

Abad-Zapatero, Celerino

Medicinal Plant Research in Africa

Kuete, Victor

PAKs, RAC/CDC42 (p21)-activated Kinases

Maruta, Hiroshi

Pharmaceutical Business Improvement Through Technology Alignment

Biswas, Kamal

Nanoparticles and the Immune System

Boraschi, Diana

Haschek and Rousseaux's Handbook of Toxicologic Pathology

Haschek, Wanda

Novel Psychoactive Substances

Dargan, Paul

Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Applications of Capillary Electrophoresis

Susan M. Lunte, Donna M. Radzik

Development and Validation of Analytical Methods

Christopher M. Riley, Thomas W. Rosanske

Advances in Drug Research, Volume 26

Bernard Testa, Urs Meyer

Antidiabetic Agents: Recent Advances in Their Molecular and Clinical Pharmacology

Bernard Testa, Urs Meyer

Advances in Drug Research, Volume 28

Bernard Testa, Urs Meyer

Advances in Drug Research, Volume 29

Bernard Testa, Urs Meyer

Advances in Drug Research, Volume 30

Bernard Testa, Urs Meyer

Advances in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Volume 7

David Ganderton, Trevor Jones, James McGinity

Chromatography and Separation Science

Satinder Ahuja

Handbook of Isolation and Characterization of Impurities in Pharmaceuticals

Satinder Ahuja, Karen Mills Alsante

Handbook of Bioseparations

Satinder Ahuja

Handbook of Modern Pharmaceutical Analysis

Satinder Ahuja, Stephen Scypinski

Toxicology of Organophosphate & Carbamate Compounds

Ramesh C. Gupta

Handbook of Pharmaceutical Analysis by HPLC

Satinder Ahuja, Michael Dong

Novel Anticancer Agents

Alex Adjei/John Buolamwini

Handbook of Isoelectric Focusing and Proteomics

David Garfin, Satinder Ahuja

In Vitro Methods in Pharmaceutical Research

Jose Castell/Maria Gmez-Lechn

Guidebook on Molecular Modeling in Drug Design

Nicholas Cohen

Genetic Algorithms in Molecular Modeling

James Devillers

Neural Networks in QSAR and Drug Design

James Devillers

Bisphosphonates in Bone Disease

Herbert Fleisch

Job$ in the Drug Indu$try

Richard Friary

Acute Toxicology Testing

Shayne Gad/Christopher Chengelis

Handbook of Toxicologic Pathology

Wanda Haschek

Handbook of Pesticide Toxicology

Robert Krieger

High Throughput Analysis for Early Drug Discovery

James Kyranos

Loomis's Essentials of Toxicology

Ted Loomis/A. Hayes


Hans Marquardt/Siegfried Schäfer/Roger O. McClellan/Frank Welsch

Obesity Management and Redux

Stylianos Nicolaidis

Bioseparations of Proteins

Ajit Sadana, Satinder Ahuja

Diuretic Agents

Donald W. Seldin/Gerhard H. Giebisch

The Practice of Medicinal Chemistry

Camille Wermuth

Information Resources in Toxicology

Philip Wexler/P.J. Hakkinen/Gerald Kennedy/Frederick Stoss

Designer Drugs Directory

K. Valter/P. Arrizabalaga/J-C. Landry

Receptor Chemistry Towards the Third Millennium

Ugo Gulini, Mario Gianelli, Wilma Quaglia, Gabriella Marrucci

Histopathology of Preclinical Toxicity Studies

P. Greaves

Trends in Drug Research III

Henk van der Goot

Ethnomedicine and Drug Discovery

M.M. Iwu, J. Wootton

High Throughput Bioanalytical Sample Preparation

David A. Wells

Principles and Methods of Immunotoxicology

J. Descotes

Lead Molecules from Natural Products

Mahmud Tareq Hassan Khan, Arjumand Ather

Identification and Quantification of Drugs, Metabolites and Metabolizing Enzymes by LCMS

Swapan K. Chowdhury

The Law and Ethics of the Pharmaceutical Industry

M.N.G. Dukes

Synthesis of Essential Drugs

Ruben Vardanyan/Victor Hruby

Pharmacy Law and Practice

Jon Merrills, Jonathan Fisher

Human Toxicology

Descotes, J.

The Chemistry and Pharmacology of Taxol and Its Derivatives

Vittorio Farina

Stable Isotopes in Pharmaceutical Research

Thomas R. Browne

Drugs and Human Lactation

A. Astrup-Jensen/C.J. Bates/E.J. Begg/S. Edwards/C. Lazarus/I. Matheson/P.J. Mountford/M.C. Neville/L.J. Notarianni/A. Prentiss/A. Rane/D. Reinhardt/C. Walsh/P.N. Bennett

Serotonin Receptors and their Ligands

B. Olivier, I. van Wijngaarden, W. Soudijn

Perspectives in Receptor Research

Dario Giardina, Alessandro Piergentili, Maria Pigini

A Manual of Adverse Drug Interactions

J.P. Griffin/P.F. D'Arcy

Trends in Drug Research II

Henk van der Goot

New Cosmetic Science

T. Mitsui

XIVth International Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry

F. Awouters

Identification and Determination of Impurities in Drugs

S. Görög

Medical Applications of Liposomes

D.D. Lasic/D. Papahadjopoulos

The Histamine H3 Receptor

Rob Leurs, Henk Timmerman

QSAR and Drug Design: New Developments and Applications

Toshio Fujita

Approaches to Design and Synthesis of Antiparasitic Drugs

Niya Anand

Advances in Medicinal Chemistry, Volume 4

B.E. Maryanoff, A.B. Reitz

Advances in Medicinal Chemistry, Volume 5

A.B. Reitz, S.L. Dax

Advances in Medicinal Chemistry, Volume 3

B.E. Maryanoff, C.A. Maryanoff

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