LC-MS lab houses both LCMS-QToF & Semi-preparative HPLC with fraction collector, nitrogen gas concentrator with cylinders and consumable storage racks. This area is intended for analytical/ sample testing work only.

Sample Preparation Lab
Preparation lab houses many equipment such as high speed refrigerated centrifuge, ultra-pure (Type-1) water purifier, analytical balance, lyophilizer, vacuum concentrator, sonicator, shaker, laminar clean bench, parallel reaction station, particle size analyser and RTPCR.
This area is intended for Biosafety Level 1 (BSL-1) work including sample preparation for metabolomics study, plasma collection, DNA extractions, PCR setup, DNA amplification etc.

Sample Storage Area
Sample storage area houses many storage equipment such as ultra-low temperature freezer, high volume cold storage cabinets, ambient temperature cabinet and racks for important documents.

Principal investigator (PI) office
Principal investigator office is located on site and inside the lab so as to ensure close work supervision and access control. PI has unobstructed view of both access door and CCTV screen. The PI is always available on site or reachable through a direct telephone hot-line.


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