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The Department of Geography and Disaster Management has started its journey on 20th December, 2004. Within this short duration the Department has got National and International repute. By this time the Department has organized several International/ National/ State level Seminars/Workshop; the faculty members of the department have received National Award, established bylateral International research collaboration, elected in the International Executive Committee and so on. Presently the Department is running with four laboratories (RS and GIS laboratory, Fluvial Geomorphology laboratory, Regional Planning and Urban, Rural Development laboratory and Resource and Disaster Management laboratory) and offering six Special Papers (Fluvial Geomorphology, Regional Planning and Development, Transport Geography, Applied studies in Resources and Environmental Management, Population & Resources and Watershed Management). Currently ongoing projects are four and funding by MOES, DST, DBT, and ICSSR.


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डा. निबेदिता दास(पान)



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