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  • राष्ट्रीय और विश्वविद्यालय की छुट्टियों पर ग्रंथालय बंद है
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  • केन्द्रीय ग्रंथालय का शनिवार व रविवार को कार्य समय पूर्वाह्न 11:00 बजे से अपराह्न 04:00 बजे तक है (केवल पढ़ने के लिए)
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  • केन्द्रीय ग्रंथालय का सोमवार से शुक्रवार तक का कार्य समय पूर्वा. 09.30 बजे से अप. 08:00 बजे तक है। (परिसंचरण समय पूर्वा. 10:00 बजे से अप. 5:00बजे तक)
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केन्द्रीय ग्रंथागार

Library Membership

Central Library provides its membership by default to all the bonafide members of Tripura University. The membership is valid as long as the user becomes a member of the University. The bonafide categories are:

The Faculty/Guest Faculty members of the University.
The Officer of the University.
The Non-Teaching Staff of the University.
The Research Scholar of the University.
All the students enrolled in the University.

Those who intend to use the library facilities are required to enroll themselves as members of the Central Library by filling up the prescribed application form (link) duly recommended by the respective Head of the Department.


➤ The Research Scholars should bring a recommendation letter from the Supervisor/Guide or a letter from the concerned Department/Organization.
➤ The visiting scholar should bring an original and valid photo ID - Passport (Foreign Scholars) and University issued ID (Indian Scholars).

➤ The Institutionsshould take permission from the University Librarian before visiting the Library.

Persons entitled to utilize library facilities only on special permission granted by the Head of the University for a short period are referred to as temporary members.

Library Clearance Certificate:

➤ Before declaring the final result for the students of any degree.
➤ Before submission of the Ph.D. Thesis for the Research Scholar.
➤ Before Resignation,Deputation, Lien, Retirement, etc.,for the University Employees.

Library Smart Card:

The library membership will be suspended or terminated, and disciplinary action will be taken if the member has done any of the following:

The privilege of the Library Members:

Sl. No. Category No. of books Loan period
1. All Regular Faculty Members 20 01 year
2. Contractual/Guest Faculty 05 30 days
3. University Officers 05 01 year
4. Non-Teaching Staff 03 30 days
5. Students 04 14 days
6. Research Scholars 05 14 days
7. Pre-PhD Scholars 02 14 days



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