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Retroviruses and Insights into Cancer

Jaquelin Dudley

Chemical Communication in Crustaceans

Thomas Breithaupt, Martin Thiel

Adrenocortical Carcinoma

Gary D. Hammer, Tobias Else

Basic Confocal Microscopy

Robert L. Price, W. Gray (Jay) Jerome

Plants and Habitats of European Cities

Norbert Müller, John G. Kelcey

Plant Mitochondria

Frank Kempken

Routes to Cellulosic Ethanol

Marcos Silveira Buckeridge, Gustavo H Goldman

The Springer Index of Viruses

Christian Tidona, Gholamreza Darai

Rainfed Farming Systems

Philip Tow, Ian Cooper, Ian Partridge, Colin Birch

Biological Control of Plant-Parasitic Nematodes:

Keith Davies, Yitzhak Spiegel

The Auditory Cortex

Jeffery A. Winer, Christoph E. Schreiner

The Plant Cytoskeleton

Bo Liu

History of Vaccine Development

Stanley A. Plotkin

Primate Locomotion

Kristiaan D'Août, Evie E. Vereecke

Perception-Action Cycle

Vassilis Cutsuridis, Amir Hussain, John G. Taylor

Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics Quick Guide

Siamak Cyrus Khojasteh, Harvey Wong, Cornelis E.C.A. Hop

Crossroads between Innate and Adaptive Immunity III

Bali Pulendran, Peter D. Katsikis, Stephen P. Schoenberger

Molecular Genetics of Liver Neoplasia

Xin Wei Wang, Joe W. Grisham, Snorri S. Thorgeirsson

Biofilm Infections

Thomas Bjarnsholt, Peter Østrup Jensen, Claus Moser, Niels Høiby

Brain-Body-Mind in the Nebulous Cartesian System: A Holistic Approach by Oscillations

Erol Başar

Post-Translational Modifications in Health and Disease

Cecilio J. Vidal


David W. McCandless

Membrane Potential Imaging in the Nervous System

Marco Canepari, Dejan Zecevic

Advances in TNF Family Research

David Wallach, Andrew Kovalenko, Marc Feldmann

Essentials of Clinical Mycology

Carol A. Kauffman, Peter G. Pappas, Jack D. Sobel, William E. Dismukes

Pre-Invasive Disease: Pathogenesis and Clinical Management

Rebecca C. Fitzgerald


Mary Florentine, Arthur N Popper, Richard R. Fay

Cytoskeleton of the Nervous System

Ralph A. Nixon, Aidong Yuan

Mathematical Approaches to Polymer Sequence Analysis and Related Problems

Renato Bruni

Multiscale Approaches to Protein Modeling

Andrzej Kolinski


Bernhelm Booß-Bavnbek, Beate Klösgen, Jesper Larsen, Flemming Pociot, Erik Renström

Inhibitory Synaptic Plasticity

Melanie A. Woodin, Arianna Maffei

Biomphalaria Snails and Larval Trematodes

Rafael Toledo, Bernard Fried

Software Tools and Algorithms for Biological Systems

Hamid R. Arabnia, Quoc-Nam Tran

Folding for the Synapse

Andreas Wyttenbach, Vincent O'Connor

Auditory and Vestibular Efferents

David K. Ryugo, Richard R. Fay

Metagenomics of the Human Body

Karen E. Nelson

Neurochemical Mechanisms in Disease

John P. Blass

Genetics and Genomics of the Brassicaceae

Renate Schmidt, Ian Bancroft


Dwight Tomes, Prakash Lakshmanan, David Songstad

Hot Topics in Infection and Immunity in Children VII

Nigel Curtis, Adam Finn, Andrew J. Pollard

Vitamin D and Cancer

Donald L. Trump, Candace S. Johnson

Genomics, Proteomics, and the Nervous System

James D Clelland

Signaling Pathways in Squamous Cancer

Adam B. Glick, Carter Van Waes

Emerging Therapeutic Targets in Ovarian Cancer

Stan Kaye, Robert Brown, Hani Gabra, Martin Gore

Immunologic Signatures of Rejection

Francesco M. Marincola, Ena Wang

Atherosclerosis Disease Management

Jasjit S. Suri, Chirinjeev Kathuria, Filippo Molinari

Biophysical Chemistry of Proteins

Engelbert Buxbaum

MCR 2009

Maxim A. Mironov

Folding of Disulfide Proteins

Rowen J. Y. Chang, Salvador Ventura

The Biological Activity of Phytochemicals

David R. Gang

The Physical Basis of Biochemistry

Peter R. Bergethon, Kevin Hallock

Neurobiology of Actin

Gianluca Gallo, Lorene M. Lanier

Predictive Species and Habitat Modeling in Landscape Ecology

C. Ashton Drew, Yolanda F. Wiersma, Falk Huettmann

Primates of Gashaka

Volker Sommer, Caroline Ross


Albert Gjedde, William R. Bauer, Dean F. Wong

Clinical Trial Simulations

Holly H. C. Kimko, Carl C. Peck

Tallgrass Prairie Restoration in the Midwestern and Eastern United States

Harold W. Gardner

Safety Evaluation of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices

Shayne C. Gad

Plant Breeding for Water-Limited Environments

Abraham Blum

BeadChip Molecular Immunohematology

Paul M. Ness, Steve R. Sloan, JoAnn M. Moulds

Berries and Cancer Prevention

Navindra P. Seeram, Gary D. Stoner

Insertional Mutagenesis Strategies in Cancer Genetics

Adam J. Dupuy, David A. Largaespada

Mathematical Models and Immune Cell Biology

Carmen Molina-París, Grant Lythe

Oxygen Transport to Tissue XXXII

Joseph C. LaManna, Michelle A. Puchowicz, Kui Xu, David K Harrison, Duane F. Bruley

Evolutionary Bioinformatics

Donald R. Forsdyke


Anthony J. Hickey, Hugh D.C. Smyth

The Molecular Immunology of Complex Carbohydrates-3

Albert M. Wu

Pharmacokinetics in Drug Development

Peter L. Bonate, Danny R. Howard

Understanding the Dynamics of Biological Systems

Werner Dubitzky, Jennifer Southgate, Hendrik Fuß

Hormonal and Genetic Basis of Sexual Differentiation Disorders and Hot Topics in Endocrinology: Proceedings of the 2nd World Conference

Maria I. New, Joe Leigh Simpson

Biotransport: Principles and Applications

Robert J. Roselli, Kenneth R. Diller

Multi Modality State-of-the-Art Medical Image Segmentation and Registration Methodologies

Ayman S. El-Baz, Rajendra Acharya U, Majid Mirmehdi, Jasjit S. Suri

Multi Modality State-of-the-Art Medical Image Segmentation and Registration Methodologies

Ayman S. El-Baz, Rajendra Acharya U, Andrew F. Laine, Jasjit S. Suri

Epigenetic Contributions in Autoimmune Disease

Esteban Ballestar

The Beagle Brain in Stereotaxic Coordinates

Xavier Palazzi

Procedures to Investigate Foodborne Illness

International Association for Food Protection

Cysteine Proteases of Pathogenic Organisms

Mark W. Robinson, John P. Dalton

Targeted Drug Strategies for Cancer and Inflammation

Ann L. Jackman, Christopher P. Leamon

Hedgehog signaling activation in human cancer and its clinical implications

Jingwu Xie

New Agents for the Treatment of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

Vaskar Saha, Pamela Kearns

The Painted Stork

A. J. Urfi

Invariants of Behavior

Mario Negrello

Weighted Network Analysis

Steve Horvath

The Human Condition

Robert G. Bednarik

TH17 Cells in Health and Disease

Shuiping Jiang

Microbial Source Tracking: Methods, Applications, and Case Studies

Charles Hagedorn, Anicet R. Blanch, Valerie J. Harwood

Pharmacokinetic-Pharmacodynamic Modeling and Simulation

Peter L. Bonate


Francesco Chiappelli

Origins of Altruism and Cooperation

Robert W. Sussman, C. Robert Cloninger

Mast Cell Biology

Alasdair M. Gilfillan, Dean D. Metcalfe

Kainate Receptors

Antonio Rodríguez-Moreno, Talvinder S. Sihra

Sample Preparation of Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms

Beverly Nickerson

Neuroanatomy for the Neuroscientist

Stanley Jacobson, Elliott M. Marcus

Reviews in Fluorescence 2009

Chris D. Geddes

Controlled Pulmonary Drug Delivery

Hugh D.C. Smyth, Anthony J. Hickey

Analytical Techniques in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Rajan Katoch

A Scientific Approach to Scientific Writing

John Blackwell, Jan Martin

Environment and Breast Cancer

Jose Russo

The Science and Business of Drug Discovery

Edward D. Zanders

Drug Product Development for the Back of the Eye

Uday B. Kompella, Henry F. Edelhauser

Lipid Mediators and Their Metabolism in the Brain

Akhlaq A. Farooqui

Blood in Motion

Abraham Noordergraaf

Alcohol and Cancer

Samir Zakhari, Vasilis Vasiliou, Q. Max Guo

Contract Research and Development Organizations

Shayne C. Gad, Charles B. Spainhour

Meaningful Information

Anthony Reading

From Brains to Systems

Carlos Hernández, Ricardo Sanz, Jaime Gómez-Ramirez, Leslie S. Smith, Amir Hussain, Antonio Chella, Igor Aleksander

Sleep and Anesthesia

Axel Hutt

Personality and Temperament in Nonhuman Primates

Alexander Weiss, James E. King, Lindsay Murray

Hot Topics in Infection and Immunity in Children VIII

Nigel Curtis, Adam Finn, Andrew J. Pollard

RNA Infrastructure and Networks

Lesley J. Collins

The Nucleolus

Mark O. J. Olson

Old Growth Urban Forests

Robert E. Loeb

Sphingolipids and Metabolic Disease

L. Ashley Cowart

Controlled Release in Oral Drug Delivery

Clive G. Wilson, Patrick J. Crowley

Oxidative Stress and Free Radical Damage in Neurology

Natan Gadoth, Hans Hilmar Göbel

Studies on Renal Disorders

Toshio Miyata, Kai-Uwe Eckardt, Masaomi Nangaku

Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine

Krishnarao Appasani, Raghu K. Appasani

The Forensic Laboratory Handbook Procedures and Practice

Ashraf Mozayani, Carla Noziglia

Capillary Electrophoresis of Carbohydrates

Nicola Volpi

5-HT2C Receptors in the Pathophysiology of CNS Disease

Giuseppe Di Giovanni, Ennio Esposito, Vincenzo Di Matteo

Studies on Experimental Models

Samar Basu, Lars Wiklund

Translational Stem Cell Research

Kristina Hug, Göran Hermerén

Progenitor Cell Therapy for Neurological Injury

S. Charles

Experimental and Applied Immunotherapy

Jeffrey Medin, Daniel Fowler

The Opiate Receptors

Gavril W. Pasternak

Male Germline Stem Cells: Developmental and Regenerative Potential

Kyle E. Orwig, Brian P. Hermann

Forensic Podiatry

John A. DiMaggio, Wesley Vernon OBE

Adult Stem Cells

Donald G. Phinney

Regenerating the Heart

Ira S. Cohen, Glenn R. Gaudette

The Handbook of Neuroprotection

Kewal K. Jain

Studies on Veterinary Medicine

Lester Mandelker, Peter Vajdovich

Applications of Biotechnology in Cardiovascular Therapeutics

Kewal K. Jain

Cancer Stem Cells in Solid Tumors

Alison L. Allan

Clinical Forensic Medicine

Margaret M. Stark


Paul R. Laska

Adhesive Interactions in Normal and Transformed Cells

Yury A. Rovensky

Tissue Engineering in Regenerative Medicine

Harold S. Bernstein

Epigenetic Aspects of Chronic Diseases

Helmtrud I. Roach, Felix Bronner, Richard O.C. Oreffo

Clinical Trials in Rheumatology

Ruediger Mueller, Johannes Von Kempis

Mémento de la recherche biomédicale portant sur un médicament à usage humain

Laurence Culine, Emmanuelle Belda-Mathieu, Camille Berneur - Morisseau

Drugs for HER-2-positive Breast Cancer

Maria Sibilia, Christoph C. Zielinski, Rupert Bartsch, Thomas W. Grunt

Principles of Immunopharmacology

F.P. Nijkamp, Michael J. Parnham

Replicating Vaccines

Philip R. Dormitzer, Christian W. Mandl, Rino Rappuoli

Influenza Vaccines for the Future

Rino Rappuoli, Giuseppe Del Giudice

Signposts to Chiral Drugs

Vitomir Sunjic, Michael J. Parnham

The family Orchidaceae in the Serra do Japi, São Paulo State, Brazil

Emerson Ricardo Pansarin, Ludmila Mickeliunas Pansarin

Root Genomics

Antonio Costa de Oliveira, Rajeev K. Varshney

Reviews of Physiology, Biochemistry and Pharmacology 161

Susan G. Amara, Ernst Bamberg, Bernd K. Fleischmann, Thomas Gudermann, Reinhard Jahn, William J. Lederer, Roland Lill, Bernd Nilius, Stefan Offermanns

Drug Discovery and Evaluation: Methods in Clinical Pharmacology

Hans Gerhard Vogel, Jochen Maas, Alexander Gebauer

Tissue Engineering

Norbert Pallua, Christoph V. Suscheck

Modelling Complex Ecological Dynamics

Fred Jopp, Hauke Reuter, Broder Breckling

Industrial Applications

Martin Hofrichter

Atlas of Stem Anatomy in Herbs, Shrubs and Trees

Fritz H. Schweingruber, Annett Börner, Ernst-Detlef Schulze

Interdisciplinary Anthropology

Wolfgang Welsch, Wolf J. Singer, André Wunder

Progress in Botany 72

Ulrich E. Lüttge, Wolfram Beyschlag, Burkhard Büdel, Dennis Francis

Oxygen and the Evolution of Life

Heinz Decker, Kensal E. Holde

The Plant Plasma Membrane

Angus S. Murphy, Burkhard Schulz, Wendy Peer


Bertil B. Fredholm

Plant Growth and Health Promoting Bacteria

Dinesh K. Maheshwari

Phosphoinositide 3-kinase in Health and Disease

Christian Rommel, Bart Vanhaesebroeck, Peter K. Vogt

Experimental Plant Virology

Jishuang Chen

Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy

Glenn Dranoff

Soil Enzymology

Girish Shukla, Ajit Varma

Wild Crop Relatives: Genomic and Breeding Resources

Chittaranjan Kole

Wild Crop Relatives: Genomic and Breeding Resources

Chittaranjan Kole

Transporters and Pumps in Plant Signaling

Markus Geisler, Kees Venema

Wild Crop Relatives: Genomic and Breeding Resources

Chittaranjan Kole

Flowering Plants. Eudicots

Klaus Kubitzki

Developmental Biology of Peripheral Lymphoid Organs

Peter Balogh


Gloria Soberón-Chávez

Biocommunication in Soil Microorganisms

Günther Witzany

Drug Transporters

Martin F. Fromm, Richard B. Kim

Integrated Greenhouse Systems for Mild Climates

Christian von Zabeltitz

Biology of Earthworms

Ayten Karaca

Epigenetics and Human Reproduction

Sophie Rousseaux, Saadi Khochbin

Phosphoinositide 3-kinase in Health and Disease

Christian Rommel, Bart Vanhaesebroeck, Peter K. Vogt

Wild Crop Relatives: Genomic and Breeding Resources

Chittaranjan Kole

Evolutionary Theory and the Creation Controversy

Olivier Rieppel

Atlas of Woody Plants in China

Jingyun Fang, Zhiheng Wang, Zhiyao Tang

Behavioral Neurobiology of Eating Disorders

Roger A.H. Adan, Walter H. Kaye

Optical Fluorescence Microscopy

Alberto Diaspro

Diversity and Biotechnology of Ectomycorrhizae

Mahendra Rai, Ajit Varma

Phosphorus in Action

Else Bünemann, Astrid Oberson, Emmanuel Frossard

Coordination in Human and Primate Groups

Margarete Boos, Michaela Kolbe, Peter M. Kappeler, Thomas Ellwart

Culture and Neural Frames of Cognition and Communication

Shihui Han, Ernst Pöppel

Behavioral Neurobiology of Bipolar Disorder and its Treatment

Husseini K. Manji, Carlos A. Zarate Jr

NF-kB in Health and Disease

Michael Karin

Wild Crop Relatives: Genomic and Breeding Resources

Chittaranjan Kole

Pocket Guide to Biomolecular NMR

Michaeleen Doucleff, Mary Hatcher-Skeers, Nicole J. Crane

Honeybees of Asia

H. Randall Hepburn, Sarah E. Radloff

Urinary Tract

Karl-Erik Andersson, Martin C. Michel

Long Non-Coding RNAs

Durdica Ugarkovic

The Extracellular Matrix: an Overview

Robert P. Mecham

Two Faces of Evil: Cancer and Neurodegeneration

Thomas Curran, Yves Christen

Human Population

Richard P. Cincotta, Larry J. Gorenflo

Encyclopedia of Traditional Chinese Medicines - Molecular Structures, Pharmacological Activities, Natural Sources and Applications

Jiaju Zhou, Guirong Xie, Xinjian Yan

Encyclopedia of Traditional Chinese Medicines - Molecular Structures, Pharmacological Activities, Natural Sources and Applications

Jiaju Zhou, Guirong Xie, Xinjian Yan

Encyclopedia of Traditional Chinese Medicines - Molecular Structures, Pharmacological Activities, Natural Sources and Applications

Jiaju Zhou, Guirong Xie, Xinjian Yan

Encyclopedia of Traditional Chinese Medicines - Molecular Structures, Pharmacological Activities, Natural Sources and Applications

Jiaju Zhou, Guirong Xie, Xinjian Yan

Encyclopedia of Traditional Chinese Medicines - Molecular Structures, Pharmacological Activities, Natural Sources and Applications

Jiaju Zhou, Guirong Xie, Xinjian Yan

Encyclopedia of Traditional Chinese Medicines - Molecular Structures, Pharmacological Activities, Natural Sources and Applications

Jiaju Zhou, Guirong Xie, Xinjian Yan

Education for Animal Welfare

Edward N. Eadie

Glycans in Diseases and Therapeutics

Mauro S.G. Pavão

Extracellular Matrix Degradation

William C. Parks, Robert P. Mecham

Targeting Functional Centers of the Ribosome

Chen Davidovich

Chirality and Life

Rolf M. Flügel

Small-Molecule Inhibitors of Protein-Protein Interactions

Lyubomir Vassilev, David Fry

Diabetes - Perspectives in Drug Therapy

Mathias Schwanstecher

Brain, Behavior and Epigenetics

Arturas Petronis, Jonathan Mill

Heart Rate and Rhythm

Onkar N. Tripathi, Ursula Ravens, Michael C. Sanguinetti

Recent Advances in Entomological Research

Tongxian Liu, Le Kang

Phosphodiesterases as Drug Targets

Sharron H. Francis, Marco Conti, Miles D. Houslay

Non-Timber Forest Products in the Global Context

Sheona Shackleton, Charlie Shackleton, Patricia Shanley

Microalgae as a Feedstock for Biofuels

Luisa Gouveia

Characterizing Consciousness: From Cognition to the Clinic?

Stanislas Dehaene, Yves Christen

Physical Rehabilitation of Paralysed Facial Muscles: Functional and Morphological Correlates

Doychin N. Angelov

Metal Nanoparticles in Microbiology

Mahendra Rai, Nelson Duran

Bacteria in Agrobiology: Crop Ecosystems

Dinesh K. Maheshwari

Cell Cycle in Development

Jacek Z. Kubiak

Chemical Biology of the Tropics

Jorge M. Vivanco, Tiffany Weir

Mechanical Integration of Plant Cells and Plants

Przemyslaw Wojtaszek

Plant Desiccation Tolerance

Ulrich Lüttge, Erwin Beck, Dorothea Bartels

Clinical Neuroanatomy

Hans J. Donkelaar

The Welfare of Farmed Ratites

Phil Glatz, Christine Lunam, Irek Malecki

Recycling of Biomass Ashes

Heribert Insam, Brigitte A. Knapp

Nature Helps...

Heinz Mehlhorn

Non Coding RNAs in Plants

Volker A. Erdmann, Jan Barciszewski

Negative Co-Receptors and Ligands

Rafi Ahmed, Tasuku Honjo

Endospore-forming Soil Bacteria

Niall A. Logan, Paul Vos

Molecular and Functional Models in Neuropsychiatry

Jim J. Hagan

Bioaugmentation, Biostimulation and Biocontrol

Ajay Singh, Nagina Parmar, Ramesh C. Kuhad

Biofilm Highlights

Hans-Curt Flemming, Jost Wingender, Ulrich Szewzyk

Evolution of Fungi and Fungal-Like Organisms

Stefanie Pöggeler, Johannes Wöstemeyer

Silviculture in the Tropics

Sven Günter, Michael Weber, Bernd Stimm, Reinhard Mosandl

Biological Basis of Sex Differences in Psychopharmacology

Jo C. Neill, Jayashri Kulkarni

Vaccines against Allergies

Rudolf Valenta, Robert L. Coffman

Peatlands of the Western Guayana Highlands, Venezuela

Joseph Alfred Zinck, Otto Huber

Pediatric Clinical Pharmacology

Hannsjörg W. Seyberth, Anders Rane, Matthias Schwab

Halophiles and Hypersaline Environments

Antonio Ventosa, Aharon Oren, Yanhe Ma

Soil Health and Climate Change

Bhupinder Pal Singh, Annette L. Cowie, K. Yin Chan

Bacteria in Agrobiology: Plant Growth Responses

Dinesh K. Maheshwari

Bioengineering Aspects in the Design of Gas Exchangers

John N. Maina

Wild Crop Relatives: Genomic and Breeding Resources

Chittaranjan Kole

Wild Crop Relatives: Genomic and Breeding Resources

Chittaranjan Kole

Biology and Conservation of the European SturgeonAcipenser sturioL. 1758

Patrick Williot, Eric Rochard, Nathalie Desse-Berset, Frank Kirschbaum, Jörn Gessner

Evolutionary Biology – Concepts, Biodiversity, Macroevolution and Genome Evolution

Pierre Pontarotti

Is this Cell a Human Being?

Antoine Suarez, Joachim Huarte

Numerical Methods for the Life Scientist

Heino Prinz

Coding and Decoding of Calcium Signals in Plants

Sheng Luan


Min-Tze Liong

Bispecific Antibodies

Roland E. Kontermann

Biodiversity Hotspots

Frank E. Zachos, Jan Christian Habel

Bacteria in Agrobiology: Plant Nutrient Management

Dinesh K. Maheshwari


Allen W. Nicholson

Wild Crop Relatives: Genomic and Breeding Resources

Chittaranjan Kole

Wild Crop Relatives: Genomic and Breeding Resources

Chittaranjan Kole

Molecular Biomineralization

Werner E. G. Müller

Wild Crop Relatives: Genomic and Breeding Resources

Chittaranjan Kole

Diplomacy, Funding and Animal Welfare

Larry Winter Roeder

Biofilms and Veterinary Medicine

Steven Percival, Derek Knottenbelt, Christine Cochrane

Progress in Parasitology

Heinz Mehlhorn

Detoxification of Heavy Metals

Irena Sherameti, Ajit Varma

Biomechanics of the Gravid Human Uterus

Roustem N. Miftahof, Hong Gil Nam

Origins of Life: The Primal Self-Organization

Richard Egel, Dirk-Henner Lankenau, Armen Y. Mulkidjanian

Histone Deacetylases: the Biology and Clinical Implication

Tso-Pang Yao, Edward Seto

Beneficial Microorganisms in Multicellular Life Forms

Eugene Rosenberg, Uri Gophna

Multi-System Endocrine Disruption

Jean-Pierre Bourguignon, Bernard Jégou, Bernard Kerdelhué, Jorma Toppari, Yves Christen


Hugo D. Luján, Staffan Svärd


Marina V. Rodnina, Wolfgang Wintermeyer, Rachel Green

Melanoma Development

Anja Bosserhoff

Chromatographic Fingerprint Analysis of Herbal Medicines

Hildebert Wagner, Rudolf Bauer, Dieter Melchart, Pei-Gen Xiao, Anton Staudinger

Bortezomib in the Treatment of Multiple Myeloma

Irene M. Ghobrial, Paul G. Richardson, Kenneth C. Anderson

Epigenetics and Disease

Susan M. Gasser, En Li

Fish Karyotypes

Ryoichi Arai

From Genes to Animal Behavior

Miho Inoue-Murayama, Shoji Kawamura, Alexander Weiss

Extremophiles Handbook

Koki Horikoshi

Single-Pollen Genotyping

Yuji Isagi, Yoshihisa Suyama

Ecology of Leaf Longevity

Kihachiro Kikuzawa, Martin J. Lechowicz

The Chimpanzees of Bossou and Nimba

Tetsuro Matsuzawa, Tatyana Humle, Yukimaru Sugiyama

Neurogenesis in the Adult Brain I

Tatsunori Seki, Kazunobu Sawamoto, Jack M. Parent, Arturo Alvarez-Buylla

Neurogenesis in the Adult Brain II

Tatsunori Seki, Kazunobu Sawamoto, Jack M. Parent, Arturo Alvarez-Buylla

Landscape Ecology in Asian Cultures

Sun-Kee Hong, Jae-Eun Kim, Jianguo Wu, Nobukazu Nakagoshi

Mechanosensing Biology

Masaki Noda


Kiyoshi Naruse, Minoru Tanaka, Hiroyuki Takeda

Camera Traps in Animal Ecology

Allan F. O’Connell, James D. Nichols, K. Ullas Karanth

Attraverso il microscopio

Davide Schiffer

Introduzione alla neurobiologia

Luca Colucci D’Amato, Umberto Porzio

Terapia Genica

Mauro Giacca

Innovations as Key to the Green Revolution in Africa

Andre Bationo, Boaz Waswa, Jeremiah M. Okeyo, Fredah Maina, Job Maguta Kihara

Regulation of Biological Control Agents

Ralf-Udo Ehlers

Biology of Termites: a Modern Synthesis

David Edward Bignell, Yves Roisin, Nathan Lo

Amazonian Floodplain Forests

Wolfgang J. Junk, Maria T. F. Piedade, Florian Wittmann, Jochen Schöngart, Pia Parolin

Plant Geography of Chile

Andres Moreira-Munoz

A Handbook of Transcription Factors

Timothy R. Hughes

Regenerative Medicine

Gustav Steinhoff

Asian Paleoanthropology

Christopher J. Norton, David R. Braun

Razoxane and Dexrazoxane - Two Multifunctional Agents

Kurt Hellmann, Walter Rhomberg

Toxins and Hemostasis

R. Manjunatha Kini, Kenneth J Clemetson, Francis S. Markland, Mary Ann McLane, Takashi Morita

All Flesh Is Grass

Zvy Dubinsky, Joseph Seckbach

Biomedical Aspects of Histamine

Nancy Khardori, Rahat Ali Khan, Trivendra Tripathi

Functional and Structural Proteomics of Glycoproteins

Raymond Owens, Joanne Nettleship

Circulating Nucleic Acids in Plasma and Serum

Peter B. Gahan

C4 Photosynthesis and Related CO2 Concentrating Mechanisms

Agepati S. Raghavendra, Rowan F. Sage

Microbial Biochemistry

G.N. Cohen

Therapeutic Angiogenesis for Vascular Diseases

Mark Slevin

Oncothermia: Principles and Practices

Andras Szasz, Nora Szasz, Oliver Szasz

Up from Clinical Epidemiology & EBM

O. S. Miettinen

Biodiversity, Biofuels, Agroforestry and Conservation Agriculture

Eric Lichtfouse

Medicine Science and Dreams

David A. Schwartz

Delamination in Wood, Wood Products and Wood-Based Composites

Voichita Bucur

Sampling Procedures to Detect Mycotoxins in Agricultural Commodities

Thomas Whitaker, Andrew Slate, Bruno Doko, Britt Maestroni, Andrew Cannavan

Insect Biotechnology

Andreas Vilcinskas

Sabkha Ecosystems

Münir Öztürk, Benno Böer, Hans-Jörg Barth, Miguel Clüsener-Godt, M. Ajmal Khan, Siegmar-W. Breckle

Advances in Cognitive Neurodynamics (II)

Rubin Wang, Fanji Gu

Sarcopenia – Age-Related Muscle Wasting and Weakness

Gordon S. Lynch

Microbial Plant Pathogens-Detection and Disease Diagnosis:

P. Narayanasamy

Ecology Revisited

Astrid Schwarz, Kurt Jax

Microbial Plant Pathogens-Detection and Disease Diagnosis:

P. Narayanasamy

Microbial Plant Pathogens-Detection and Disease Diagnosis:

P. Narayanasamy

Cell Fusions

Lars-Inge Larsson

The TransForum Model: Transforming Agro Innovation Toward Sustainable Development

Henk van Latesteijn, Karin Andeweg

Forests, Trees and Human Health

Kjell Nilsson, Marcus Sangster, Christos Gallis, Terry Hartig, Sjerp de Vries, Klaus Seeland, Jasper Schipperijn

Detection of Biological Agents for the Prevention of Bioterrorism

Joseph Banoub

Forest Management and the Water Cycle

Michael Bredemeier, Shabtai Cohen, Douglas L. Godbold, Elve Lode, Viliam Pichler, Patrick Schleppi

Organic Xenobiotics and Plants

Peter Schröder, Christopher D. Collins

Cell Signaling Reactions

Yasushi Sako, Masahiro Ueda

Regreening the Bare Hills

David Lamb

Mechanosensitivity and Mechanotransduction

Andre Kamkin, Irina Kiseleva

Advances in Nuclear Architecture

Niall M. Adams, Paul S. Freemont

Butterfly Conservation in South-Eastern Australia: Progress and Prospects

Tim R. New

The European Landscape Convention

Michael Jones, Marie Stenseke

The Minimal Cell

Pier Luigi Luisi, Pasquale Stano

Paleontology and Geology of Laetoli: Human Evolution in Context

Terry Harrison

Paleontology and Geology of Laetoli: Human Evolution in Context

Terry Harrison

Institutional constraints to small farmer development in Southern Africa

Ajuruchukwu Obi

Modelling nutrient digestion and utilisation in farm animals

D. Sauvant, J. Milgen, P. Faverdin, N. Friggens

New perspectives on economic development

Fu-Lai Tony Yu

Transformation and sustainability in agriculture

Sietze Vellema

NorFor - The Nordic feed evaluation system

Harald Volden

Expedition agroparks

Peter J. A. M. Smeets

Cultivated vegetables of the world: a multilingual onomasticon

Stanley J. Kays

Food and fuel

Marcos Fava Neves, Mairun Junqueira Alves Pinto, Marco Antonio Conejero, Vinicius Gustavo Trombin

Fundamentals of mold growth in indoor environments and strategies for healthy living

Olaf C. G. Adan, Robert A. Samson

Game meat hygiene in focus

P. Paulsen, A. Bauer, M. Vodnansky, R. Winkelmayer, F. J. M. Smulders

Knowledge in action

Annemarie Paassen, Jolanda Berg, Eveliene Steingröver, Renate Werkman, Bas Pedroli

Modern Biotechnology

Johannes Tramper, Yang Zhu

Bone Quantitative Ultrasound

Pascal Laugier, Guillaume Haïat

The Amazon Várzea

Miguel Pinedo-Vasquez, Mauro L. Ruffino, Christine Padoch, Eduardo S. Brondízio

Alternative Farming Systems, Biotechnology, Drought Stress and Ecological Fertilisation

Eric Lichtfouse

Brassinosteroids: A Class of Plant Hormone

Shamsul Hayat, Aqil Ahmad


Sergey Mikhalovsky, Abdukhakim Khajibaev

Transient Receptor Potential Channels

Md. Shahidul Islam

Kala Azar in South Asia

T.K. Jha, E. Noiri

Liver Metastasis: Biology and Clinical Management

Pnina Brodt

MicroRNAs in Cancer Translational Research

William C.S. Cho

The Landscape Ecology of Fire

Donald McKenzie, Carol Miller, Donald A. Falk

Spatial Resilience in Social-Ecological Systems

Graeme S. Cumming

Tumors of the Central Nervous System, Volume 1

M. A. Hayat

Mango Malformation

D. K. Chakrabarti

Probiotic Bacteria and Enteric Infections

J.J. Malago, J.F.J.G. Koninkx, R. Marinsek-Logar

Bioenergetic Processes of Cyanobacteria

Guenter A. Peschek, Christian Obinger, Gernot Renger

Sustainable Agriculture Volume 2

Eric Lichtfouse, Marjolaine Hamelin, Mireille Navarrete, Philippe Debaeke

STROMATOLITES: Interaction of Microbes with Sediments

Vinod Tewari, Joseph Seckbach

Neanderthal Lifeways, Subsistence and Technology

Nicholas J. Conard, Jürgen Richter

Cellular Effects of Heavy Metals

Gaspar Banfalvi

Genomics and Molecular Genetics of Plant-Nematode Interactions

John Jones, Godelieve Gheysen, Carmen Fenoll

A Roadmap to the Successful Development and Commercialization of Microbial Pest Control Products for Control of Arthropods

Willem J. Ravensberg

The Myelodysplastic Syndromes

Judit Várkonyi

Microbial Biosorption of Metals

Pavel Kotrba, Martina Mackova, Tomas Macek

Monograph of the Gonostomatidae and Kahliellidae (Ciliophora, Hypotricha)

Helmut Berger

National Forest Inventories: Contributions to Forest Biodiversity Assessments

Gherardo Chirici, Susanne Winter, Ronald E. McRoberts

Breast Cancer, a Heterogeneous Disease Entity

Zsuzsanna Kahán

Continuity and Discontinuity in the Peopling of Europe

Silvana Condemi, Gerd-Christian Weniger

Molecular Basis of Health and Disease

Undurti N. Das

Evidence-based Anticancer Materia Medica

William C.S. Cho


Ben A. LePage

In the Wrong Place - Alien Marine Crustaceans: Distribution, Biology and Impacts

Bella S. Galil, Paul F. Clark, James T. Carlton

Tumors of the Central Nervous System, Volume 2

M.A. Hayat

Tumor-Associated Fibroblasts and their Matrix

Margareta M. Mueller, Norbert E. Fusenig

Plant-Plant Allelopathic Interactions

Udo Blum

Encyclopedia of South American Aquatic Insects: Hemiptera - Heteroptera

Charles W. Heckman

Mouse as a Model Organism

Cord Brakebusch, Taina Pihlajaniemi

Cell Fusion in Health and Disease

Thomas Dittmar, Kurt S. Zänker

Cell Fusion in Health and Disease

Thomas Dittmar, Kurt S. Zänker

Handbook of Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders, Volume II

Michael Ritsner

Handbook of Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders, Volume III

Michael S. Ritsner

Handbook of Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders, Volume I

Michael S. Ritsner

Protein Function Prediction for Omics Era

Daisuke Kihara

Supramolecular Structure and Function 10

Jasminka Brnjas-Kraljević, Greta Pifat-Mrzljak

Bacterial Adhesion

Dirk Linke, Adrian Goldman

Atoms of Mind

W.R. Klemm

Advances in Food Protection

Magdy Hefnawy

Cell Death in Mammalian Ovary

Gerardo H. Vázquez-Nin, María Luisa Escobar, M. De Felici, Olga Margarita Echeverría, Francesca Gioia Klinger

The Busy Physician’s Guide To Genetics, Genomics and Personalized Medicine

Kevin M. Sweet, Ron C. Michaelis

New Perspectives on People and Forests

Eva Ritter, Dainis Dauksta

Epidemiological Research: Terms and Concepts

O. S. Miettinen

Ecology of Atlantic Salmon and Brown Trout

Bror Jonsson, Nina Jonsson

Statistical Analysis of Clinical Data on a Pocket Calculator

Ton J. Cleophas, Aeilko H. Zwinderman

Purinergic Regulation of Respiratory Diseases

Maryse Picher, Richard C. Boucher

Size- and Age-Related Changes in Tree Structure and Function

Frederick C. Meinzer, Barbara Lachenbruch, Todd E. Dawson

Intracellular Delivery

Aleš Prokop

Antibody Expression and Production

Mohamed Al-Rubeai

People, Places and Landscapes

Richard S. Krannich, A. E. Luloff, Donald R. Field

Mitochondrial Dynamics and Neurodegeneration

Bingwei Lu

Integrating Agriculture, Conservation and Ecotourism: Examples from the Field

W. Bruce Campbell, Silvia Lopez Ortiz

Date Palm Biotechnology

Shri Mohan Jain, Jameel M. Al-Khayri, Dennis V. Johnson

The Diatom World

Joseph Seckbach, Patrick Kociolek

Forest Hydrology and Biogeochemistry

Delphis F. Levia, Darryl Carlyle-Moses, Tadashi Tanaka

Ethical Dilemmas in Prenatal Diagnosis

Tamara Fischmann, Elisabeth Hildt

Tumors of the Central Nervous system, Volume 3

M.A. Hayat

Managing Biosecurity Across Borders

Ian Falk, Ruth Wallace, Marthen L. Ndoen

Evolution of Cardio-Metabolic Risk from Birth to Middle Age:

Gerald S. Berenson

Mast Cells and Tumours

Domenico Ribatti, Enrico Crivellato

Genetics, Biofuels and Local Farming Systems

Eric Lichtfouse

The Whitefly, Bemisia tabaci (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae) Interaction with Geminivirus-Infected Host Plants

Winston M.O. Thompson

Fighting Poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Multiple Roles of Legumes in Integrated Soil Fertility Management

Andre Bationo, Boaz Waswa, Jeremiah M. Okeyo, Fredah Maina, Job Kihara, Uzo Mokwunye

Cancer Systems Biology, Bioinformatics and Medicine

Alfredo Cesario, Frederick Marcus

Endophytes of Forest Trees

Anna Maria Pirttilä, A. Carolin Frank

Sustaining Young Forest Communities

Cathryn Greenberg, Beverly Collins, Frank Thompson III

The Science of Astrobiology

Julian Chela-Flores

Carbon Sequestration Potential of Agroforestry Systems

B. Mohan Kumar, P. K. Ramachandran Nair

Designing and Conducting a Forest Inventory - case: 9th National Forest Inventory of Finland

Erkki Tomppo, Juha Heikkinen, Helena M. Henttonen, Antti Ihalainen, Matti Katila, Helena Mäkelä, Tarja Tuomainen, Nina Vainikainen

Fisheries Management in Japan

Mitsutaku Makino

‘In Considerable Variety’: Introducing the Diversity of Australia’s Insects

Tim R. New

Common Infectious Diseases of Insects in Culture

Vladimir Gouli, Svetlana Gouli, Jose Marcelino

Water and Sustainable Agriculture

Iván Francisco García-Tejero, Víctor Hugo Durán-Zuazo, José Luis Muriel-Fernández, Carmen Rocío Rodríguez-Pleguezuelo

Managing the Future of Southeast Asia's Valuable Tropical Rainforests

Ratnam Wickneswari, Chuck Cannon

Nanotechnology for Biology and Medicine

Gabriel A. Silva, Vladimir Parpura

Bergey’s Manual® of Systematic Bacteriology

Michael Goodfellow, Peter Kämpfer, Hans-Jürgen Busse, Martha E. Trujillo, Ken-ichiro Suzuki, Wolfgang Ludwig, William B. Whitman

Genetically Engineered Mice for Cancer Research

Jeffrey E. Green, Thomas Ried

Plant Cytogenetics

Hank W. Bass, James A. Birchler

Neuronal Noise

Alain Destexhe, Michelle Rudolph-Lilith

Encyclopedia of Signaling Molecules

Sangdun Choi

Fruit Breeding

Marisa Luisa Badenes, David H. Byrne

Short and Long Distance Signaling

Friedrich Kragler, Martin Hülskamp

Recent Advances on Model Hosts

Eleftherios Mylonakis, Frederick M. Ausubel, Michael Gilmore, Arturo Casadevall

Cochlear Mechanics

Hendrikus Duifhuis

Evolution That Anyone Can Understand

Bernard Marcus

Advances in Systems Biology

Igor I. Goryanin, Andrew B. Goryachev

The Effects of Noise on Aquatic Life

Arthur N. Popper, Anthony Hawkins

Lymphoma and Leukemia of the Nervous System

Tracy Batchelor, Lisa M. DeAngelis

Auditory Prostheses

Fan-Gang Zeng, Arthur N. Popper, Richard R. Fay

Principles of Terrestrial Ecosystem Ecology

F. Stuart Chapin III, Pamela A. Matson, Peter M. Vitousek

Synaptic Mechanisms in the Auditory System

Laurence O. Trussell, Arthur N. Popper, Richard R. Fay

Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

Colleen G. Le Prell, Donald Henderson, Richard R. Fay, Arthur N. Popper

Translational Stroke Research

Paul A. Lapchak, John H. Zhang

Metal Ion in Stroke

Yang V. Li, John H. Zhang

Reviews in Fluorescence 2010

Chris D. Geddes

Innate Immune Regulation and Cancer Immunotherapy

Rongfu Wang

Modeling Tumor Vasculature

Trachette L. Jackson

Current Topics in Innate Immunity II

John D. Lambris, George Hajishengallis

Designs for Clinical Trials

David Harrington

The Forgotten Cure

Anna Kuchment

Human Cell Transformation

Johng S. Rhim, Richard Kremer

Functional Coherence of Molecular Networks in Bioinformatics

Mehmet Koyutürk, Shankar Subramaniam, Ananth Grama

Technological Innovations in Major World Oil Crops, Volume 1

S.K. Gupta


David W. McCandless

Control of Innate and Adaptive Immune Responses during Infectious Diseases

Julio Aliberti

Long Acting Injections and Implants

Jeremy C. Wright, Diane J. Burgess

The Researching, Teaching, and Learning Triangle

Miguel A. R. B. Castanho, Gül Güner-Akdogan

The Pollination Biology of North American Orchids: Volume 1

Charles L. Argue

The Primo Vascular System

Kwang-Sup Soh, Kyung A. Kang, David K Harrison

Natural Killer T cells

Masaki Terabe, Jay A. Berzofsky

The Pollination Biology of North American Orchids: Volume 2

Charles L. Argue

Retinal Degenerative Diseases

Matthew M. LaVail, John D. Ash, Robert E. Anderson, Joe G. Hollyfield, Christian Grimm

Abiotic Stress Responses in Plants

Parvaiz Ahmad, M.N.V. Prasad

Neurodegenerative Diseases

Shamim I. Ahmad


Monika Fuxreiter, Peter Tompa

Tumour-Associated Macrophages

Toby Lawrence, Thorsten Hagemann

The Relevance of the Time Domain to Neural Network Models

A. Ravishankar Rao, Guillermo A. Cecchi

Cell Signaling & Molecular Targets in Cancer

Malay Chatterjee, Khosrow Kashfi

Phase Response Curves in Neuroscience

Nathan W. Schultheiss, Astrid A. Prinz, Robert J. Butera

Computational Neuroscience of Drug Addiction

Boris Gutkin, Serge H. Ahmed

Bioinformatics for High Throughput Sequencing

Naiara Rodríguez-Ezpeleta, Michael Hackenberg, Ana M. Aransay

Advances in Cancer Stem Cell Biology

Roberto Scatena, Alvaro Mordente, Bruno Giardina

Environmental Adaptations and Stress Tolerance of Plants in the Era of Climate Change

Parvaiz Ahmad, M.N.V. Prasad

Herpetological Osteopathology

Bruce M. Rothschild, Hans-Peter Schultze, Rodrigo Pellegrini

Technological Innovations in Major World Oil Crops, Volume 2

S.K. Gupta

Beta maritima

Enrico Biancardi, Leonard W. Panella, Robert T. Lewellen

Fundamentals and Applications of Controlled Release Drug Delivery

Juergen Siepmann, Ronald A. Siegel, Michael J. Rathbone

Reviews in Plasmonics 2010

Chris D. Geddes

Endocrine FGFs and Klothos

Makoto Kuro-o

Notch Signaling in Embryology and Cancer

Jörg Reichrath, Sandra Reichrath

Fencing for Conservation

Michael J. Somers, Matthew Hayward

Genomics of Tree Crops

R.J. Schnell, P.M. Priyadarshan


Jan Dirk Blom, Iris E.C. Sommer

Adipose Tissue Biology

Michael E. Symonds

Viral Molecular Machines

Michael G. Rossmann, Venigalla B. Rao


Dolph L. Hatfield, Marla J. Berry, Vadim N. Gladyshev

Expert Knowledge and Its Application in Landscape Ecology

Ajith H. Perera, C. Ashton Drew, Chris J. Johnson

Atlas of Genetic Diagnosis and Counseling

Harold Chen

Bones, Genetics, and Behavior of Rhesus Macaques

Qian Wang

Activation and Detoxification Enzymes

Chang-Hwei Chen

Clinical Use of Anti-infective Agents

Robert W. Finberg, Roy Guharoy

From Neurology to Methodology and Back

Natasha Maurits

Formulating Poorly Water Soluble Drugs

Robert O. Williams III, Alan B. Watts, Dave A. Miller

Ultrasound Imaging

João Miguel Sanches, Andrew F. Laine, Jasjit S. Suri

Microbial Technologies in Advanced Biofuels Production

Patrick C. Hallenbeck

Signaling Pathways in Cancer Pathogenesis and Therapy

David A. Frank

Caveolins and Caveolae

Jean-François Jasmin, Philippe G. Frank, Michael P. Lisanti

Marine Bioactive Compounds

Maria Hayes

Antibiotic Discovery and Development

Thomas J. Dougherty, Michael J. Pucci

Human Auditory Development

Lynne Werner, Richard R. Fay, Arthur N. Popper

Wildlife Behavior and Conservation

Richard H. Yahner

Isoquinolines And Beta-Carbolines As Neurotoxins And Neuroprotectants

Lucyna Antkiewicz-Michaluk, Hans Rommelspacher

Oxygen Transport to Tissue XXXIII

Martin Wolf, Hans Ulrich Bucher, Markus Rudin, Sabine Van Huffel, Ursula Wolf, Duane F. Bruley, David K Harrison

Medicinal Plant Biodiversity of Lesser Himalayas-Pakistan

Arshad Mehmood Abbasi, Mir Ajab Khan, Mushtaq Ahmad, Muhammad Zafar

Key Statistical Concepts in Clinical Trials for Pharma

J. Rick Turner

Victor McKusick and the History of Medical Genetics

Krishna R. Dronamraju, Clair A. Francomano

Self and Nonself

Carlos López-Larrea

Gene Regulatory Sequences and Human Disease

Nadav Ahituv

Genetics Meets Metabolomics

Karsten Suhre

Sensing in Nature

Carlos López-Larrea

Advances in Rapid Sex-Steroid Action

Gabriella Castoria, Antimo Migliaccio

Neural Metabolism In Vivo

In-Young Choi, Rolf Gruetter

Novel Developments in Stem Cell Mobilization

Stefan Fruehauf, W. Jens Zeller, Gary Calandra

HPV and Cervical Cancer

Franco Borruto, Marc De Ridder

Principles of Bone Regeneration

Jona J. Sela, Itai A. Bab

Stem Cell Transplantation

Carlos López-Larrea, Antonio López-Vázquez, Beatriz Suárez-Álvarez

Genomics Applications for the Developing World

Karen E. Nelson, Barbara Jones-Nelson

Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells

Sibel Yildirim

Modeling Dynamic Economic Systems

Matthias Ruth, Bruce Hannon

Molecular Marker Applications for Improving Sugar Content in Sugarcane

M. Swapna, Sangeeta Srivastava

The Human Auditory Cortex

David Poeppel, Tobias Overath, Arthur N. Popper, Richard R. Fay


William S. Spielman, Narayanan Parameswaran

Energy Balance and Gastrointestinal Cancer

Sanford D. Markowitz, Nathan A. Berger

Methylmercury and Neurotoxicity

Sandra Ceccatelli, Michael Aschner

The Evolution of the Use of Mathematics in Cancer Research

Pedro J. Gutiérrez Diez, Irma H. Russo, Jose Russo

Renal Cell Carcinoma

Robert A. Figlin, W. Kimryn Rathmell, Brian I. Rini

NanoCellBiology of Secretion

Bhanu P. Jena

New Technologies for Toxicity Testing

Michael Balls, Robert D. Combes, Nirmala Bhogal


Ryuya Yamanaka

Protein Dimerization and Oligomerization in Biology

Jacqueline M. Matthews

Functional Neuroimaging in Exercise and Sport Sciences

Henning Boecker, Charles H. Hillman, Lukas Scheef, Heiko K. Strüder

Patho-Epigenetics of Disease

Janos Minarovits, Hans Helmut Niller

Biochemical Roles of Eukaryotic Cell Surface Macromolecules

Perumana R. Sudhakaran, Avadhesha Surolia

Ontogeny and Phylogeny of the Vertebrate Heart

David Sedmera, Tobias Wang

Physiology of Prenatal Exercise and Fetal Development

Linda E. May

Systems Biology of Parkinson's Disease

Peter Wellstead, Mathieu Cloutier

South Asian Mammals

Chelmala Srinivasulu, Bhargavi Srinivasulu

Naturally Occurring Antibodies (NAbs)

Hans U. Lutz

Advances in Yersinia Research

Alzira Maria Paiva de Almeida, Nilma Cintra Leal

Evolutionary Systems Biology

Orkun S. Soyer

Mitochondrial Oxidative Phosphorylation

Bernhard Kadenbach

Brain Immune System Signal Molecules in Protection from Aerobic and Anaerobic Infections

Armen A. Galoyan


Jos J. Eggermont, Fan-Gang Zeng, Arthur N. Popper, Richard R. Fay

Ecotones Between Forest and Grassland

Randall W. Myster

Neural Development and Stem Cells

Mahendra S. Rao, Melissa Carpenter, Mohan C. Vemuri

Phytochemicals, Signal Transduction, and Neurological Disorders

Akhlaq A. Farooqui

Robustness, Plasticity, and Evolvability in Mammals

Clara B. Jones

Serotonin and Anxiety

Caio Maximino

Calcium Handling in hiPSC-Derived Cardiomyocytes

Lee Yee-Ki, Siu Chung-Wah

Hereditary Retinopathies

Pete Humphries, Marian M. Humphries, Lawrence C. S. Tam, G. Jane Farrar, Paul F. Kenna, Matthew Campbell, Anna-Sophia Kiang

Computational Strategies Towards Improved Protein Function Prophecy of Xylanases from Thermomyces lanuginosus

MVK Karthik, Pratyoosh Shukla

Jatropha, Challenges for a New Energy Crop

Nicolas Carels, Mulpuri Sujatha, Bir Bahadur

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Tables

Andreas Krause, Michael O'Connell

TRIM/RBCC Proteins

Germana Meroni

The Pathogenic Spirochetes: strategies for evasion of host immunity and persistence

Monica E. Embers

Interactions of Yeasts, Moulds, and Antifungal Agents

Gerri S. Hall

Introduction to Data Mining for the Life Sciences

Rob Sullivan

Chemical and Physical Signatures for Microbial Forensics

John B. Cliff, Helen W. Kreuzer, Christopher J. Ehrhardt, David S. Wunschel

Atlas of Forensic Pathology

Joseph A. Prahlow, Roger W. Byard

Handbook of Drug Interactions

Ashraf Mozayani, Lionel Raymon

Nuclear Reprogramming and Stem Cells

Justin Ainscough, Shinya Yamanaka, Takashi Tada

Oxidative Stress in Cancer Biology and Therapy

Douglas R. Spitz, Kenneth J. Dornfeld, Koyamangalath Krishnan, David Gius

Regenerative Therapy Using Blood-Derived Stem Cells

David S. Allan, Dirk Strunk

Atlas of Human Pluripotent Stem Cells

Michal Amit, Joseph Itskovitz-Eldor

Studies on Retinal and Choroidal Disorders

Robert D. Stratton, William W. Hauswirth, Thomas W. Gardner

Adult and Embryonic Stem Cells

Kursad Turksen

Studies on Men's Health and Fertility

Ashok Agarwal, R. John Aitken, Juan G. Alvarez

Noback's Human Nervous System, Seventh Edition

Norman L. Strominger, Robert J. Demarest, Lois B. Laemle

Cytoskeleton and Human Disease

Maria Kavallaris

Immunotoxicity, Immune Dysfunction, and Chronic Disease

Rodney R. Dietert, Robert W. Luebke

Advances in Stem Cell Research

Hossein Baharvand, Nasser Aghdami

The Handbook of Nanomedicine

Kewal K. Jain

The Centrosome

Heide Schatten


Andreas Thiel

Treatment and Prevention of Malaria

Henry M. Staines, Sanjeev Krishna

Twenty Years of G-CSF

Graham Molineux, MaryAnn Foote, Tara Arvedson

Matrix Metalloproteinase Inhibitors

Satya Prakash Gupta

Human Medical Research

Jan Schildmann, Verena Sandow, Oliver Rauprich, Jochen Vollmann

Alpine Treelines

Christian Körner

Lentiviral Vectors and Gene Therapy

David Escors, Karine Breckpot, Frederick Arce, Grazyna Kochan, Holly Stephenson

Infection, Immune Homeostasis and Immune Privilege

Joan Stein-Streilein

Ibuprofen: Pharmacology, Therapeutics and Side Effects

K. D. Rainsford

Phosphorescent Oxygen-Sensitive Probes

Dmitri B. Papkovsky, Alexander V. Zhdanov, Andreas Fercher, Ruslan I. Dmitriev, James Hynes

Adaption of Microbial Life to Environmental Extremes

Helga Stan-Lotter, Sergiu Fendrihan

Frontiers in Sensing

Friedrich G. Barth, Joseph A. C. Humphrey, Mandyam V. Srinivasan

Sensory Perception

Friedrich G. Barth, Patrizia Giampieri-Deutsch, Hans-Dieter Klein

Encyclopedia of Cancer

Manfred Schwab

Space Weather Monitoring by Ground-Based Means

Oleg Troshichev, Alexander Janzhura

Essentials of Biochemistry

Herbert J. Fromm, Mark Hargrove

Small Supernumerary Marker Chromosomes (sSMC)

Thomas Liehr

Signaling and Communication in Plant Symbiosis

Silvia Perotto, František Baluška

Aralkum - a Man-Made Desert

Siegmar-W. Breckle, Walter Wucherer, Liliya A. Dimeyeva, Nathalia P. Ogar

Microbial Stress Tolerance for Biofuels

Zonglin Lewis Liu

Modeling Fragile X Syndrome

Robert B. Denman

Recent Freshwater Ostracods of the World

Ivana Karanovic

Measuring Roots

Stefano Mancuso

Metal Toxicity in Plants: Perception, Signaling and Remediation

Dharmendra K. Gupta, Luisa M. Sandalio

Selenoproteins and Mimics

Junqiu Liu, Guimin Luo, Ying Mu

Stress Challenges and Immunity in Space

Alexander Chouker

Organelle Genetics

Charles E. Bullerwell

Long-Term Field Studies of Primates

Peter M. Kappeler, David P. Watts

Regulatory RNAs

Bibekanand Mallick, Zhumur Ghosh

Progress in Botany 73

Ulrich Lüttge, Wolfram Beyschlag, Burkhard Büdel, Dennis Francis

Adenosine Deaminases Acting on RNA (ADARs) and A-to-I Editing

Charles E. Samuel

Morphogenesis and Pathogenicity in Fungi

José Pérez Martín, Antonio Di Pietro

Receptor-like Kinases in Plants

Frans Tax, Birgit Kemmerling

Secretions and Exudates in Biological Systems

Jorge M. Vivanco, František Baluška

Heparin - A Century of Progress

Rebecca Lever, Barbara Mulloy, Clive P. Page

Veterinary Science

Antonio Pugliese, Alberto Gaiti, Cristiano Boiti

Muscarinic Receptors

Allison D. Fryer, Arthur Christopoulos, Neil M. Nathanson

Bio-Geo Interactions in Metal-Contaminated Soils

Erika Kothe, Ajit Varma

Biology of Marine Fungi

Chandralata Raghukumar

Bacteria in Agrobiology: Stress Management

Dinesh K. Maheshwari

Biocommunication of Plants

Günther Witzany, František Baluška

Intradermal Immunization

Marcel B.M. Teunissen

Mucosal Vaccines

Pamela A. Kozlowski

Ethical Challenges in Genomics Research

Paula Boddington

Behavioral Neurobiology of Aging

Marie-Christine Pardon, Mark W. Bondi

Epigenetic Regulation of Lymphocyte Development

Cornelis Murre

Notch Regulation of the Immune System

Freddy Radtke

Behavioral Neuroscience of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Its Treatment

Clare Stanford, Rosemary Tannock

Appetite Control

Hans-Georg Joost

Biopatent Law: Patent Strategies and Patent Management

Andreas Hübel, Thilo Schmelcher, Ulrich Storz

Fibrinolytic Bacterial Enzymes with Thrombolytic Activity

Essam Kotb

Molecular Geometry of Body Pattern in Birds

Antonio Lima-de-Faria

Chemical and Physical Behavior of Human Hair

Clarence R. Robbins

RNA 3D Structure Analysis and Prediction

Neocles Leontis, Eric Westhof

Novel Antischizophrenia Treatments

Mark A. Geyer, Gerhard Gross

Current Antipsychotics

Gerhard Gross, Mark A. Geyer

Phytohormones and Abiotic Stress Tolerance in Plants

Nafees A. Khan, Rahat Nazar, Noushina Iqbal, Naser A. Anjum

MicroRNAs in Plant Development and Stress Responses

Ramanjulu Sunkar

From Nucleic Acids Sequences to Molecular Medicine

Volker A. Erdmann, Jan Barciszewski

Ricin and Shiga Toxins

Nicholas Mantis

Bacteria in Agrobiology: Plant Probiotics

Dinesh K. Maheshwari

Plant Signaling Peptides

Helen R. Irving, Christoph Gehring

Behavioral Neurogenetics

John F. Cryan, Andreas Reif

Pharmacology of Bombax ceiba Linn.

Vartika Jain, Surendra K. Verma

Epigenetics, Brain and Behavior

Paolo Sassone Corsi, Yves Christen

JIMD Reports - Case and Research Reports, 2012/2


Microarrays in Diagnostics and Biomarker Development

Bertrand Jordan

Therapeutic Kinase Inhibitors

Ingo K. Mellinghoff, Charles L. Sawyers

Ecology of Faunal Communities on the Andaman and Nicobar Islands

K. Venkataraman, C. Raghunathan, C. Sivaperuman

Alice in the Land of Plants

Yiannis Manetas

Seaweed Biology

Christian Wiencke, Kai Bischof

Living in a Seasonal World

Thomas Ruf, Claudia Bieber, Walter Arnold, Eva Millesi

RNA Metabolism in Trypanosomes

Albrecht Bindereif

Brain Imaging in Behavioral Neuroscience

Cameron S. Carter, Jeffrey W. Dalley

Arthropods as Vectors of Emerging Diseases

Heinz Mehlhorn

Purinergic Signalling and the Nervous System

Geoffrey Burnstock, Alexei Verkhratsky

Antibiotic Resistance

Anthony R.M. Coates

Passerine Migration

Nikita Chernetsov

Comparative Physiology of Fasting, Starvation, and Food Limitation

Marshall D. McCue

Plant Electrophysiology

Alexander G. Volkov

Plant Electrophysiology

Alexander G. Volkov

Environmental Stress and Amelioration in Livestock Production

Veerasamy Sejian, S.M.K. Naqvi, Thaddeus Ezeji, Jeffrey Lakritz, Rattan Lal

Reviews of Physiology, Biochemistry and Pharmacology

Bernd Nilius, Susan G. Amara, Thomas Gudermann, Reinhard Jahn, Roland Lill, Stefan Offermanns, Ole H. Petersen

Antiplatelet Agents

Paolo Gresele, Gustav V. R Born, Carlo Patrono, Clive P. Page

Molecular Aspects of Hematologic Malignancies

Michal Witt, Malgorzata Dawidowska, Tomasz Szczepanski

Intellectual Property Issues

Ulrich Storz, Wolfgang Flasche, Johanna Driehaus

Culture Negative Orthopedic Biofilm Infections

Garth D. Ehrlich, Patrick J. DeMeo, J. William Costerton, Heinz Winkler


Benhur Lee, Paul A. Rota


Jill Scott, Esther Stoeckli

Gasotransmitters: Physiology and Pathophysiology

Anton Hermann, Guzel F. Sitdikova, Thomas M. Weiger

Mouse Development

Jacek Z. Kubiak

Evolutionary Biology: Mechanisms and Trends

Pierre Pontarotti

Outer Membrane Vesicles of Bacteria

S.N. Chatterjee, Keya Chaudhuri

Studies in Oat Evolution

Gideon Ladizinsky

Plant Breeding for Abiotic Stress Tolerance

Roberto Fritsche-Neto, Aluízio Borém

Understanding Animal Welfare

Edward N. Eadie

Growth and Defence in Plants

Rainer Matyssek, Hans Schnyder, Wolfgang Oßwald, Dieter Ernst, Jean Charles Munch, Hans Pretzsch

Sex and Gender Differences in Pharmacology

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Molecular, Clinical and Environmental Toxicology

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Influenza Virus Sialidase - A Drug Discovery Target

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Protection of the Three Poles

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Post-Genome Biology of Primates

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The Biodiversity Observation Network in the Asia-Pacific Region

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Chocolate and Health

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Sacred Science?

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Rethinking Social Epidemiology

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Continuous Cover Forestry

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Stem Cells and Cancer Stem Cells,Volume 3

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Lactoferrin and its Role in Wound Healing

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Technological Innovations in Sensing and Detection of Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear Threats and Ecological Terrorism

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Reproductive Health and Cancer in Adolescents and Young Adults

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Macromolecular Crystallography

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Nano-Biotechnology for Biomedical and Diagnostic Research

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Nutraceuticals and Cancer

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Quantifying Functional Biodiversity

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Plasma for Bio-Decontamination, Medicine and Food Security

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Statistics Applied to Clinical Studies

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Portable Chemical Sensors

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Calcium Signaling

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Atlas of Interstitial Cells of Cajal in the Gastrointestinal Tract

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Genomics of Chloroplasts and Mitochondria

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Nutrition, Diet and Cancer

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Modern Origins

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Lessons learned from Long-term Soil Fertility Management Experiments in Africa

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Genesis - In The Beginning

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Arsenic & Rice

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Improving Soil Fertility Recommendations in Africa using the Decision Support System for Agrotechnology Transfer (DSSAT)

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Modern Methods for Epidemiology

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Computational Systems Neurobiology

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Arthropod-Plant Interactions

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High Resolution Archaeology and Neanderthal Behavior

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An Epidemiological Odyssey

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Arthropod Management in Vineyards:

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Edible Medicinal And Non-Medicinal Plants

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Sustainable Potato Production: Global Case Studies

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Organic Fertilisation, Soil Quality and Human Health

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Crop Production for Agricultural Improvement

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Vegetation Ecology of Socotra

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Recarbonization of the Biosphere

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Maternal Fetal Transmission of Human Viruses and their Influence on Tumorigenesis

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Midkine: From Embryogenesis to Pathogenesis and Therapy

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Lake Kivu

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Coxiella burnetii: Recent Advances and New Perspectives in Research of the Q Fever Bacterium

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Farming for Food and Water Security

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Farming Systems Research into the 21st Century: The New Dynamic

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Systems Metabolic Engineering

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Epidemiological Research: An Introduction

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Innovation in Vaccinology

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The Eukaryotic Replisome: a Guide to Protein Structure and Function

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Natural compounds as inducers of cell death

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The Textbook of Angiogenesis and Lymphangiogenesis: Methods and Applications

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Arterial Chemoreception

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Agroforestry - The Future of Global Land Use

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The Entolomataceae of Tasmania

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Cellular Trafficking of Cell Stress Proteins in Health and Disease

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Seed Development: OMICS Technologies toward Improvement of Seed Quality and Crop Yield

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Integrated Water Resources Management in the Mediterranean Region

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GPCR Signalling Complexes – Synthesis, Assembly, Trafficking and Specificity

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Introduction to Structural Chemistry

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Malignant Effusions

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Stem Cells and Cancer Stem Cells, Volume 8

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Systems Biology in Cancer Research and Drug Discovery

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Denys N. Wheatley

Bacterial Fish Pathogens

Brian Austin, Dawn A. Austin

Viruses: Essential Agents of Life

Günther Witzany

Novel Apoptotic Regulators in Carcinogenesis

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Electric Cell-Substrate Impedance Sensing and Cancer Metastasis

Wen G. Jiang

Morphofunctional Aspects of Tumor Microcirculation

Domenico Ribatti

Isotope labeling in Biomolecular NMR

Hanudatta S. Atreya

Life on Earth and other Planetary Bodies

Arnold Hanslmeier, Stephan Kempe, Joseph Seckbach

Phosphoinositides and Disease


Reprogramming Microbial Metabolic Pathways

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The Epidemiology of Aging

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Sentic Computing

Erik Cambria, Amir Hussain

Mechanically Gated Channels and their Regulation

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The Science of Algal Fuels

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MicroRNAs as Tools in Biopharmaceutical Production

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Pediatric Biomedical Informatics

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Howard Hunt Pattee, Joanna Rączaszek-Leonardi

Brain Aging and Therapeutic Interventions

Mahendra K. Thakur, Suresh I.S. Rattan

Central Nervous System Metastasis, the Biological Basis and Clinical Considerations

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Forest Landscape Restoration

John Stanturf, David Lamb, Palle Madsen

A Goal-Oriented Approach to Forest Landscape Restoration

John Stanturf, Palle Madsen, David Lamb

Rangeland Stewardship in Central Asia

Victor Squires

Protein Aggregation and Fibrillogenesis in Cerebral and Systemic Amyloid Disease

J. Robin Harris

The Evolution of Global Paper Industry 1800¬–2050

Juha-Antti Lamberg, Jari Ojala, Mirva Peltoniemi, Timo Särkkä

HPV and Cancer

James A. Radosevich

Sustainable Agriculture Reviews

Eric Lichtfouse

Advances in Understanding the Biology of Halophilic Microorganisms

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Applied Computational Genomics

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Principles of Statistical Genomics

Shizhong Xu

The Principles of Clinical Cytogenetics

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Genomics of the Saccharinae

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Encyclopedia of Systems Biology

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Epigenetic Alterations in Oncogenesis

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Faunal Heritage of Rajasthan, India

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African Ethnobotany in the Americas

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20 Years of Computational Neuroscience

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Systems Biology of Tumor Dormancy

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Encyclopedia of Metalloproteins

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Basic Aspects of Hearing

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Neuroscience in the 21st Century

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Myelin Repair and Neuroprotection in Multiple Sclerosis

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Neural Correlates of Auditory Cognition

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Laboratory Protocols in Fungal Biology

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Immunology of the Lymphatic System

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Current Research in Acupuncture

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Integrating Face and Voice in Person Perception

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p53 in the Clinics

Pierre Hainaut, Magali Olivier, Klas G. Wiman

Experimental and Clinical Metastasis

Julia V. Burnier, Miguel N. Burnier, Jr

Emerging Concepts of Tumor Exosome–Mediated Cell-Cell Communication

Huang-Ge Zhang

Mitochondrial Disorders Caused by Nuclear Genes

Lee-Jun C. Wong

Conservation of Tropical Plant Species

M.N. Normah, H.F. Chin, Barbara M. Reed


Susan Masino, Detlev Boison

Medicinal Plants of Central Asia: Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan

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ECTO-NOX Proteins

D. James Morré, Dorothy M. Morré

Dynamic Models of Infectious Diseases

Vadrevu Sree Hari Rao, Ravi Durvasula

Structural Biology

Quincy Teng

The Macaque Connection

Sindhu Radhakrishna, Michael A. Huffman, Anindya Sinha

Advanced Techniques in Diagnostic Microbiology

Yi-Wei Tang, Charles W. Stratton

Biophysical approaches to translational control of gene expression

Jonathan D. Dinman


José Roberto Moreira, Katia Maria P.M.B. Ferraz, Emilio A. Herrera, David W. Macdonald

Systems Biology of Apoptosis

Inna N. Lavrik

Germ Cell Development in C. elegans

Tim Schedl

Mechanisms and Emerging Therapies in Tremor Disorders

Giuliana Grimaldi, Mario Manto

Diabetes and Viruses

Keith Taylor, Heikki Hyöty, Antonio Toniolo, Arie J. Zuckerman

Building Babies

Kathryn B.H. Clancy, Katie Hinde, Julienne N. Rutherford

Isoprenoid Synthesis in Plants and Microorganisms

Thomas J. Bach, Michel Rohmer

Phytochemicals, Plant Growth, and the Environment

David R Gang

Complement Therapeutics

John D. Lambris, V. Michael Holers, Daniel Ricklin

Ascorbic Acid in Plants

Yuyang Zhang

Chemical Research on Plant Growth

Théodore de Saussure

Cerebral Blood Flow, Metabolism, and Head Trauma

Christian W. Kreipke, Jose A. Rafols

Pediatric Injury Biomechanics

Jeff R. Crandall, Barry S. Myers, David F. Meaney, Salena Zellers Schmidtke

Biophysics for Therapeutic Protein Development

Linda O. Narhi

Modern Clinical Trial Analysis

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Doves, Diplomats, and Diabetes

Milind Watve

HIV Interactions with Dendritic Cells

Li Wu, Olivier Schwartz

Long Acting Animal Health Drug Products

Michael J. Rathbone, Arlene McDowell

Craniofacial Muscles

Linda K. McLoon, Francisco Andrade

Leaping Ahead

Judith Masters, Marco Gamba, Fabien Génin

Crop Improvement Under Adverse Conditions

Narendra Tuteja, Sarvajeet Singh Gill

Genetic and Molecular Epidemiology of Multiple Myeloma

Suzanne Lentzsch

Advances in Biology and Therapy of Multiple Myeloma

Nikhil C. Munshi, Kenneth C. Anderson


Mary E. Abood, Roger G Sorensen, Nephi Stella


J. Derek Bewley, Kent J. Bradford, Henk W.M. Hilhorst, Hiro Nonogaki

Genome-Wide Prediction and Analysis of Protein-Protein Functional Linkages in Bacteria

Vijaykumar Yogesh Muley, Vishal Acharya

Hot Topics in Infection and Immunity in Children IX

Nigel Curtis, Adam Finn, Andrew J. Pollard

Neural-Immune Interactions in Brain Function and Alcohol Related Disorders

Changhai Cui, Lindsey Grandison, Antonio Noronha

Cancer Immunotherapy

Tyler J. Curiel

Astrovirus Research

Stacey Schultz-Cherry

RNA Interference from Biology to Therapeutics

Kenneth A. Howard

Ecophysiology and Responses of Plants under Salt Stress

Parvaiz Ahmad, M.M. Azooz, M.N.V. Prasad

Sodium Calcium Exchange: A Growing Spectrum of Pathophysiological Implications

Lucio Annunziato


Jos A. Bosch, Anna C. Phillips, Janet M. Lord

Microdialysis in Drug Development

Markus Müller

Role of the Transcriptome in Breast Cancer Prevention

Jose Russo, Irma H. Russo

Jatropha, Challenges for a New Energy Crop

Bir Bahadur, Mulpuri Sujatha, Nicolas Carels

Single-molecule Studies of Proteins

Andres F. Oberhauser

Biophysics of RNA Folding

Rick Russell


Patricia Vit, Silvia R. M. Pedro, David Roubik

Systems Biology of Tuberculosis

Johnjoe McFadden, Dany J.V. Beste, Andrzej M. Kierzek

Imaging Brain Function With EEG

Walter J. Freeman, Rodrigo Quian Quiroga

Oxygen Transport to Tissue XXXIV

William J. Welch, Fredrik Palm, Duane F. Bruley, David K. Harrison

Plant Acclimation to Environmental Stress

Narendra Tuteja, Sarvajeet Singh Gill

DNA Helicases and DNA Motor Proteins

Maria Spies

Immunomic Discovery of Adjuvants and Candidate Subunit Vaccines

Darren R. Flower, Yvonne Perrie

Chronobiology and Obesity

Marta Garaulet, Jose M. Ordovás

Ten Years of Progress in GW/P Body Research

Edward K. L. Chan, Marvin J. Fritzler

Cardiac Adaptations

Bohuslav Ostadal, Naranjan S. Dhalla

Cave Microbiomes: A Novel Resource for Drug Discovery

Naowarat Cheeptham


Vincent Merckx

Advances in Biology and Therapy of Multiple Myeloma

Nikhil C. Munshi, Kenneth C. Anderson

Prions and Diseases

Wen-Quan Zou, Pierluigi Gambetti

Mucosal Immunology of Acute Bacterial Pneumonia

Alice Prince

Prions and Diseases

Wen-Quan Zou, Pierluigi Gambetti


Yongwon Choi

Novel Immune Potentiators and Delivery Technologies for Next Generation Vaccines

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Pathobiology of Cancer Regimen-Related Toxicities

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Progress in Motor Control

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The Immunological Barriers to Regenerative Medicine

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Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine in Ophthalmology

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Gametogenesis, Early Embryo Development and Stem Cell Derivation

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Neurosteroids and the Nervous System

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Developing Biofuel Bioprocesses Using Systems and Synthetic Biology

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Adaptive and Maladaptive Aspects of Developmental Stress

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Breast Cancer Metastasis and Drug Resistance

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Dental Pulp Stem Cells

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Mesenchymal Stromal Cells

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Ecological Systems

Rik Leemans

Environmental Toxicology

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Sustainable Food Production

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Hydrological Changes and Estuarine Dynamics

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Cell Death Signaling in Cancer Biology and Treatment

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Biochemical Basis and Therapeutic Implications of Angiogenesis

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Multisensory Imagery

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Prominin-1 (CD133): New Insights on Stem & Cancer Stem Cell Biology

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Stalking the Wild Sweetgrass

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Mound Centers and Seed Security

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Chemical Signals in Vertebrates 12

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Cardiac Remodeling

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Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma

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Global Approach in Safety Testing

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Learning Basic Genetics with Interactive Computer Programs

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Taurine 8

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Salt Stress in Plants

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The New Paradigm of Immunity to Tuberculosis

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Taurine 8

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Heart Valves

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Studies on Arthritis and Joint Disorders

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Impact of Genetic Targets on Cancer Therapy

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Androgen-Responsive Genes in Prostate Cancer

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Kisspeptin Signaling in Reproductive Biology

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Developments in Sustainable Chemical and Bioprocess Technology

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Crossroads Between Innate and Adaptive Immunity IV

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The Hippo Signaling Pathway and Cancer

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Application of Near Infrared Spectroscopy in Biomedicine

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Stress-Induced Mutagenesis

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Good Cascade Impactor Practices, AIM and EDA for Orally Inhaled Products

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Epigenetic Approaches to Allergy Research

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Stress Signaling in Plants: Genomics and Proteomics Perspective, Volume 1

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Brain Theory From A Circuits And Systems Perspective

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Pharmacoresistance in Epilepsy

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Macroevolution in Deep Time

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Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

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Stem Cells and Prostate Cancer

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Vesicle Trafficking in Cancer

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MHC Class I Antigens In Malignant Cells

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Molecular Genetics of Pancreatic Cancer

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Human Interphase Chromosomes

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The Middle Ear

Sunil Puria, Richard R. Fay, Arthur N. Popper

The Cardiac Lymphatic System

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Obesity, Inflammation and Cancer

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Prostate Cancer

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Imaging the Brain in Autism

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EBNA1 and Epstein-Barr Virus Associated Tumours

Lori Frappier

Ethics for Biomedical Engineers

Jong Yong Abdiel Foo, Stephen J. Wilson, Andrew P. Bradley, Winston Gwee, Dennis Kwok-Wing Tam

The Challenge of CMC Regulatory Compliance for Biopharmaceuticals and Other Biologics

John Geigert

Function and Control of the Spx-Family of Proteins Within the Bacterial Stress Response

Peter Zuber

Bioactive Polyphenols from Wine Grapes

Jeffrey A Stuart, Ellen L Robb

Next Generation Sequencing

Lee-Jun C. Wong

Crop Improvement

Khalid Rehman Hakeem, Parvaiz Ahmad, Munir Ozturk

Molecular Mechanisms of Tumor Cell Resistance to Chemotherapy

Benjamin Bonavida

Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of Antibody Activity

Falk Nimmerjahn

Forebrain Atlas of the Short-tailed Fruit Bat, Carollia perspicillata

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Treetops at Risk

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Primates, Pathogens, and Evolution

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Invasion of Woody Legumes

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Molecular Neurobiology of Addiction Recovery

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Human Immunodeficiency Virus Reverse Transcriptase

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War in the Body

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Genetic Variants in Alzheimer's Disease

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Metabolic Syndrome

Akhlaq A. Farooqui

Translational Approach to Heart Failure

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Smoking and Lung Inflammation

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Poincaré Plot Methods for Heart Rate Variability Analysis

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Bat Evolution, Ecology, and Conservation

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Oxygen Transport to Tissue XXXV

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Essential Elements for a GMP Analytical Chemistry Department

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Next Generation Sequencing in Cancer Research

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Viral Entry into Host Cells

Stefan Pöhlmann, Graham Simmons

Resistance to Immunotherapeutic Antibodies in Cancer

Benjamin Bonavida

Adipose Tissue and Cancer

Mikhail G. Kolonin

Immuno Systems Biology

Kumar Selvarajoo

Stem Cells Handbook

Stewart Sell

Next Generation Sequencing and Sequence Assembly

Ali Masoudi-Nejad, Zahra Narimani, Nazanin Hosseinkhan

Advances in HIV-1 Assembly and Release

Eric O. Freed

Cholesterol and Presynaptic Glutamate Transport in the Brain

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Symplasmic Transport in Vascular Plants

Katarzyna Sokołowska, Paweł Sowiński

Lateral Gene Transfer in Evolution

Uri Gophna

Biotechnology of Crucifers

Surinder Kumar Gupta

Biogeochemistry of a Forested Ecosystem

Gene E. Likens


Andrej Kral, Arthur N. Popper, Richard R. Fay

Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase Control of Metabolism

Kendra K. Bence

Cancer Targeted Drug Delivery

You Han Bae, Randall J. Mrsny, Kinam Park

Genetics and Genomics of Rice

Qifa Zhang, Rod A. Wing

The Rise of Fetal and Neonatal Physiology

Lawrence D. Longo

Endocannabinoid Regulation of Monoamines in Psychiatric and Neurological Disorders

Elisabeth J. Van Bockstaele

Multiple Sclerosis Immunology

Takashi Yamamura, Bruno Gran

Community Action for Conservation

Luciana Porter-Bolland, Isabel Ruiz-Mallén, Claudia Camacho-Benavides, Susannah R. McCandless

Stearoyl-CoA Desaturase Genes in Lipid Metabolism

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Sterile Product Development

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Complex Systems and Computational Biology Approaches to Acute Inflammation

Yoram Vodovotz, Gary An

Advances in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

Sami Malek

Stem Cells: Current Challenges and New Directions

Kursad Turksen

Epigenetics and Complex Traits

Anna K. Naumova, Celia M.T. Greenwood

Oocyte Biology in Fertility Preservation

S. Samuel Kim

Transporters in Drug Development

Yuichi Sugiyama, Bente Steffansen

Molecular Genetics of Axial Patterning, Growth and Disease in the Drosophila Eye

Amit Singh, Madhuri Kango-Singh

Plant and Microbe Adaptations to Cold in a Changing World

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Molecular Genetics of Inflammatory Bowel Disease

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Gadd45 Stress Sensor Genes

Dan A. Liebermann, Barbara Hoffman

Neuron-Glia Interaction in Neuroinflammation

Akio Suzumura, Kazuhiro Ikenaka

Phenotyping for Plant Breeding

Siva Kumar Panguluri, Are Ashok Kumar

Stem Cell Therapy in Lysosomal Storage Diseases

Jaap Jan Boelens, Robert Wynn

ADHD as a Model of Brain-Behavior Relationships

Leonard F. Koziol, Deborah Ely Budding, Dana Chidekel

Forest BioEnergy Production

Seppo Kellomäki, Antti Kilpeläinen, Ashraful Alam

Animal Models of Speech and Language Disorders

Santosh A. Helekar

Molecular Pathogenesis of Colorectal Cancer

Kevin M. Haigis, Ph.D.

Melt Extrusion

Michael A. Repka, Nigel Langley, James DiNunzio

Molecular Biophysics for the Life Sciences

Norma Allewell, Linda O. Narhi, Ivan Rayment

Molecular Biology of Long Non-coding RNAs

Ahmad M. Khalil, Jeff Coller

Integrative Biology of Women’s Health

Espen E. Spangenburg

Ovarian Neoplasm Imaging

Luca Saba, U. Rajendra Acharya, Stefano Guerriero, Jasjit S. Suri

Application of Selected Reaction Monitoring to Highly Multiplexed Targeted Quantitative Proteomics

Michael Kinter, Caroline S. Kinter

Primates in Fragments

Laura K. Marsh, Colin A. Chapman

Viruses and Atherosclerosis

Anton Kutikhin, Elena Brusina, Arseniy E. Yuzhalin

Leishmania and Leishmaniasis

Awanish Kumar

Testosterone: From Basic Research to Clinical Applications

Lee B. Smith, Rod T. Mitchell, Iain J. McEwan

Next Generation Sequencing Technologies in Medical Genetics

C. Alexander Valencia, M. Ali Pervaiz, Ammar Husami, Yaping Qian, Kejian Zhang

The Toxicant Induction of Irritant Asthma, Rhinitis, and Related Conditions

William J. Meggs

Fundamentals of Pharmaceutical Nanoscience

Ijeoma F. Uchegbu, Andreas G. Schätzlein, Woei Ping Cheng, Aikaterini Lalatsa

Dynamic Models of Infectious Diseases

V. Sree Hari Rao, Ravi Durvasula

Proteases in Health and Disease

Sajal Chakraborti, Naranjan S. Dhalla

Mitochondria as Targets for Phytochemicals in Cancer Prevention and Therapy

Dhyan Chandra

Pluripotency in Domestic Animal Cells

Tiziana A.L. Brevini, Fulvio Gandolfi

Studies on Women's Health

Ashok Agarwal, Nabil Aziz, Botros Rizk

Regenerative Medicine and Cell Therapy

Hossein Baharvand, Nasser Aghdami

Mitochondrial DNA, Mitochondria, Disease and Stem Cells

Justin C. St. John

Assessing Ocular Toxicology in Laboratory Animals

Andrea B Weir, Margaret Collins

Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy

Lucas G. Chase, Mohan C. Vemuri

Applications of Biotechnology in Neurology

Kewal K. Jain

Emerging Trends in Cell and Gene Therapy

Michael K. Danquah, Ram I. Mahato

Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptors

Jihan A. Youssef, Mostafa Z. Badr

New Advances on Disease Biomarkers and Molecular Targets in Biomedicine

Nikki P. Lee, C.Y. Cheng, John M. Luk

Planctomycetes: Cell Structure, Origins and Biology

John A. Fuerst

Studies on Alzheimer's Disease

Domenico Praticὸ, Patrizia Mecocci

Cell and Molecular Biology of Breast Cancer

Heide Schatten

Influenza aviaire et maladie de Newcastle

Ilaria Capua, Dennis J. Alexander

Viral Infections of the Human Nervous System

Alan C. Jackson

The Power of the Terroir: the Case Study of Prosecco Wine

Diego Tomasi, Federica Gaiotti, Gregory V. Jones

Fractal Symmetry of Protein Interior

Anirban Banerji

Fractal Symmetry of Protein Exterior

Anirban Banerji


Philipp Y. Maximov, Russell E. McDaniel, V. Craig Jordan

Untranslated Gene Regions and Other Non-coding Elements

Lucy W. Barrett, Sue Fletcher, Steve D. Wilton

Gamma-Glutamyl Transpeptidases

Immacolata Castellano, Antonello Merlino

Genomics of Pattern Recognition Receptors

Anton G. Kutikhin, Arseniy E. Yuzhalin

Iron Acquisition by the Genus Mycobacterium

B. Rowe Byers

50 Years of Phytochemistry Research

David R. Gang

Progress and Opportunities of Doubled Haploid Production

Muhammad Asif

Reviews of Physiology, Biochemistry and Pharmacology, Vol. 164

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Reviews of Physiology, Biochemistry and Pharmacology, Vol. 165

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Interdisciplinary Concepts in Cardiovascular Health

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Faunal Heritage of Rajasthan, India

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Forest Soils

Khan Towhid Osman

The Hologenome Concept: Human, Animal and Plant Microbiota

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Standard EEG: A Research Roadmap for Neuropsychiatry

Nash N. Boutros

Neurosciences - From Molecule to Behavior: a university textbook

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Strasburger's Plant Sciences

Andreas Bresinsky, Christian Körner, Joachim W. Kadereit, Gunther Neuhaus, Uwe Sonnewald

Encyclopedia of Biophysics

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Shipping in Arctic Waters

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Drug Design

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Echinoderm Research and Diversity in Latin America

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Atlas of Stem Anatomy in Herbs, Shrubs and Trees

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Molecular Virology

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Environmental Epigenomics in Health and Disease

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Drug Discovery and Evaluation: Safety and Pharmacokinetic Assays

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Hepatitis C Virus: From Molecular Virology to Antiviral Therapy

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Protein Quality Control in Neurodegenerative Diseases

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Behavioral Neurobiology of Alcohol Addiction

Wolfgang H. Sommer, Rainer Spanagel

Encyclopedia of Pain

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Animals in Traditional Folk Medicine

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Corynebacterium glutamicum

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Biotechnology for Medicinal Plants

Suman Chandra, HEMANT LATA, Ajit Varma

The Prokaryotes

Eugene Rosenberg, Edward F. DeLong, Stephen Lory, Erko Stackebrandt, Fabiano Thompson

The Prokaryotes

Eugene Rosenberg, Edward F. DeLong, Stephen Lory, Erko Stackebrandt, Fabiano Thompson

The Prokaryotes

Eugene Rosenberg, Edward F. DeLong, Stephen Lory, Erko Stackebrandt, Fabiano Thompson

The Prokaryotes

Eugene Rosenberg, Edward F. DeLong, Stephen Lory, Erko Stackebrandt, Fabiano Thompson

Behavioral Lateralization in Vertebrates

Davide Csermely, Lucia Regolin


Zahid A. Cheema, Muhammad Farooq, Abdul Wahid

Progress in Botany

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Swimming Physiology of Fish

Arjan P. Palstra, Josep V. Planas

The Prokaryotes

Eugene Rosenberg, Edward F. DeLong, Stephen Lory, Erko Stackebrandt, Fabiano Thompson

Molecular Biology and Pathogenesis of Peste des Petits Ruminants Virus

Muhammad Munir, Siamak Zohari, Mikael Berg

Photosynthesis Research for Food, Fuel and the Future

Tingyun Kuang, Congming Lu, Lixin Zhang

Legal and Forensic Medicine

Roy G. Beran

Limits of Patentability

Andreas Hübel, Ulrich Storz, Aloys Hüttermann

Cyclic β-Glucans from Microorganisms

Geetha Venkatachalam, Sathyanarayana Gummadi, Mukesh Doble

Systems Biology

Michael G. Katze

Prokaryotic Toxin-Antitoxins

Kenn Gerdes

Polyhydroxyalkanoates from Palm Oil: Biodegradable Plastics

Kumar Sudesh

Botulinum Neurotoxins

Andreas Rummel, Thomas Binz

Bacteria in Agrobiology: Disease Management

Dinesh K. Maheshwari

Multiple Origins of Sex Differences in Brain

Donald W. Pfaff, Yves Christen

Piriformospora indica

Ajit Varma, Gerhard Kost, Ralf Oelmüller

Fungi as Bioremediators

Ebrahim Mohammadi Goltapeh, Younes Rezaee Danesh, Ajit Varma

Spider Ecophysiology

Wolfgang Nentwig

Molecular Imaging

Jie Tian

Biofuel Technologies

Vijai Kumar Gupta, Maria G. Tuohy

Calcium signalling

Lars Kaestner

Energy Balance in Motion

Klaas R. Westerterp

CRISPR-Cas Systems

Rodolphe Barrangou, John van der Oost

Computational Biology

Röbbe Wünschiers

Boar Reproduction

Sergi Bonet, Isabel Casas, William V. Holt, Marc Yeste

Engineering the Human

Bert Jaap Koops, Christoph H. Lüthy, Annemiek Nelis, Carla Sieburgh, J.P.M. Jansen, Monika S. Schmid

Epigenetic Memory and Control in Plants

Gideon Grafi, Nir Ohad

Solitude of a Humble Genius - Gregor Johann Mendel: Volume 1

Jan Klein, Norman Klein

Polar Auxin Transport

Rujin Chen, František Baluška

Behavioral Neurobiology of Depression and Its Treatment

Philip J. Cowen, Trevor Sharp, Jennifer Y. F. Lau

Proteopathic Seeds and Neurodegenerative Diseases

Mathias Jucker, Yves Christen

Plant-Based Remediation Processes

Dharmendra Kumar Gupta

New Perspectives in Regeneration

Ellen Heber-Katz, David L. Stocum

Malpractice and Medical Liability

Santo Davide Ferrara, Rafael Boscolo-Berto, Guido Viel

One Health: The Human-Animal-Environment Interfaces in Emerging Infectious Diseases

John S. Mackenzie, Martyn Jeggo, Peter Daszak, Juergen A. Richt

Extracellular Matrix in Development

Douglas W. DeSimone, Robert P. Mecham

Zoo Animal Welfare

Terry Maple, Bonnie M Perdue

Disabling Obesity

Paolo Capodaglio, Joel Faintuch, Antonio Liuzzi

Evolution of Extracellular Matrix

Fred W. Keeley, Robert P. Mecham

Biomechanics of the Human Urinary Bladder

Roustem N. Miftahof, Hong Gil Nam

Arthropod Biology and Evolution

Alessandro Minelli, Geoffrey Boxshall, Giuseppe Fusco

Neurogenesis and Neural Plasticity

Catherine Belzung, Peter Wigmore

Class 2–3.2 Transferases, Hydrolases

Dietmar Schomburg, Ida Schomburg

Class 3.4–6 Hydrolases, Lyases, Isomerases, Ligases

Dietmar Schomburg, Ida Schomburg

Class 1 Oxidoreductases

Dietmar Schomburg, Ida Schomburg

Host-Pathogen Interactions in Streptococcal Diseases

G. Singh Chhatwal

Population Neuroscience

Tomas Paus

Long-Distance Systemic Signaling and Communication in Plants

František Baluška

Cellular Aspects of Wood Formation

Jörg Fromm

European Bison

Małgorzata Krasińska, Zbigniew A. Krasiński

Between Pathogenicity and Commensalism

Ulrich Dobrindt, Jörg H. Hacker, Catharina Svanborg

Programmed Cells from Basic Neuroscience to Therapy

Fred H. Gage, Yves Christen

Agricultural Applications

Frank Kempken

Environmental Epigenomics in Health and Disease

Randy L. Jirtle, Frederick L. Tyson

DNA and RNA Nanobiotechnologies in Medicine: Diagnosis and Treatment of Diseases

Volker A. Erdmann, Jan Barciszewski

Swine Influenza

Jürgen A. Richt, Richard J. Webby

One Health: The Human-Animal-Environment Interfaces in Emerging Infectious Diseases

John S. Mackenzie, Martyn Jeggo, Peter Daszak, Juergen A. Richt

Genomics and Breeding for Climate-Resilient Crops

Chittaranjan Kole

Genomics and Breeding for Climate-Resilient Crops

Chittaranjan Kole

Comparative Genomics

Xuhua Xia

Atlas of Wood, Bark and Pith Anatomy of Eastern Mediterranean Trees and Shrubs

Alan Crivellaro, Fritz Hans Schweingruber

Bacteria in Agrobiology: Crop Productivity

Dinesh K. Maheshwari, Meenu Saraf, Abhinav Aeron

Intrinsic Immunity

Bryan R. Cullen

Microstructural Parcellation of the Human Cerebral Cortex

Stefan Geyer, Robert Turner

Lignocellulose Conversion

Vincenza Faraco

Antifungal Metabolites from Plants

Mehdi Razzaghi-Abyaneh, Mahendra Rai

Ecosystem Services, Biodiversity and Environmental Change in a Tropical Mountain Ecosystem of South Ecuador

Jörg Bendix, Erwin Beck, Achim Bräuning, Franz Makeschin, Reinhard Mosandl, Stefan Scheu, Wolfgang Wilcke

Parasitic Orobanchaceae

Daniel M. Joel, Jonathan Gressel, Lytton J. Musselman

Ecology and Conservation of Tropical Marine Faunal Communities

K. Venkataraman, C. Sivaperuman, C. Raghunathan

Evolutionary Biology: Exobiology and Evolutionary Mechanisms

Pierre Pontarotti

Yarrowia lipolytica

Gerold Barth

The Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) of Korea

Kwi-Gon Kim

Heavy Metal Stress in Plants

Dharmendra K. Gupta, Francisco J. Corpas, José M. Palma


Maria Romeralo, Sandra Baldauf, Ricardo Escalante

Yarrowia lipolytica

Gerold Barth

Pharmacotherapy of Pulmonary Hypertension

Marc Humbert, Oleg V. Evgenov, Johannes-Peter Stasch

Challenges and Opportunities for Respiratory Syncytial Virus Vaccines

Larry J. Anderson, Barney S. Graham

The Ultrastructure of Human Tumours

Brian Eyden, S. Sankar Banerjee, Yongxin Ru, Paweł Liberski

Symbiotic Endophytes

Ricardo Aroca

Genomics of Soil- and Plant-Associated Fungi

Benjamin A. Horwitz, Prasun K. Mukherjee, Mala Mukherjee, Christian P. Kubicek

Translation in Mitochondria and Other Organelles

Anne-Marie Duchêne

Pathogenesis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and its Interaction with the Host Organism

Jean Pieters, John D. McKinney

Microbial Phenazines

Sudhir Chincholkar, Linda Thomashow

Biomedical Inorganic Polymers

Werner E. G. Müller, Xiaohong Wang, Heinz C. Schröder

Animal Communication and Noise

Henrik Brumm

Gene Network Inference

Alberto Fuente

The European Polysaccharide Network of Excellence (EPNOE)

Patrick Navard

Proteases: Structure and Function

Klaudia Brix, Walter Stöcker

Derivative Spectrophotometry and Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) Spectroscopy for Ecological and Biological Questions

Vladimir S. Saakov, Valery Z. Drapkin, Alexander I. Krivchenko, Eugene V. Rozengart, Yuri V. Bogachev, Mikhail N. Knyazev

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Johann Greilhuber, Jaroslav Dolezel, Jonathan F. Wendel

Nutritional and Physiological Functions of Amino Acids in Pigs

Francois Blachier, Guoyao Wu, Yulong Yin

Sphingolipids: Basic Science and Drug Development

Erich Gulbins, Irina Petrache

Homocysteine in Protein Structure/Function and Human Disease

Hieronim Jakubowski

Molecular Vaccines

Matthias Giese

Angiogenesis and Vascularisation

Józef Dulak, Alicja Józkowicz, Agnieszka Łoboda

Sphingolipids in Disease

Erich Gulbins, Irina Petrache

Dictionary of Pharmaceutical Medicine

Gerhard Nahler

Freshwater Invertebrates in Central Europe

György Kriska

Hydrogen Sulfide and its Therapeutic Applications

Hideo Kimura

Parasites and their vectors

Yvonne Ai Lian Lim, Indra Vythilingam

Myelinated Fibers and Saltatory Conduction in the Shrimp

Ke Xu, Susumu Terakawa

Chembiomolecular Science

Masakatsu Shibasaki, Masamitsu Iino, Hiroyuki Osada

The Mongolian Ecosystem Network

Norio Yamamura, Noboru Fujita, Ai Maekawa

Co-benefits of Sustainable Forestry

Kanehiro Kitayama

Monkeys, Apes, and Humans

Michael A. Huffman, Naofumi Nakagawa, Yasuhiro Go, Hiroo Imai, Masaki Tomonaga

Evolution and Senses

Yoshinori Shichida, Takahiro Yamashita, Hiroo Imai, Takushi Kishida

Methods in Neuroethological Research

Hiroto Ogawa, Kotaro Oka

TGF-β in Human Disease

Aristidis Moustakas, Keiji Miyazawa

Cortical Development

Ryoichiro Kageyama, Tetsuo Yamamori

Sendai Virus Vector

Yoshiyuki Nagai

Recent advances in crop protection

P.Parvatha Reddy

Characterization of Improved Sweet Sorghum Cultivars

P. Srinivasa Rao, C.Ganesh Kumar

Molecular Stress Physiology of Plants

Gyana Ranjan Rout, Anath Bandhu Das

Prospects in Bioscience: Addressing the Issues

Abdulhameed Sabu, Anu Augustine

Seed-borne plant virus diseases

K. Subramanya Sastry

Mosquito Vectors of Japanese Encephalitis Virus from Northern India

Bina Pani Das

Enzymatic Transformation

Soundar Divakar

Biotechnology for Environmental Management and Resource Recovery

Ramesh Chander Kuhad, Ajay Singh

Genetic Mapping and Marker Assisted Selection

N.Manikanda Boopathi

Climate-Resilient Horticulture: Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies

Harish Chandra Prasad Singh, Nadipynayakanahally Krishnamurthy Sriniv Rao, Kodthalu Seetharamaiah Shivashankar

Research Methodology: A Guide for Researchers In Agricultural Science, Social Science and Other Related Fields

Pradip Kumar Sahu

Wetlands and Lakes of the World

Devashish Kar

Plant Tissue Culture: An Introductory Text

Sant Saran Bhojwani, Prem Kumar Dantu

Momordica genus in Asia - An Overview

L.K. Bharathi, K Joseph John

Microbiological Research In Agroecosystem Management

Rajesh Kannan Velu

Genetics of Bacteria

Sheela Srivastava

Advances in Enzyme Biotechnology

Pratyoosh Shukla, Brett I. Pletschke

Your Passport to a Career in Bioinformatics

Prashanth N Suravajhala

Biological Control of Insect Pests Using Egg Parasitoids

S. Sithanantham, Chandish R. Ballal, S.K. Jalali, N Bakthavatsalam

Omics for Personalized Medicine

Debmalya Barh, Dipali Dhawan, Nirmal Kumar Ganguly

Plant Microbe Symbiosis: Fundamentals and Advances

Naveen Kumar Arora

Sensitivity of Mangrove Ecosystem to Changing Climate

Abhijit Mitra

Parasitic Zoonoses

B.B.Singh Dhaliwal, Prayag Dutt Juyal

Biotechnology: Prospects and Applications

R.K. Salar, S.K. Gahlawat, P. Siwach, J.S. Duhan

I cibi della salute

Stefano Colonna, Giancarlo Folco, Franca Marangoni

Manuale di microbiologia predittiva

Fausto Gardini, Eugenio Parente

Stephen J. Gould: The Scientific Legacy

Gian Antonio Danieli, Alessandro Minelli, Telmo Pievani

Le culture del cibo

Antonio Vittorino Gaddi, Claudia Fragiacomo, Raffaele Iavazzo

Ecology of parasite-vector interactions

Willem Takken, Constantianus J. M. Koenraadt

Consumer attitudes to food quality products

Marija Klopčič, Abele Kuipers, Jean-François Hocquette

Handbook of nutrition, diet and sleep

Victor R. Preedy, Vinood B. Patel, Lan-Anh Le

Handbook of vitamin D in human health

Ronald Ross Watson

Renewing innovation systems in agriculture and food

E. Coudel, H. Devautour, C. T. Soulard, G. Faure, B. Hubert

Improving farm animal welfare

Harry Blokhuis, Mara Miele, Isabelle Veissier, Bryan Jones

The arena of everyday life

Carja Butijn, Johan Ophem, Gerda Casimir

Farm animal proteomics 2013

André Almeida, David Eckersall, Elena Bencurova, Saskia Dolinska, Patrik Mlynarcik, Miroslava Vincova, Mangesh Bhide

Precision agriculture ’13

John V. Stafford

Energy and protein metabolism and nutrition in sustainable animal production

James W. Oltjen, Ermias Kebreab, Hélène Lapierre

The ethics of consumption

Helena Röcklinsberg, Per Sandin

Handbook of the Cerebellum and Cerebellar Disorders

Mario Manto, Jeremy D. Schmahmann, Ferdinando Rossi, Donna L. Gruol, Noriyuki Koibuchi

A Colour Atlas of Salmonid Diseases

David W. Bruno, Patricia A. Noguera, Trygve T. Poppe

Westcott's Plant Disease Handbook

R. Kenneth Horst

Cognitive Agent-based Computing-I

Muaz A Niazi, Amir Hussain

Morphology and Evolution of Turtles

Donald B. Brinkman, Patricia A. Holroyd, James D. Gardner

Advanced Technologies for Managing Insect Pests

Isaac Ishaaya, Subba Reddy Palli, A. Rami Horowitz

Epigenetics: Development and Disease

Tapas K. Kundu

Site-directed insertion of transgenes

Sylvaine Renault, Philippe Duchateau

Respiratory Regulation - Clinical Advances

Mieczyslaw Pokorski

Respiratory Regulation - The Molecular Approach

Mieczyslaw Pokorski

Breeding strategies for sustainable forage and turf grass improvement

Susanne Barth, Dan Milbourne

DNA Repair of Cancer Stem Cells

Lesley A Mathews, Stephanie M Cabarcas, Elaine M. Hurt

Modelling of GPCRs

Andrea Strasser, Hans-Joachim Wittmann

MicroRNA in Cancer

Suresh Alahari

The Chaperonopathies

Alberto J.L. Macario, Everly Conway de Macario, Francesco Cappello

Advance in Barley Sciences

Guoping Zhang, Chengdao Li, Xu Liu

Tumor Ablation

Yona Keisari

GAPDH: Biological Properties and Diversity

Norbert W. Seidler

Glioma Signaling

Jolanta Barańska

Advances in Cognitive Neurodynamics (III)

Yoko Yamaguchi

Molecular Pharmacognosy

Lu-qi Huang

Development Cooperation Policy in Forestry from an Analytical Perspective

Peter Aurenhammer

Forest and Nature Governance

Bas Arts, Jelle Behagel, Séverine van Bommel, Jessica Koning, Esther Turnhout

The EuroQol Group after 25 years

Richard Brooks

Biopreparedness and Public Health

Iris Hunger, Vladan Radosavljevic, Goran Belojevic, Lisa D. Rotz

Resilience in Ecology and Urban Design

S.T.A. Pickett, M.L. Cadenasso, Brian McGrath

Origins of Mind

Liz Swan

Algae for Biofuels and Energy

Michael A. Borowitzka, Navid R. Moheimani

Biotechnology of Neglected and Underutilized Crops

Shri Mohan Jain, S. Dutta Gupta

MicroRNA Cancer Regulation

Ulf Schmitz, Olaf Wolkenhauer, Julio Vera

Edible Medicinal And Non-Medicinal Plants

T. K. Lim

Stem Cells and Cancer Stem Cells, Volume 9

M.A. Hayat

Edible Medicinal And Non-Medicinal Plants

T. K. Lim

Morphine and Metastasis

Marie-Odile Parat

Diagnostics in Plant Breeding

Thomas Lübberstedt, Rajeev K. Varshney

Plastid Development in Leaves during Growth and Senescence

Basanti Biswal, Karin Krupinska, Udaya C. Biswal

Principles of Animal Biometeorology

Roberto Gomes da Silva, Alex Sandro Campos Maia

Virginia Woolf and Neuropsychiatry

Maxwell Bennett

Oxidative Stress and Redox Regulation

Ursula Jakob, Dana Reichmann

Polypharmacy in Psychiatry Practice, Volume II

Michael S. Ritsner

Polypharmacy in Psychiatry Practice, Volume I

Michael S. Ritsner

Cilia and Nervous System Development and Function

Kerry L. Tucker, Tamara Caspary

Bioinformatics of Human Proteomics

Xiangdong Wang

Proteins of the Nucleolus

Danton H O'Day, Andrew Catalano

Ecological Succession on Fallowed Shifting Cultivation Fields

Claudio O. Delang, Wing Man Li

Machine Learning in Medicine

Ton J. Cleophas, Aeilko H. Zwinderman

Head & Neck Cancer: Current Perspectives, Advances, and Challenges

James A. Radosevich

Cancer Genomics

Ulrich Pfeffer

Cytochrome P450 2E1: Its Role in Disease and Drug Metabolism

Aparajita Dey

Developing Synthetic Transport Systems

Alexey Melkikh, Maria Sutormina

Radiation Proteomics

Dariusz Leszczynski


Konrad Martin, Joachim Sauerborn

The Paleobiology of Australopithecus

Kaye E. Reed, John G. Fleagle, Richard E. Leakey

Management of Microbial Resources in the Environment

Abdul Malik, Elisabeth Grohmann, Madalena Alves

Regulated Proteolysis in Microorganisms

David A. Dougan

Immunity, Tumors and Aging: The Role of HSP70

Igor Malyshev

Infectious Agents and Cancer

Anton G. Kutikhin, Arseniy E. Yuzhalin, Elena B. Brusina

Tumor Dormancy, Quiescence, and Senescence, Volume 1

M.A. Hayat

Sustainable Agriculture Reviews

Eric Lichtfouse

Field Manual of Diseases on Fruits and Vegetables

R. Kenneth Horst

Field Manual of Diseases on Trees and Shrubs

R. Kenneth Horst

Tight Junctions in Cancer Metastasis

Tracey A. Martin, Wen G. Jiang

Modern Solid State Fermentation

Hongzhang Chen

Field Manual of Diseases on Garden and Greenhouse Flowers

R. Kenneth Horst

Immunocytochemistry of Plant Cells

Kevin Vaughn


Fedor Berditchevski, Eric Rubinstein

Field Manual of Diseases on Grasses and Native Plants

R. Kenneth Horst

Forest Tree Breeding in Europe

Luc E Pâques

Vegetation Dynamics on the Mountains and Plateaus of the American Southwest

John L. Vankat

Trends in Stem Cell Proliferation and Cancer Research

Rodrigo R. Resende, Henning Ulrich

Antitumor Potential and other Emerging Medicinal Properties of Natural Compounds

Evandro Fei Fang, Tzi Bun Ng

The Tumor Immunoenvironment

Michael R. Shurin, Viktor Umansky, Anatoli Malyguine

Light Pollution as a New Risk Factor for Human Breast and Prostate Cancers

Abraham Haim, Boris A. Portnov

Cognitive Enhancement

Elisabeth Hildt, Andreas G. Franke

Stem Cells and Cancer Stem Cells, Volume 10

M.A. Hayat

Lipid-mediated Protein Signaling

Daniel G.S. Capelluto

Modulation of Presynaptic Calcium Channels

Gary Stephens, Sumiko Mochida

Aromatic C-nitroso Compounds

Hrvoj Vančik

Biological Management of Diseases of Crops

P. Narayanasamy

Biological Management of Diseases of Crops

P. Narayanasamy

Cereal Genomics II

Pushpendra K. Gupta, Rajeev K. Varshney


Shamsul Hayat, Aqil Ahmad, Mohammed Nasser Alyemeni

Cancer Chemoprevention and Treatment by Diet Therapy

William C.S. Cho

Ecosystem Services and Carbon Sequestration in the Biosphere

Rattan Lal, Klaus Lorenz, Reinhard F. Hüttl, Bernd Uwe Schneider, Joachim von Braun

Angiogenesis Modulations in Health and Disease

Shaker A. Mousa, Paul J. Davis


Joseph Seckbach, Aharon Oren, Helga Stan-Lotter

Advanced Bioactive Compounds Countering the Effects of Radiological, Chemical and Biological Agents

Grant N. Pierce, Volodymyr I. Mizin, Alexander Omelchenko

Plant Virus and Viroid Diseases in the Tropics

K. Subramanya Sastry

Landscape Ecology for Sustainable Environment and Culture

Bojie Fu, K. Bruce Jones

Habitability of Other Planets and Satellites

Jean-Pierre de Vera, Joseph Seckbach

Structure and Physics of Viruses

Mauricio G. Mateu

Spotlight on Familial and Hereditary Gastric Cancer

Giovanni Corso, Franco Roviello

Pediatric Cancer, Volume 4

M.A. Hayat

DNA Alterations in Lynch Syndrome

Matjaž Vogelsang

Biology, Controls and Models of Tree Volatile Organic Compound Emissions

Ülo Niinemets, Russell K. Monson

Epigenetics and Cancer

Fazlul H. Sarkar

Transcriptional and Translational Regulation of Stem Cells

Gary Hime, Helen Abud

Neurobiology of Respiration

Mieczyslaw Pokorski

Combating Desertification in Asia, Africa and the Middle East

G. Ali Heshmati, Victor R. Squires

Mediterranean Oak Woodland Working Landscapes

Pablo Campos, Lynn Huntsinger, Jose Luis Oviedo Pro, Paul F Starrs, Mario Diaz, Richard B Standiford, Gregorio Montero

Essentials of Mesenchymal Stem Cell Biology and Its Clinical Translation

Robert Chunhua Zhao

Climate Change and Food Security in West Asia and North Africa

Mannava V.K. Sivakumar, Rattan Lal, Ramasamy Selvaraju, Ibrahim Hamdan

Precision in Crop Farming

Hermann J. Heege

Zooarchaeology and Modern Human Origins

Jamie L. Clark, John D. Speth

Moonlighting Cell Stress Proteins in Microbial Infections

Brian Henderson

Systems Biology

Aleš Prokop, Béla Csukás

Nutrition for the Preterm Neonate

Sanjay Patole

Wetland Techniques

James T. Anderson, Craig A. Davis

Evolution-adjusted Tumor Pathophysiology:

Albrecht Reichle

Machine Learning in Medicine

Ton J. Cleophas, Aeilko H. Zwinderman

Peroxisomes and their Key Role in Cellular Signaling and Metabolism

Luis A. del Río

Wetland Techniques

James T. Anderson, Craig A. Davis

Phenology: An Integrative Environmental Science

Mark D. Schwartz

Asiatic Honeybee Apis cerana

Dharam P. Abrol

Wetland Techniques

James T. Anderson, Craig A. Davis

Quantitative Ultrasound in Soft Tissues

Jonathan Mamou, Michael L. Oelze

NMR for Chemists and Biologists

Rodrigo J Carbajo, José L. Neira

Urbanization, Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services: Challenges and Opportunities

Thomas Elmqvist, Michail Fragkias, Julie Goodness, Burak Güneralp, Peter J. Marcotullio, Robert I. McDonald, Susan Parnell, Maria Schewenius, Marte Sendstad, Karen C. Seto, Cathy Wilkinson

Fusarium Head Blight in Latin America

Teresa M. Alconada Magliano, Sofia Noemi Chulze

Towards a Theoretical Neuroscience: from Cell Chemistry to Cognition

L Andrew Coward

Evolution of Sexual Reproduction in Marine Invertebrates

Andrew (Andrey N.) Ostrovsky

Prostate Cancer: Shifting from Morphology to Biology

Stefania Staibano

Mites: Ecology, Evolution & Behaviour

David Evans Walter, Heather C. Proctor

Conservation of the Richmond Birdwing Butterfly in Australia

Donald P.A. Sands, Tim R. New

Linking Ecology and Ethics for a Changing World

Ricardo Rozzi, S.T.A. Pickett, Clare Palmer, Juan J. Armesto, J. Baird Callicott

Interrelations between Essential Metal Ions and Human Diseases

Astrid Sigel, Helmut Sigel, Roland K.O. Sigel

Solving the Mind-Body Problem by the CODAM Neural Model of Consciousness?

John G. Taylor

Plant Invasions in Protected Areas

Llewellyn C. Foxcroft, Petr Pyšek, David M. Richardson, Piero Genovesi

Experimental Metastasis: Modeling and Analysis

Anastasia Malek

Machine Learning in Medicine

Ton J. Cleophas, Aeilko H. Zwinderman

Bioinformatics for Diagnosis, Prognosis and Treatment of Complex Diseases

Bairong Shen

Cultivating Biodiversity to Transform Agriculture

Étienne Hainzelin


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