Past Events

Past Events of IIC Tripura university

2020-2021 QTR III

Sl. No. Date Events Link
1. 01/04/2021 Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) and IP management for start up

2. 18/02/2021 Session/ Workshop on Business Model Canvas (BMC)

3. 14/04/2021 Mentorship Session for Innovators (or) Student Entrepreneurs through experts and (or) Innovation Ambassadors/Innovation Agent

4. 16/03/2021 IIC Council Meeting- Review of Q2 progress and Planning of Q3. ---
5. 23/04/2021 talk on “From your Ph.D./ Masters Thesis to a start-up

6. 24/03/2021 Orientation session for all students & faculties of Institute by Innovation Ambassador(s).

7. 26/04/2021 Session on Why IP is important in academia?

8. 05/02/2021 Workshop on screening natural product with antimicrobial potential and cytotoxicity screening

9. 12/04/2021 Workshop on Bamboo Crafts and fountain making ---
10. 26/03/2021 Workshop on instrumentation for natural product characterization having medicinal properties

2020-2021 QTR IV

Sl. No. Date Events Link
1. 21/05/2021 Session on Angel Investment/VC Funding Opportunity for Early Stage Entrepreneurs. ---
2. 12/06/2021 Session on Accelerators/Incubation - Opportunities for the Students & Faculties - Early Stage Entrepreneurs ---
3. 08/06/2021 Orientation session for all students & faculties of Institute by Innovation Ambassador

4. 04/06/2021 Session on waste to wealth conversion-a case study

5. 11/06/2021 Workshop on website designing using free online tool for portraying research and innovation

6. 14/06/2021 Workshop on taxonomy, identification and molecular characterization of mushroom cultivation

7. 16/05/2021 IIC Council Meeting- Review of Q3 progress and Planning of Q4 ---
8. 20/05/2021 Session/ Panel discussion with innovation and Startup Ecosystem Enablers from the region/state/national level ---
9. 30/06/2021 Awareness program on “Tripura University Innovation and Start up policy"

10. 24/08/2021 World Entrepreneurs Day Celebration

11. 11/08/2021 National Webinar on Research, Innovation and Ranking


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