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Tripura University believes in supporting grassroots innovations which would work with the community and for the community to generate bottom-up solutions for sustainable developments; novel solutions that respond to the local situations, interests and values of the communities involved. Being an institution of higher learning, its scientifically equipped to address global issues that concern the mankind with equal competence. The decade long history of modern environmentalism and development shows that there has always existed an undercurrent of grassroots activists working directly on sustainable local solutions. Whether in the global north or south, in urban or rural settings, and across all sorts of domains, such as food, environment, energy, housing, manufacturing, leisure, health, communications, education, and more. Tripura University had been involved in developing innovative solutions some of which are available in different industrial setups from as early as 2016. The list of innovations/inventions which have either helped or have the potential to help people as illustrated below

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Bacterial Biofilm Based Ammoniacal Wastewater Treatment View/ Download
MBBR Based Petrochemical Wastewater Treatment View/ Download
Microbial consortium and process for degumming of Ramie fiber View/ Download
Dairy wastewater conversion into liquid biofertilizer View/ Download
COVID19 WARBOT View/ Download
Suitcase Water Purifier (Indian Patent App. No. 201931051943 A) View/ Download
Contactless hand washing come water recovery system View/ Download

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